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Active Listening Research
What was most interesting was how one participant aligned described alignment of mentoring methods with the mentee’s personal learning style. Experiential learning was discussed as being effective regardless of one’s learning style because it provides the ability to take abstract concepts and apply them using concrete methods
Substance Abuse, Homelessness, Hunger and How They Relate
Substance abuse is the excessive use of drugs and alcohol to the extent that they become harmful to an individual’s body and mind. The use is more than the normal recommended capacity and the behavior repeats frequently to an extent of causing impairments to an individual’s health, social and work relationships.
Electronic Medical Records and Public Perceptions
The study shows a significant rise in decision making by the physicians while reducing the costs of treatment. Nonetheless, it is skeptical of the decisions concerning patients’ emergency with the electronic medical records (EMR). The review of the research wasn’t elaborate either and couldn’t be dependent upon to analyze the study.
Assessment of the Terrorist Threat of ISIS and AQAP
In this work we will explore the Background, structure, and origin of ISIS and AQAP terrorist organizations. Lastly, we will analyze the possibility of these groups having the intention and capability to carry out a terrorist attack using a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapon or device, including a crude WMD device.
The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden - from 9/11 to Abbottabad
This paper illustrates that Peter Bergen writes for about the first third of the book on the search for Bin-Laden and the last two-thirds on the arrangement for his raid on the compound, the invasion alone and the aftermath. The raid was never executed by the surprising Seal team, dangerous from an operational standpoint, and it was as well tricky from a political perspective.
A Physician Is Immune from Liability When a Patients Actions Contribute as Much to His Own Harm as the Physicians
Drug manufacturers have spent millions of dollars developing a medication that are easier to take and the present treatment has far fewer side effects than before. By not following these recommendations, patients are as liable as their physicians, especially because they were provided with information on the risks 
Depression Causes and Treatment
This research will begin with the statement that for centuries, scientists have investigated the causes of depression to determine their origins and develop ways of mitigating them. Past and current literature shows that there are factors that are attributed to the individual and that are influential in the onset of depression.
Security Operations Management Practicum
In line with Guideline F regarding Financial Considerations, if a behaviour (financial debt) happens in a circumstance that is unlikely to recur and does not cast doubt on individual’s current reliability, good judgment or trustworthiness, such a condition could lead to mitigating a security concern (Herbig12).  
A Forecast of Ted Rallley's Company Auto Sales
The root means square error and the mean absolute percentage error will be the most method to be sued to compare and rank the forecast method. From the ranking of the forecast method, the study indicates that the regression with econometric variance is the most appropriate method of forecasting the sales of automobile parts
How Bluetooth Works
Named after the Danish King, HaraldBlatand which means Harold Bluetooth, Bluetooth is considered one of the greatest inventions after cell phones in the 21st century. The means of creation of this technology was to set an open standard, for the connectivity and collaboration entirely dissimilar products and industries
Fatigue Risk Management in Aviation Maintenance
A fatigue risk management system demands a systematic approach, involving company policies, incident reporting and analyzing customs, proactive risk evaluation and other features of a general safety management system. It requires cooperation between the employers and the employees since both of them can contribute valuably to solutions.
I am Sam by New Line Cinema
The scene goes as Rita saying I just don't know what to call you: retarded, mentally retarded, mentally handicapped, mentally disabled, intellectually handicapped, intellectually disabled, developmentally disabled...Sam: You can call me Sam. 
Emergency Plan Analysis
Any planning activity requires putting in place proper mechanisms. This mechanism involves the command and control structure that ensures smooth running of operations when the need arises. This is meant to ensure timely intervention in case a disaster strikes.  The plan has its own command and control structure and this is because of its nature
Weapons of Mass Destruction
The author states that we have learned a lot since Sep 11th and our team is always ready for any eventuality ranging from chemical, biological or even nuclear attack. We have reenacted and trained on all these possible scenarios and many more. There are several rescue and evacuation procedures put in place. For security reasons, this is classified.
Comparison of Similar Themes: Fahrenheit 451 V The Snows of Kilimanjaro
Ernest Hemmingway presents three major themes in his novel, The Snows of Kilimanjaro. The themes are conflict, regret, and death. The story is one of those from The Complete Short Stories. The author presents the story in the third person falling into six sections. Ray Bradbury, on the other hand, posits that themes are primary.
Incorporating Kohlbergs Stages of Moral Development into the Justice System
Using the three levels of moral development, individuals can be deterred from criminal activities using different ways. In the Preconventional morality level, an individual can be deterred from engaging in criminal activities by rewarding them for every good deed and punishing appropriately for the wrong deeds
Does Love and Friendship Exist in Spying and Detective Careers
Without the loyalty and support of Watson during their cases, they could never have solved them. In The Final Problem Sherlock fakes his death hid from Colonel Sebastian, unbeknownst to Watson. Holmes has all the hopes that Watson will corporate with him to compel him to publish an identity of his death, thus causing them to believe in his ending.  
Creative Life Writing
Assemble your information. As suggested by Cline and Angier, the information includes raw ideas where the plot of the piece of writing is born. Creative writing has two types of relevant information namely: specific and general information. General information embraces just about everything and assembling it is a tiresome and time-consuming exercise.
Good Strategy Bad Strategy
The work focuses on the major steps of coming up with proper strategies that involve figuring out the nature of the challenges that mostly face the business, designing the most appropriate policies that will accrue most benefits for the business and lastly come up with an action plan that will see to the implementation of the plan.
