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New Essay

Analysis of A Magnificent Catastrophe Book by Edward J. Larson
Despite its shortcomings, this book provides some additional knowledge concerning the American political system to the reader. When one reads the book, one comes to the realization that the implementation of the vision of the founding fathers of the United States being a free and open society was extremely successful
Evaluation of Anger Management Group
The author of the paper states that anger management involves steps towards the identification of anger signs by an individual and taking steps aimed at calming down and dealing with the situation amicably. Anger management group’s aim at evaluating helping individuals affected by anger issues.
The Liberation Of Women's Bodies In Modern China
The website of the BBC makes it clear when it writes: ‘The general consensus is that the roots of foot binding lie in the Sung dynasty (960-1279 AD) in China, although there are numerous folklore and legends surrounding its actual origin. One of these dates back to the Shang dynasty (1700-1027 BC.)’ (BBC).
Bereavement Across the Lifespan
According to Kail and Cavanaugh (2013), grief reactions changes based on the growth stages. There are eight major growth stages of life that are; infancy, early childhood, school-age children, adolescents, young adult, middle adulthood and late adulthood. The eight stages are re-grouped to fit four stages based on the similarity or grief reaction.
Forfeiture of Rockies Oil to its Interests in the Farmout Agreement
The reason that is clear for disapproval of Rockies Oil to pay for the third well is failure of producing promising results by the first two wells. However, in spite of objection by Rockies Oil, Aussie Oil dug the third well that gave promising results because latest technology was used for its excavation.
Cognitive Aspect of the Mind at the Middle Age
The author states that generally, capacities of human beings in different physical and mental aspects decline as they age. Same is true for the human characteristics which change as they grow older. Indeed, various signs of aging have started to manifest as the young adults enter the middle age.
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
In The Road, McCarthy presents two different ethics. The first ethic is that of the survivalists whose only moral code is to kill or be killed. This ethic is present in society at all times, but it becomes the dominant code when the world experiences an apocalypse. In the novel, McCarthy demonizes this ethic.
Recording and Analysing Information in HR
However, it is evident that an HRM system alone will not contribute to a firm’s operational efficiency. In contrast, the HR information must be recorded and analyzed timely in order to identify the areas of improvement and thereby to frame responsive policies. This paper will discuss the process of recording and analyzing information in HR.  
Harassment: Threats or Demanding to Have Sexual Conduct
According to most of the studies, this kind of problem of encountering sex-related threats demands, and annoying behavior are being mostly faced by women. This is understood because it is very consistent with the way power is distributed in the workplace as women workers are typically at the bottom of the job ladder.
Difficult and Glorious History of Boeing 747
Airlines have ordered 109 aircraft. From passenger, carriers showed interest in the 747-8 Lufthansa (20 cars), Korean Air (5 cars) and the American Boeing Business Jet (8 cars). Cargo (where there is no competition at 747, A380 cargo there so far only in the diagrams) are interested in eight airlines.
Midaq Alley by Naguib Mahfouz
The author explains that the setting of the story is between 1940’s and early 1950’s, a period marking Second World War when the British army is camping at Cairo. Additionally, the story illustrates Midaq alley as an isolated residence lagging behind history with people in it languishing in poverty through the typical social order of the wealthy.
The International Law of Human Trafficking
It is evidently clear from the discussion that the government and non-governmental organizations have put their efforts together in an attempt to end human trafficking. As a matter of fact, a majority of the NGO’s are spearheaded by women who feel that the number of women smuggled and trafficked is a matter better conducted by women.
Issues in Contemporary Real Estate Development
Real estate development is one of the contemporary issues of the 21st century. Various varying projects may come in place to either find for a developer to rebuild the already existing facility at a place abandoned or even come up with a new project through which he has to take up the task of having new investors coming to view the premises.
Applying Of Management Information Systems In Modern System
MIS in modern-day business comprises enterprise resource planning, networking, data mining, supply chain management, and customer relationship management among others. Organizations can implement these systems for better decision making as well as ensuring effective performance (Jewadekar, 2006; Coleman, 1996).
