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StudentShare Reviews

StudentShare is a young, but already huge platform of the best essay samples generously provided by English-speaking students from all over the world. Each month we grow on 40+ subjects and 8K+ topics, as students keep coming and uploading their papers to our database. Using them for research and study purposes is not only 100% legal, but also reduces the time you spend on writing your paper!

Even a brief StudentShare review reveals a variety of helpful services, which are aimed to help you complete your assignments. Namely,

Huge FREE essays database

Nowadays it is hard to trust a service you didn’t try. Thus, we do provide you with the opportunity to try our service before purchasing it. Free essays are available for download for each user, and you can easily find them in a corresponding section of a Menu.

Editing, Proofreading, Rewriting services

We do offer a lot of help to our customers. We included a variety of Editing, Proofreading and Rewriting Services. Thus, each downloaded paper from our database can be rewritten under your requirements. So, you’ll get a unique paper, which would be way cheaper, than, f.e. ordering writing from scratch. Also, if you did write own work, but have hesitations about the grammar and spelling quality, you can order proofreading.

Hide a Paper

Our brand new and unique feature. Each paper you download from our database can be hidden from other website users and be available only for your private usage. Thus, nobody except you will be able to access it.

Questions and Answers section

A place where each student is welcome to leave the toughest questions and await the answer from other students, professors, and our writers. Each hesitation and hardship will vanish!

GPA Calculator

Helps everybody to get a precise and very accurate GPA rate. Also, it is completely FREE to use.


There are tons, dozens, billions and millions of useful articles, covering practically every aspect of student’s life. No matter what you are looking for, fun, knowledge, science or help, you’ll find it all in our Blog posts. Did we mention it is FREE to use?

Student share reviews how to order a paper

The last, but not the least feature we have for you is our Writing Service. We are familiar with all the student's struggles, like lack of time, dull paper topics and so on. We know how hard it can sometimes be to write a paper you don’t want to complete. Why won’t you transfer this responsibility to someone, who’d love to complete it instead of you?

We have top writers, who are specialists in a vast variety of fields. Thus, a topic that might be a  nightmare for you is a delight to them.

Student share review shows that ordering process is easy as ABC. Follow the link:, leave your instructions, pay for your order and spend time doing more important things, than writing a paper. Your order would be completed in the shortest term, so forget about failing your deadlines.

Who needs StudentShare?

StudentShare is a helping hand for thousands of students all over the world. Our platform is designed in a way you can share your knowledge, ask questions, find relaxing and funny content and, most important, get the help you need badly.

We know how to make working on your homework easy and fun. Download examples, order additional services or simply go through our blog posts. Each would be great for your studying.

StudentShare Reviews

Each service is only as good as users say it is. Thus, check the reviews we got from our customers before coming up with a decision.
42 reviews on StudentShare
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Reviews About StudentShare
Review was added by Anila Aslam 1 year ago
Thanks for such type of awesome website. i am really thankful to you because i'he got all required data for my research from here.Thanks a lot.
Review was added by Simran 1 year ago
Good point
Review was added by Asish Sau 1 year ago
Very helpful.
Review was added by Hiyala 1 year ago
Review was added by Manu Abad 1 year ago
Hello. I want to thank studentshare. I took a part-time job to earn some money, so I had less time for studying. To complete my work on biology papers, I decided to ask an editor for help. It was a great decision. Thanks for your professionalism!
Review was added by Rick Mane 1 year ago
My friend recommended me to try this service and I’m nothing but satisfied with it. I needed an essay to finish the semester but had no time to do all by myself. Thankfully, SS editor did it high-quality and in time. Best team!
Review was added by Mark Loore 1 year ago
Wow! One of the most useful recommendations on a market. I finished my paper in a few hours after downloading an app. Now it’s on the front burner. Thanks for your efforts!
Review was added by Lia Harold 1 year ago
SS is so underrated! I can’t count on how many times you saved me from deadlines. Today I forgot to finish my essay and worked on it in a subway with a phone in one hand and a paper in another. Your app is a saviour.
Review was added by Jared Ferr 1 year ago
Hello! I'm an active user of your service. Thanks for every minute you saved! I didn't know you have a mobile app. It's a clutch.
Review was added by Kate Riann 1 year ago
I like your search system because you prioritize the results on requested topics. It is so utilitous because I don’t need to look for the best result. Thanks!
Review was added by Max Relle 1 year ago
I'm glad I found this website! Everything is so simple. Time-saving search, wide range of topics, reliability. What else do students need? Thanks!
Review was added by Anna-Maria 1 year ago
Love your service! Sometimes I have loads of assignments and do them in a rush. It’s not the best way to succeed, but you make it possible. Easy to use and easy to find anything needed.
Review was added by Eric Mann 1 year ago
Hi there! Studentshare is really ingenious! I've found this platform a week ago and applied for a subscription. As I had an experience with other educational portals, I expected them to ask for automatical payments. I was afraid 'cause I use my parents' card. Thank gods I didn't fall into such a trap! Cool feature!
Review was added by Maria-Teresa 1 year ago
Well, I'm quite impressed with you. No autocharge? So, I won't be caught by surprise with no money on my card? Cool!
Review was added by Arino Hawk 1 year ago
Huh, no worries about choosing the same material with a classmate. Thank you!
Review was added by Anna Morina 1 year ago
Want to share my gratitude for your service! Unfortunately, I didn't know about SS, when I was caught with copying the essay. Why is that surprising that students sometimes use paper samples to complete own writings? We have only 24h for everything!!! Thanks for preventing problems. Your hiding option is an awesome sauce!
Review was added by Paul Jerom 1 year ago
Amazing! One of the best sites that I've found. My teacher checks essays for plagiarism, so my trick is studentshare service. Thanks for hiding downloaded papers from my tutor and other students!! Now I'm safe&sound.
Review was added by Dillon 1 year ago
‘The biggest database’ slogan isn’t a lie! Thanks for gathering all the knowledge in one place.
Review was added by Thomas 1 year ago
I suppose the number of materials is endless here. So many results for every topic that I’ve requested. Thanks for making my studies easier!
Review was added by Fifi 1 year ago
My tutor gave the assignment to write about… guess what? Bermuda triangle! I thought people already ruined all the possible myths about it. Various essays here helped me to finish mine and explain triangle's mystery from different points of view. Thanks for your job!
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