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Becoming a student is like entering an entirely new life. You suddenly become an adult who has to cope with dozens of things and situations daily. Moreover, you have to study well, as it is your primary goal for the next couple of years.

You have to attend all the classes, be active and stay productive all day long. Maybe you even have to get a part-time job to cover the study expenses. Most important, in college you come across an endless flow of writing assignments.

How can essay samples become in handy? Here are 4 TOP benefits for you to consider!

  • Better guideline. Free essays can serve as an additional guideline. When you first start writing essays, you might get confused with all the rules and requirements. They are hard to remember all at once. Essays written by other students can serve as a practical example of how an essay should be formatted.
  • Ideas. Sometimes it is hard to come up with a great idea for an essay. Free essays online can help you out. Go through several samples and grab the best ideas to elaborate in own writing
  • Research. Essay download can free you up from countless hours of boring research. Instead of going through 10 sources, you can read one well-crafted essay. It would have all the necessary citings, a well-performed analysis and ideas you can develop in own writing.
  • Time. Free essay samples save up to 60% of your time. Let’s count. A standard research on the topic would take you 2 to 4 hours. Learning how to cite and format your text takes another 2 to 3 hours. Writing the essay itself takes up to 4 hours. With an essay sample, you ease the first two steps. The time you spend on research and formatting would be reduced from 4-8 hours to 1 hour. Profit!
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Where to look for free essay papers?

Free full essay might be hard to find, as loads of platforms trick users into buying. They might give a user a free preview, but call it a free essay.

It might take you hours before you finally come across an actually free essay which would be available for download.

Still, on our site, there is no trick like that. We have a separate section of free essays you can download even if you have no account registered on StudentShare. We did create that section, for our philosophy is built on two main principles.

  • Each student should have the opportunity to access our database and get help
  • The best service should prove the quality of the goods by giving some of them out for free

So, we thought it would be great if each user would be able to come in search for free topic essay ideas or to find essays online free. We want you to have only the best experience with our database.

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How to use free essay?

There is one serious issue you should avoid in your writings. Plagiarism.

It becomes especially dangerous when you use free essay papers as samples. It is always tempting to use somebody’s work and present it as own. Especially, if the topic is dull, you have a tight deadline and pretty full schedule. Still, we strongly discourage you from plagiarizing the work of others. Stealing somebody’s work can lead to serious issues, like ruined reputation, poor career opportunities, ethical or professional offense, and even law sues.

It is not worth the risk. Please, do not use essay samples as own work and simply hope it would do the trick. Usually, it turns out to be a complete disaster, should you get caught at least once. You’ll be always suspected and won’t fully recover from this mistake.

What is the right way to use essay sample?

After you download free essay there are several steps to follow.

Step 1. Read the full text of the essay. Think of whether you like it in general. If not, look for the other sample.

Step 2. Analyze the text. Think of how it was structured, what is the style of the text, which words were chosen to present the idea(s).

Step 3. Grab the best ideas from the essay you’ve just read. Write them down. If you have found this free essay online, it is always good to write the ideas down manually, not copy-paste them into the other document. Handwriting usually has an incredible effect. While you write you come up with more ideas. That’s the goal, isn’t it?

Step 4. Pay more attention to the structure of full essays you have downloaded for free. See how the author divided the essay into three parts, Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Find out what does introduction consist of. Ponder on the arguments in the body of the text. Read the conclusion and compare it with the whole text. Do they match? Does the conclusion seem to follow logically?

Step 5. Prepare own outline for the future essay. Now you’ve perfectly analyzed the text of the sample and its structure. Think of the ideas you’ve already written down. How do you want to present them in own essay? Which argument would be first, which would follow, and so on.

Step 6. Write own essay on the basis of free sample essay papers. You can do either a full rewriting of the essay sample in own manner, or just take the best ideas and combine them with your own. Both ways would work and help you pass the plagiarism test. Also, you can simply learn how to structure and format the text, without even taking the ideas or rewriting the part of the essay. Here it depends on what you actually need from the essay you have downloaded.

Free essay samples help you save time

Time is one of the most important things in the loaded schedule of a modern student. Whatever helps you save time on completing your assignments, should definitely be used.

Think of it. Once you graduate and step into your grown-up life… What kind of memories would warm your heart? Most surely, you’d love to remember friends you met, your first crash, huge parties with pals or silent evenings you spent doing something you like.

And by no means would you turn back to the days and nights you’ve spent on writing endless assignments. So, why not use free sample essays and reduce the time you spend on completing your homework?

We have essays samples on our website that are free to download and use. You can grab the best ideas, break the writer's block, learn the best structure and formatting, use them as guidance or for inspiration.

It is so easy to use!

  • Find the fitting essay by using our advanced search and filters
  • Read it through, write down the best ideas
  • Create an outline for own essay
  • Elaborate the ideas you’ve found in the sample, combine them with own
  • Rewrite several parts of essay samples
  • Proofread and edit your essay, apply the proper formatting
  • Check it for plagiarism via any program

And voila, your essay is ready for submission!

Here’s how you save time

  • No need to perform a long-lasting research on the topic. You learn anything needed from several essays you can find, download and read in less than 20 minutes.
  • No need to go through the guides on how to structure your essay. You can see the structure of the sample and follow it in own writing. You save approximately 1 hour of time!
  • No need to learn citing styles. You can see how citing is done in the sample and make it look same in own essay. Another hour saved!
  • No need to brainstorm ideas. You can grab the best thoughts from several samples and elaborate them in own writing. Another 2-3 hours saved.
  • No need for a long-lasting search for free essays. StudentShare designed a separate section, where you can find only free and full essays, that are available for unlimited download even without a registered account. Moreover, we enabled an advanced search through free samples, so you won't need to spend countless hours in a maddening search. It’s got as easy as it can only be.
  • No need to struggle from writer's block. Writing that first sentence can be a massive issue for both, a beginner and a pro. Still, when you go through several essay samples, it gets easy to come up with the first sentence, as well as with the first paragraph and whole essay too. It all seems easy after you learn how other students handled the same topic, subject, and essay type.

StudentShare is the best homework help for English-speaking students all over the world. Using essay samples is 100% legal if you don’t copy them, but use for learning and inspiration. Also, they reduce the time you spend on doing homework and help you save nights for yourself.

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