Madison Man Indicted for Possessing Guns despite Prior Mental Commitment
As emphasized by U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance, it is unlawful for a person who had the previous historical mental illness to purchase firearms; and equally illegal to lie through disclosing erroneous and fallacious information in the ATF forms. The article likewise revealed that Vaughan possessed a total of 18 firearms.
Impact Of Social Networks On Children And Adolescents
Some children could be noted to mature at much faster paces, levels, and depth that make them holistically prepared to face various challenges and trials in life. Secondly, as observed in the contemporary generation, school children are more technically adept at using online applications with greater ease and competencies.
Cultural Diversity in Organizations
This was put down to what they referred to as an approach to diversity that was holistic. This involved making changes in the company that was both structural and cultural. Their first culture change venture was via intensive training on diversity. All the company staff participated in varying training levels including hosts and cooks.
The Story of the Human Toll or the Potential for Future Atrocities Refugees
While much has debate has persisted in the airwaves concerning the willingness of the international community to contain the deplorable condition of human rights status in some countries, the United States has a massive duty to carry out a thorough campaign that will leave no stone unturned.
Economic Expectations And Principles of Economic Forces at Work
The objective of this paper is to provide answers to the following questions: 1. What is Economics? 2. What do you expect from this class? 3. Provide an example of economic forces at work. Does this issue affect individual consumers or firms or the economy as a whole? And 4. Which economics principles govern the situation you described?
Comparative Analysis of a Film and a Book about the Lifestyle of Asian Americans
 This differentiates the movie from other predictable and limited character portrayals of Chinese Americans. The underlying concerns reflected in the film are the cultural identity of Asian Americans as well as the cross-cultural misconceptions about them. The mystery of Chan’s disappearance provides interesting footage on the Chinese mystery itself.
Critique of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
Okonkwo is a village leader who has great desire to achieve in terms of wealth, family and leadership. The motivations for success are mainly because he desired to overcome the shameful life that his father led. His father died a poor man with a lot of debts and minimal societal respect. The African tradition greatly values family legacy.
Dynamics Of Crime And Delinquency
Bullying has captured the attention of most teachers in schools because of the adverse effects it has on the victims and their parents. Teachers are under much pressure to find ways of eliminating bullying in schools. Some schools have established rules and regulations aiming at curbing the crime in schools.
The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
Ideas, messages, and products often spread rapidly after a particular stage of public engagement, Gladwell analyses the various psychological processes and human behavior that influence their acceptance of such ideas, messages, and products in her explanation of the tipping point. He asserts that such ideas and products spread as rapidly as viruses do.
Video Games and Their Benefits
The author states that video games also have very great positive effects on the people involved in the game and considering these likely benefits is important because the nature of these games has dramatically changed in the last few years, becoming increasingly diverse, realistic, complex and social in nature.
Analysis of Black Athena Written by Martin Bernal
In the book, Bernal rejects the assumption that Greek civilization was established by Indo-European settlers who had come from Europe, a theory which was generally popular in the 19th century. Bernal defends what he regards as the ancient model, which refers to both Phoenician and Egyptian influences on the Greek culture.
EasyShop Business Plan
As the discussion stresses, EasyShop is located in Las Vegas city in the state of Nevada. The supermarket has various departments dealing with different kinds of products. These departments include food, electronics, housewares, floral, chemist, EasyShop offers products and services that are affordable in comparison to competitors. and laundry department.
Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts
In Bless The Broken Road, the protagonist describes his happy story about the love that is finally found after many years of sorrow and feeling sad. Basically, the approach of the song’s author can be named “whatever happens is meant to bring the good” – and the lyrics show how at the end of the hard journey one will certainly get the prize.
The Complications of Implant Supported Fixed Prosthetics
This essay shows that implant-supported prostheses for the rehabilitation of complete or partial edentulism comprise of removable or fixed restorations. Commonly employed implant-supported fixed prosthesis is made up of a metal substructure and a ceramic veneer. Implant abutments customized to patient needs are becoming more and more popular.
