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About Thesis

What Is a Thesis: Great Tips for Writing Thesis with Examples

For students in college, the question of what is a thesis is likely to come up when they are approaching their final years of school. This is one of the most complicated tasks that a student will have to face in their lives in school. Here is our thesis definition; this is a form of lengthy essay that a student writes as a requirement from their degree that requires personal research. This paper requires students to use their research skills and critical thinking skills as well to produce good quality work. It is common for students to get into trouble with this paper; that’s why we have provided a guide on how to write it and produce quality work.

An Understanding of What Is a Thesis Statement

When writing your paper, one of the questions that you need to ask yourself is, “What is a thesis statement?” This is a sentence or statement that shows the main research idea or focus of a student’s paper. Now that we have the simple thesis statement definition let’s get into how to deal with this section. The thesis statements serve the purpose of focusing a student’s ideas into a few sentences. Within these sentences, the student is supposed to present the topic of their work as well as where they stand in the matter or their position. From the thesis meaning, we can derive that it performs the task of informing the reader what the paper is about first hand. It also serves as a guide for students and helps focus on the main points when writing.

What You Need to Know about How to Write a Thesis Statement

When it comes to knowing how to write a thesis statement effectively, the first thing student needs to do is to determine what kind of paper they are writing. For example, analytical thesis statements are focused on breaking down an idea, evaluating it, and presenting the readers with the evaluation. For an expository paper, it serves to explain something like an idea to the readers.

Finally, for the argumentative papers, the writer makes a claim and attempts to support it using evidence from research.

Your thesis statement needs to serve the following purpose:

  • Narrow your topic and give it a specific focus
  • Provide a clear direction to the paper
  • Take a stand on the issue at hand and invite discussion to your thesis.

The thesis statements need to appear in the introduction sections of papers. It is even advisable to have one at the end of your first paragraph. The thesis statements are not just statements of facts. They need to be structured in a way that invites discussion, not just a statement of facts.

Here are some thesis statement examples to show how you properly need to structure your own:

  • Small cars get better gas mileage in comparison to trucks.
  • The use of Lorries should be banned except for industrial purposes.

The first statement provides a blunt fact that does not invite any further discussion, which is the exact opposite of what you need. However, when you look at the second statement, a student provides their stand on the matter and intends to defend it in their thesis using relevant arguments.

How to Start a Thesis Statement Properly

Knowing how to start a thesis statement is essential in creating the right way to capture the curiosity of the reader. The difference between a general fact and creating good thesis statements is how you format them. The main aim here should be to give more focus to the paper by being specific.

Here is an example of how to make a thesis statement more focused:

A general statement would read: “Horror movies are bad for society.”

When you want to refine this into a good statement and example will be; The modern era of graphics in horror movies has played a part in desensitizing the society to violence. You will realize that the narrower your scope is, the more interesting the thesis becomes. Our thesis statement template would be the right way of ensuring that you have all the relevant parts in place.

Guidelines on How to Write a Thesis

After answering the question, what's a thesis statement, and how do you write it, the next step is diving into the main document itself.

The structure is the most important thing a student needs to become familiar with when it comes to learning how to write a thesis.

The common structure of a thesis consists of several sections that we have arranged below. But first, a student needs to have an outline for their thesis. An outline is the foundation of the scholar’s paper. The outline contains all the important points and the different sections of the thesis arranged in order. This is a form of plan that a student uses to keep track of all the major areas of their paper. The outline saves a student a lot of time when it comes to the writing process. It also ensures that they do not stray from the main ideas in their thesis. The outline needs to have the following sections stated.

Title Page - This is where a student indicates the title of their work, the name of the author, and also other details such as the department, institution, advisor/ supervisor, and also any instructions.

Abstract - In this section, a student provides a summary of the whole thesis. This only requires around 350 words. It is normally advisable to write the abstract after you are done with your paper. This is because you will have a better overview of the paper.  The abstract begins with the general purpose of a student’s study and also the main research problem. From there, mention the design of your study, that is, how you intend to conduct it. Then give the main findings and even trends that result from the analysis you conduct. The final part of the abstract needs a summary of the interpretations and also the conclusions.

Introduction - Here, you need to provide some background information about your topic. You will also have to awaken the interest of your reader. Here you are supposed to provide the objectives of your research as well as show how it fits into the currently available knowledge and the gaps it tries to fill. In your introduction, you can also have a hypothesis and even an outline of the chapters to follow.

Literature review - This is the analysis and evaluation of other works that are related to your current area of study. First, you need to find all the relevant sources of research that are related to the research problem. Here, it is essential to understand your topic properly. After choosing the sources, you have to narrow them down. This is so that you will find the few that contribute greatly to your research. After choosing the few major sources, you need to start taking notes of all the main points. Furthermore, a student has to cite their sources properly so that they are not guilty of plagiarism. Having a solid annotated bibliography is the best way of presenting your citations.

Methodology - This is, by far, the easiest section of your thesis. It is where you provide the methods that you intend to use while conducting research. A good methodology section needs to provide the answers to what, when, where, how, and also why you performed certain actions. The instructor needs to understand how you intend to achieve this and the methods you will use.

Results - These are the findings from your research. They can be presented in the form of figures or the plain text according to the type of data you have. The results need to be factual information that you have obtained from research. This means that you cannot just fabricate figures and have them as results for your research.

Discussion - In some cases, the results and the discussion sections are combined. Here you need to comment on the results, give some explanation to the findings, interpret the results, and also explain the cause for any unexpected results. This is where you give the limitations to your study and any questions that remained unanswered. Here, it is important, to be honest about what you were not able to achieve in your research.

Conclusion - As the final part, the conclusion is by far the easiest section of a thesis. This is because it is a sum-up of all the other parts of the thesis. This is where a student is supposed to provide emphasis to the fact that you have achieved the goals you set out at the beginning of the research. Suggest areas of further research that are possible from your area.

Are you wondering how to write a good thesis? Well, adhering to the correct structure is an excellent place to start.

Great Thesis Examples

As part of ensuring that students properly grasp the essentials of writing a thesis, we have provided some samples on our site for the use. These will help give you a sense of what is expected by the end of your paper. Our professionals have provided some sample theses in a variety of topics to help students create their own in the correct format and structure.

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Use Our Free Examples to Guide You in Writing Quality Paper

Check out the thesis examples we have on our site and let them guide you through creating your high-quality thesis. Furthermore, it is completely free. Our site aims at getting students who struggle with complex papers unstuck. Download a sample today and be a step closer to crafting your great quality paper.

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