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By StudentShareRelease Year: 2018

What is StudentShare?

StudentShare’s mission was to help students study better. We designed a platform which brings all English-speaking students around the world together in one place to share their knowledge, experience, and papers. We believe that one doesn’t need much to be great in studies. Usually, a decent example is enough. And we’ve collected over 1, 000 000 of them already!

To learn more about our mission, values, and aims, please visit:  

Is it legal?

Our website is a unique platform where students can share their papers in a matter of giving an example of the work to be done. If you find papers matching your topic, you may use them only as an example of work. This is 100% legal. You may not submit downloaded papers as your own, that is cheating. Also, you should remember, that this work was already submitted once by a student who originally wrote it.

How can I get started with StudentShare?

StudentShare is one of the biggest useful platforms for students. Our database works by having students upload and download papers. To get started you will be asked to create an account. This simple step will open a wide range of possibilities for you, like being able to contribute your own papers to the database. After the paper is approved, you get a pleasant bonus of free daily subscription with access to all the papers we store.

You are also free to go through a long list of free essay samples available for download with no charge.

To get full access without contribution, you can choose one of the designed subscription plans, which differ only by the time of service usage.


Which services does StudentShare offer?

StudentShare team has thought of all the possible services to help you study better. We divided them into categories, for your convenience.

  • Database of essay samples - storage of the best papers uploaded by students. We’ve collected more than 1 million samples for you to have decent examples of each type of writing and formatting. Essays cover more than 40 subjects and practically every topic you can think of.
  • Writing service - a huge team of professional writers ready to help you out in the toughest times. Should you ever have a lack of time, challenging topic or too many assignments ahead, they can write a paper from scratch instead of you.  Also, if you have already written your paper, you can always make it better by using our extra services of Editing (Rewriting), Proofreading, and Formatting the text.

Q&A - a section of our website where you can post any question that is bothering you and get the answer from other students.

GPA calculator - a simple and user-friendly tool to help you calculate your GPA, real or planned.

Blog - a place, where we store all the secrets on the vast variety of ‘How-to’ questions, fun content and useful tips to ease your busy schedule.

Hide a paper - a unique option on StudentShare website. You can download any paper and make it hidden from other users, thus making it unique. You can submit such paper right after editing. You will see this option on the page of the document.


Do papers I ordered from StudentShare Writing Service automatically get into the general database of paper samples?

No. Each paper you order from our Writing Service is unique and would be written for you exclusively. After the paper is completed, we send it to you and never store or publish it.


How can I find an essay?

We did everything for making the search through our website simple and easy. On our homepage, you will see the search field, where you can type your topic or subject and go through the list of the proposed variants. To make the search quick and custom you are kindly invited to use

  • filters
  • search in the list of papers upon subject/doctypes/level/words count
  • contact support team


Can I find any paper topic here?

Even though StudentShare’s database of essay samples is one of the biggest all over the Internet, we cannot guarantee your unique topics will find the perfect match. Still, we are sure you will be able to see papers with related topics or several papers will cover different parts of the topic you are trying to find. In any case, searching for essay samples in our database will significantly ease the research for your future writing by providing you with facts, references, ideas, and examples of different formatting styles.


Do I have free access to all samples?

We do have a collection of essays you can use for free. You can find them in the separate section ‘Enjoy free essays’ on the website’s menu.

Still, not all essays are added to that section. If you want to have full access to our database, please support our work by buying a suitable subscription and enjoy limitless downloading options.


How can I be sure that all papers are of good quality?

Each essay has a short preview version available for all users. You are free to read through to catch the main idea and define the quality of the text. Once you download the full version of a paper you will be able to evaluate the relevance of the whole document. If it doesn't match some of your criteria, you can order extra Rewriting, Proofreading or Formatting for this paper to make it perfect.


What is Wishlist and why do I need it?

A Wishlist is a free option on our website designed for your convenience. You can basically form a list of documents you are interested in, and they will be stored in one place, your Wishlist. Thus, you won’t need to perform the search over and over again if you want to download those particular documents later.  


Can I submit or copy the essay sample I download?

The papers you download from our database are only samples of works, kindly provided by other users for you to get inspired or find great solutions to your future works. Those writings are not unique, as thousands of our users download them every day. We strongly discourage you from copying and submitting those papers as your own.

Still, there is an option for you to make a paper you downloaded unique. You may order Rewriting from our website. Our pro writers will do their best to provide you with a rewriting in the shortest time.


Is it anonymous?

Yes, all the actions you perform on our website are anonymous.

Due to our Privacy Policy, Studentshare is not allowed to disclose any of your personal information without your consent. We also have strict rules about using your personal information.

We designed a unique security system for our Writing Service too. Once you place your order, we take your name out of it before we transfer it to the writer. When the paper is finished, we transfer it from the writer back to you. Even if you need to communicate with the writer, who is working on your paper, your name won’t be shown. We grant you full anonymity.


Will I be spammed after providing you with my e-mail address?

No. We value our customers and never allow spam to be sent to the email address you kindly provided.

Your email address is needed to create your personal account on our website, which would open loads of services for you. Also, we use emails to provide our customers with small gifts, like special offers, discounts, and links to useful blog articles. The ‘unsubscribe’ option is always available.


How will you charge me?

We at StudentShare care about your convenience. Therefore we have thought of several subscription plans. We also have two options for ordering subscriptions. You can use 1-time payment, and the subscription would be valid only for the chosen period. Or you can go with a recurring payment, which will prolong your subscription automatically after the expiration date and save you more money, as this option is cheaper than a 1-time payment.  Each of the subscriptions grants you the full access to the database with an unlimited download option. They differ only in duration.

Successful Academic Year (12-months subscription) - the best option for not only boosting up your academic year but also a great opportunity to save money.

Stress-free Semester (3-months subscription) - valid for a shorter time, still would provide you with an unlimited amount of downloads to grant you ideas for all your semester assignments.

Scholar Month (1-month subscription) - an excellent solution for the end of a semester. Provides you with all the benefits of service for 1 month only.

Productive Weekend (3-day access) - the best solution for those who want to try the service. This option grants you a short, but full, 3-day access to the database.

Please, see our Subscription Plans page for more details.

Can I be sure that my personal data is protected?

Yes. Our Privacy Policy Terms guarantee the protection of your personal data. Studentshare is not allowed to disclose any of your personal information without your consent.

Read more about it:


How can I contact you?

We have a support team ready to help you out 24/7.

To contact us use:

Contact us form on main page,

Phone number +16312120006


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