The US Presidential Election Campaign
As the study stresses, Obama claims that his job as president is focusing completely on providing leadership vision, judgment, and inspiration.  He would prefer to delegate responsibilities to his cabinet members for controlling agencies that report directly to him. He would be supervisory in management and hold agency heads fully accountable.
Pharmacy Degree Program
The author describes that her personal life has been a nightmare for her in the recent past when she recollects the feelings related to her seizures which took some time to get over with. Thus she has seen the ups and downs all throughout and she comprehends that she is at a resolute stance that her education will further straighten up her life.
Chemical Welfare in War
In the year 1915, the German soldiers-special unit was ordered by the German military meteorologists to open valves of more than 6,000 cylinders. Approximately 160 tons of by then an unknown pathogen was released into the surrounding environment and thousands of French soldiers were exposed.
Optical Properties of Liquid Crystals and LCD Displays
The author states that the use and application of the liquid crystals span from nearly 25 years ago and have a wide array of applications. The LCDs have dominated the display market progressively replacing the once cathode ray tubes-dominated market. Understanding the various important components of the technology is important.
Dissolved Oxygen Content and Fish Populations in Water
The author states that in order to test the hypothesis, two large fish tanks each with the equal number of fish will be used. In the first tank, the oxygen concentration is kept at a constant level of less than 12ppm. This will act as the control. In the second tank, the oxygen will be increased steadily from 10ppm to over 15ppm.
The Pro's and Con's of Obama Care
In the US, the health care system has been criticized for increased cost structure and ineffective insurance coverage. The US President Barack Obama has initiated an affordable healthcare plan recognized as Obama Care. The healthcare plan has been effective in providing better quality health services and treatment facilities. 
Factors Influencing Supply and Demand of Food
Food scarcity is a significant issue affecting economies globally as they strive to maintain healthy communities. As population increases, pressure on arable land has mounted leading to reduced soil fertility and pasture for livestock production. Potential land for food production is no longer available for farming as human settlement has continued to expand.
Marketing Plan: Xbox 360
In order to ensure that the company is able to achieve the set objectives associated with the Xbox 360, it is essential that effective and efficient marketing strategies are implemented by the company. In this regard, it will be beneficial to change or alter the 4 P’s of the marketing mix in accordance with the needs of the target market
Hypnosis Method
The author states that this experiment has been done to understand the effectiveness of hypnosis on the youth of modern age since it is reported that today’s generation is highly resistible to traditional hypnosis methods. This is because of the current education which has made them question the conventional techniques.
A Course in Photography
The author explains that in high school, he studied with determination to qualify for a course in photography. He later attended a film school in Kuwait where he studied and acquired certificates in several courses in photography such as; Intensive Digital Filmmaking, Editing Professional Video, Advanced Editing Techniques, Color Correction.
Law of European Union
According to the paper, the principle of equal treatment to all nationals within the Community under Article 59 of the EC Treaty will also apply in this case, since the Government is proposing to restrict the production and distribution of rockets and mandate their sale only through certainly registered outlets.
The Life and Work of Mahatma Gandhi
In no less measure must his contributions to social responsibility and to the liberation of India from colonial rule. At the background of all this lay the spiritual simplicity of this great man. The influence of Mahatma Gandhi on the third world, in particular, is best understood by looking at three aspects of his life.  
Theory of Operation and Performance of Turbine Engines
The author states that the turbine drives as this cycle goes on because the process rotates the compressor. There are several forces involved in the operation and performance. These include the thrust, power production, constant pressure, the working cycle, the Boyle, and Charles law that defines the operation of these engines.
Contemporary Theories Of Knowledge
All knowledge is more or less uncertain and more or less vague. The knowledge question that thus needs answering is, how can we ever be sure that what we know is really true and that we possess the knowledge and to what extent does this knowledge provide purpose in our personal lives? Can we still gain meaning and purpose without knowledge?
Teaching Gifted Kids in Todays Classroom
It was concluded that grades of these students did not merely reflect the lessons they learn during a course but the grades reflect their skills of knowing much more than their syllabus allow. Based on this study, many teachers introduce alternate methods of teaching for the most capable readers.
Analysis of Dear White People Movie
The author thinks this movie quite openly informs about the issue of race in the colleges. The jokes in the movie are all about white and black jokes. The author disliked a few parts about the movie especially the huge party that was organized because he never understands why white kids acted like or wore clothes similar to blacks
The Palliative Care
This paper is based on a case study of Mrs. Janet, an end of life cancer patient who was admitted to a hospital in the United Kingdom 28 years after her initial diagnosis of cervical cancer. The case study analysis attempts to highlight some of the potential external influences that may have directly influenced her end-of-life care.
The Regal Marine
This research will begin with the statement that the Regal marine has the mission of becoming the unique luxury boat service provider in the world. The firm wants to provide innovative facilities to its customers. They want their customer to enjoy high-quality service on their part. They want to expand their business successfully worldwide.
Fundamentals And Applications Of Programmable Logic Controllers
PLC Memory performs the storage functions that allow data and information to be read and written beside the program and code storage for the CPU use. There are two types of memory used in PLC; RAM and ROM. ROM type of memory is used for the storage of the operating programs used in the PLC while RAM is used to store ladder logic programs.
Privacy Issues in Social Networking
Social networking is of increasing interest to individuals, public and private sector organizations. While the technology presents exciting opportunities for organizations to interact with clients and individuals to share the information, it also represents an area of risk for exposing sensitive and confidential information.
Physician Assisted Suicide
There is plenty of room for debate about euthanasia, its morality and immorality, pros and cons and others. Nevertheless, drawing from this brief debate it appears that euthanasia has strong arguments to be considered as an ethical and legal action. Ethical theories, such as relativism, emotivism, and ethical egoism happen to propose the same
Ratan Tata: Leading the Tata Group into the 21st Century
This also means that the shareholders in Tata Motors can only hope to see moderate returns on their investment in the medium term. But what emerges from these risky ventures on part of Ratan Tata is the fact that he always puts the social good ahead of immediate profits. And he really does stand out from the rest of Indian business community  
Personal Economic Hardships in College
The author says that he grew up in a middle-class family in which his parents struggled so much to educate him. But despite the hard economic situation of his parents, his parents managed to save enough money for his college education. For that reason, he is now certain of completing his college studies without any financial constraint.
Balanced Whole System Parenting
Red Dye #40 is a common food colouring used in the United States and has approval from the Food and Drug Administration to be used in foods. Organizations such as Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) have continued to oppose Red Dye #40 and called for its banning based on the argument that the food colouring has serious side effects.
The Use of the Brain Metaphor, Paradigms and Also Analyzing Two Most Influential Characters in the Organization
This paper outlines that the brain metaphor assists in the information processing, communicating and also, interacting and making decisions when the need arises. There are the concepts that come with the idea of brain metaphor in an organization. The concepts include the following: Parallel information, learning, intelligence, requisite.
Violence in Video Games and Profound Language
The book concludes that childhood aggression is highly correlated with childhood exposure to media violence. The book offers cognitive priming theory, social learning theory and social scripts models of aggression formation in childhood and how the aggressive behavior is encoded in memory of the player
Development of New Information Systems
There needs to be a complete and proper functioning of hardware as well as software to create the synergies of information technology. Finally, we have looked at the various systems available such as information presentation systems, transaction processing systems and management information systems. 
Business Planning-The Twist Kettle
According to the paper, Twist Kettle was a concept aimed at improving on what the market was already offering. This was developed after quite a number of researches had shown that the average consumer has environmental concerns, and therefore needed a gadget that is more environment-friendly. Twist Kettle was basically designed to address these problems.
Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami: Fukushima
This paper gives an overview of the main facts of Fukushima incident. The earthquake that occurred in Japan on that date was more times greater than the worst earthquake the nuclear plant was prepared for. For instance, the earthquake was 8.9 on the Richter scale, while the nuclear plant was built to sustain a maximum of 8.2.
Action Plan for E-Adminstration of Abu Dhabi Police
The procurement of the latest software and the continuous up gradation of the same is another important milestone which needs to be achieved because it will set the future course of action regarding the overall seriousness of the authorities in managing the workload and keeping themselves abreast with the latest developments in technology 
Childhood Obesity and its Risks
The title of the study does only state the independent variable which is childhood and adolescent obesity but it does give a warning about why obesity should be avoided. The dependent variable is later revealed in the journal by citing the possible effects of childhood obesity such as early predisposal to heart diseases as well as type 2  diabetes.
Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace
The author claims that Google was one of those companies that had put its people first by putting the company's heavy emphasis on organizational behavior in its practices. In an industry where the dynamism was high and one with a very fast-changing environment, it had been apparent how its people had been one of the company's competitive resources.
Analysis of Security Plan
The transition to the new HER system is a localized short-term procedure, but necessary security measures are necessary to ensure business continuity. It is essential to institute stringent rules to enforce the security policies set. The chief security officers must outline penalties clearly to ensure confidence in operations and company objectives.  
Analysis of Interpersonal Communication
This coincides with Petersen (2007) who states that “I prefer to think of feelings as pure energy. As with the gasoline in a tank, we can choose to use the power to drive a hurt youngster to the hospital or to run over someone” (p. 13). This quote guides the interpretation of interpersonal communication that I recently came across.
Airplane Accidents, who is Responsible, and do the Victims deserve Compensation
According to the paper, the article is reliable because it gives information about a practical airplane accident, with reference to the Ethiopian airline case. Moreover, as a member of the British Investigation Board, the author has first-hand account and information regarding the causes of airplane accidents and human issues involved such as compensation. 
Analysis of Article about Renewable Energy and Climate Change
Global warming is responsible for the creation of a hole in the ozone layer of the atmosphere. This can be protected only by the increased use of RE technologies. It helps to analyze the varied types of RE sources which can be utilized other than fossil fuels in order to condense the issue of pollution
Homeland Security Department Plays Very Significant Role in Ensuring Security of the US
The CIA’s vision is to achieve one community and one agency, an agency that is unmatched in its capabilities with the support of a unified and functioning team and fully incorporated into the intelligence community.  The agency’s mission is in line with the agency being the country’s first lineup of defence.
Principles of Quality Control Relating To Business Management
Quality maintenance is of paramount importance, as lack of it in products or services provided by a company can wither away their consumers and can create a bad image upon the company. The problem related to poor quality generally is likely to happen when the employees of an organization are not allowed to correct the inadequacies of the quality.  
Nursing Practice in Singapore
The author describes that the size of the pupils is equal on both sides. They constrict to light equally on both the sides. There is no evidence of extraocular muscle dysfunction.  The patient is able to follow the pen movements through the six cardinal positions of gaze.  The patient wears glasses.
Opportunities and Limitations of the Trade Market
From this paper it is clear that marketing itself is the process employed by companies to determine what products or services customers are interested in; and the best strategy to use in carrying out sales, communications, and business development. It is an integrated process through of creating value for customers.
The Representation of the Journey in Sixteenth Century Literature
Many literary creations start with the journey that lasts up to the end of writing often representing the foundation of the plot. It is remarkable that sometimes these trips are not physical travellings from one place to another. In a narrative, the journey often represents the mental development of an individual or cause great changes.  
Joint Venture with X-Tech (Sweden) and Y-Tech (Albania)
According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that at Z-Tech do not want to seem to be arrogant, by simply exporting our own business culture of the UK to these extra-national operations, expecting our partners to conform to our own national habits and attitudes.  Therefore, a culturally sensitive and intelligent paradigm is sought.
How Errors in Care Affect Healthcare Organizations
The case of Quaid v. Baxter Healthcare Corp was because of medical errors. Because of this, the organization had to spend more money and concentrate on the case. On a similar incidence, a case of Darling v. Charleston Community Memorial Hospital made the healthcare organization focus and put resources in defense against the allegations.
Charter Schools and the Future of Public Education
The author of the paper states that the charter school program has improved dramatically in modern time in ways that have destabilized its original purposes. Even though small schools and theme schools have bleached as an emphasis on reform inventiveness, charters schools have expanded quickly.
Engineering Fundamentals And Problem Solving
To solve the world energy crisis it is very important to know the basic forms of energy and its sources. Next chapters have explained the thermodynamics and electrical theory. These chapters develop the understanding about the energy and its conversion which is used in many practical engineering applications.
American Grace by David Campbell and Robert Putnam
The paper takes a look at the history of American religion and how these have evolved over the years, resulting in the current influential status of religion within the American society. America is now an interfaith tolerant nation. A far cry from the staunch Protestantism that used to exist in the American society.
How Are You a Change Maker
The combustible younger generation of the present era has the responsibility to work for that cause. The wise saying goes, you need to have a cause for the sacrifice, the heart for the sacrifice, the grit, determination for the sacrifice and finally to receive the rewards or punishment for the sacrifice with a balanced mental attitude
Organizational Culture Assessment of Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation
THDC is a development corporation that focuses on the economic, social, educational and environmental development of Terra Haute County. The interviews have given a positive image of the organization with respect to the development of the county. The organization stresses on making the citizens educated and trained for job opportunities 
The Five Minds of a Manager
According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that people are influenced in the workplace by their corporate culture. The researcher states that many American companies are often not successful doing business in Europe and other parts of the world due to the ethnocentric mentality of its managers.
How Hooliganism Is Seen in the Contemporary World
This paper tells that despite all efforts made and resources devoted in the past few years, hooliganism still remains a troubling social dilemma to varying degrees. Nonetheless, significant differences exist in nature and intensity of hooliganism in different societies. There is no accurate definition of hooliganism.
Airport Monitors
The Detroit Metro Airport has weather alert conditions. A recent blizzard swept over the area on February 2nd causing bad weather conditions. The bad weather caused many delays in many different areas besides the Metro Airport. The airport has few delays and some cancels due to the weather. 
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
It goes without saying that a mother can prevent causing fetal alcohol syndrome in her babies by avoiding alcohol as soon as she becomes aware of being pregnant, or if she is consciously trying to become pregnant. Since a safe level of alcohol for pregnant mothers has yet to be determined, expectant mothers should avoid alcohol entirely 
The Reluctant Fundamentalist
The author drives home the fact that Pakistan is a country that had once enjoyed a glorious civilization in the past and therefore was not the only culprit for nurturing intolerance and the extremist factor. In reflecting the study of humanities, Hamid deftly draws comparisons between the cultures of Pakistan and America.
Sanford Meisner on Acting: Setting the Scene
Sanford Meisner’s on acting is an immensely inspiring book. It is a must read and it is a must read especially for budding actors. The author has carried out tremendous research and it is clearly reflected in the book. The reality of doing a section in the book is amazing and very pragmatic. The author stresses upon being real.
Language and Culture in New Zealand Organization
The researcher states that different countries have different languages and culture which consequently influences their daily activities. Both the language and culture are interrelated and often influence each other in any given society. New Zealand as any other country in the world also consists of different languages and cultures. 
White Money Black Power
The book aims at reviving the struggles associated with the formation of the Black Studies programs so that it can stimulate an interest in the future of the African American program. Right now the African American Studies program is going through a phase of identification crisis where Black academics wants to stay away from such types of programs.
Celebrity Obsession
The researcher states that celebrity obsession more commonly known as the Celebrity Worship Syndrome is an obsession with any person who is a public figure. This includes obsessing over television, film and sports stars, authors, journalists and politicians. This syndrome is typical of a mental state subjected to the celebrity affecting the fan consciously and subconsciously.
Industrial Relations of Taiwan
The author states that Taiwan is an indicative example of the above phenomenon. Liu and Chen-Min (2006) note that the benefits of globalization for employment can be indirect; by supporting the development of the national economy – through the increase of foreign direct investment worldwide.
Are HIV-Infected Persons at a Higher Risk for Certain Types of Cancer Comparative to the General Population
The research interests cover a number of exposures aimed at relating HIV/Aids with different cancer types inclusive of anal, vaginal, liver, leukemia, colorectal, renal, Hodgkin lymphoma, melanoma, oropharyngeal and liver. The study type is prospective observational cohort study undertaken between 1992 and 2003. Description/Ascertainment of Cohort.
Educated by Nature
 Thus I have dreamt of being an environmentalist and I am working to achieve this goal as I consider it to be a valuable work that would benefit both the society and nature. Both my graduate level education and my subsequent jobs have been the initial process I had taken up towards my goal. But I still have a penchant to learn more and achieve greater accolades.
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors
The study is a comparison between two groups of children, one labeled as ‘children of alcoholics’ (COA) and the other as children of non-alcoholic parents, labeled non-COA. Both groups were demographically matched when selecting the sample for this study in order to eliminate variations due to this factor.
Passion and Personal Growth
According to the study, he feels that passion is a word that relates only to interpersonal relationships. The prospect of commerce being traded on a global scale entails interacting with people of varying backgrounds and cultures that on an interpersonal level holds a great deal of fascination for him.
Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf
The author uses the characters of two new couple to achieve this intention. The family of George and Martha present the real situation in marriage unlike the expectation of the society about marriage life. The author succeeds in describing the two families as young because both of them are oblivious to the issues in marriage.
What Kind of Stress a Police Officer Can Withstand
The life of officers in the law enforcement is characterized by challenges that come from watching colleagues die and killing.  In most cases, officers found themselves work stress and traumatic stress.  Stress has a negative effect on all workers. It can result in tremendous emotional and mental pain.
Analysis of The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
To an extent, caring and bearing compete with each other for time and resource. A pure caring strategy is impossible in real life as a population as the invasion of mutant individuals that specialize in bearing. Wild animals do not die of old age they face starvation, diseases, or the effect of predators catching up with them
Looking at Los Angeles from a Dance Perspective
In the 20th century, the contemporary performing and visual arts have been one of the contested terrains in Los Angeles. The city has noted that the dancing thought is considered one of the cultural artifacts and that the knowledge legitimation in the city is quite contingent. There is solid proof that Los Angeles responded to societal pressure
Human Smuggling and Border Security
A global smuggling among the nations is an issue which has existed ever since countries were separated by borders and have a long history and numerous unprecedented consequences, which may range from having some effects on the global economy to the perpetuation of crime and devaluation of human rights.
Vacation Memory About Namibia
We got to the town of Swakopmund within five hours and took up lodgings at a hotel that we had booked earlier online. Afterward, we drove to the town of Walvis Bay, which is only about ten miles away from Swakopmund. I found this town to be quite fascinating because of the welcoming nature of its residents.
Investment in Nike
The author states that nevertheless because the North Point Large Cap Fund invests predominantly in Fortune 500 companies, and with an emphasis on value investing, we gauged Nike’s Economic Value Added. Our findings come up with a positive EVA for Nike at $304.5. This ultimately means that the company adds value to its shareholders.
Knowledge Managment Initiative
As the paper declares, a system of collaboration and knowledge sharing was set in place by having a repository of detailed product information and making it accessible to all employees at retail outlets. This allowed them to gain timely information for all customer inquiries. The IT department set detailed values and implemented the online knowledge repository.
The Case for Health Care Reform
Even the recently passed healthcare reform legislation does not address core issues head-on; rather they only try to tinker with and correct a few aspects of a deeply flawed system. Hence, the adoption of a social-democratic policy framework is essential in order to favorably turn the situation around 
Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
According to the research, the friendships between dogs and human have raised many questions also. This paper briefly analyses some such questions and also the importance of dogs in human life. The love and care extended by dogs are limited only to their owners and the beloved ones. On the other hand, dogs always look suspiciously at strangers.
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