Company Financial Position
Different financial forecasts between the CFO and the corporate banker. The corporate banker raised red flags while the previous one did not. Despite the bank's financial position, the bank is still willing to work out a plan beneficial to all. Key financial concepts of the case include revolving loan, inventory turnover, and receivables.
Estimation of the Value of Gravitational Acceleration g Based on Measurements from a Simple Pendulum
Hundreds of years ago Galileo found that one could “slow down” the acceleration by not letting things fall straight down. Rather, he made them “fall” at an angle; in other words, he let them fall down an inclined plane. In this way, they didn’t cover as much distance in a given time interval and the change in speed was slower.
Gun Control: Local Government Implementation
Gun control has been an issue that has for long been debated in America with people emphasizing that it should be implemented in all states. Gun control has been assumed to lead to the rise of crime, both from sane and mentally unstable people in the population. Mentally challenged or emotionally unstable people should not be allowed to possess guns.
Perceptions of Female Student Pilots
This research tells that it is a known fact over time that males have dominated the aviation industry. As the number of female pilots has been rising over time, they still do not make up a significant percentage within the aviation industry. Despite government intervention on encouraging females to join the aviation industry, women make up only 6 percent of pilots that are licensed.
Is Political Intelligence a Powerful Form of a Leader
There are different managerial styles that managers use whenever managing a human resource in their organizations. With time, the management theory has evolved over time. While every managerial style has its own advantages, it has its own disadvantages which prompt managers to use a particular managerial style or not.
History and Contexts of Jeans
The reporter declares that he has worn jeans ever since he outgrew the soft cotton pants my parents clothed him in during his childhood. He had always admired his elder brothers and sister and thought how smart they were in their jeans, which for some reason were always blue or a shade of it; his main attraction to jeans has not changed since his pre-teen years.
Planning for Project Implementation
This study will begin with the statement that project implementation involves the actualization of plans made regarding an intended project. This stage involves the performance of the activities outlined in the earlier project stages. The ideas presented in the project planning stages become executed during the project implementation stage.
Darwin's Black Box The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution
The book is about the comparison of work of Darwin in which the author strives to show that all Darwin's theories are not right and need to be reconsidered and research. The conversation starts with a simple cell. Now, with the advancement in molecular and cellular biology in the last 40 years, cell functioning is very well understood, stated Behe.
The McDonald's Global Human Resource Strategy
McDonald's diversity and inclusion seminars are made possible by proficient employees with assistance from attached professors. For this company to take action to promote cultural diversity in the workforce, the result is a working environment that is inclusive and one, which is progressive, unlike those, which are not inclusive. 
Basic Change Strategies
Change management is the art of implementing change within a social environment. Any change process will involve to some extent some people, and this will require that the agents of change be well aware of the social dynamics of change. Involving the people who will be affected by the change will help in making sure that the change is successful.
Data Collection and Analysis
A qualitative research must, on the other hand, avoid the use of such data collection methods that would require cumbersome representation of numeric data. To this end, the use of survey questionnaire is proposed as the data collection method for the quantitative research
The Airbus Way
The paper has disclosed the main reason underlying behind the failure of the merger agreement between the European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) and British Aircraft Marconi Electronic (BAE) system. The national and organizational culture has been recognized to be significantly correlated with each other.
Venetian Altarpieces 1460-1505
The author of the paper states that Venice during the Renaissance was unique among the Italian Renaissance cities, such as Florence and Rome. This was because the city had a “special relationship to the sea.” And this special relationship to the sea was made manifest in all aspects of Venetian culture.
The Development and Growth in Sports and Physical Activities in Britain
Equality stresses the prohibition of any unlawful discrimination. Discrimination in its core meaning incorporates treating a person unfairly or in a certain way that limits individual opportunities without justification. British sports have witnessed considerable improvements in its policies and practices in the areas of equality and human rights.
Effects of Electronic Health Records on Health Care System Effectiveness and Efficiency
Abbreviated as E.H.R, this is a record in the digital format that enhances the capability to be shared across different healthcare settings. In most enhanced cases, this sharing can occur by means of network connection information systems and in several other cases, through other independent information exchanges and networks.
Personal Trainer's Talents
Personal trainers have an advantage of making own time and structure. They also have the mandate to set the pay as per client in regard to time and not as set by the industry standard. Another advantage is that they not only help others to keep fit but they also keep fit and maintain healthy lifestyles as they are constantly training others.
Care and Feeding of Exotic Pets
The author states that the moral and ethical concerns that such an action portend are far greater than the need to accessorize one’s life with animals that were never intended to be kept as pets. Yet, for purposes of this brief analysis, the author will not focus on the causal factors that motivate people to acquire such pets.
Importance of Classifying Period Cost and Product Cost
The actions of Mr Smith to postpone expenditures to the new year such as cancelling or postponing supplier orders, delaying maintenance already planned, and cutting down on the travels and adverts of the end year is ethical enough since it was in the best interest of the company to report an increase in the end year earnings.
Macondo Blow Out
The rig itself was completed by Hyundai Heavy Machinery in 2001 and delivered to the first contract holders soon thereafter.  Although the rig itself was extraordinarily expensive and represented some of the most cutting-edge drilling technology of that time, it nonetheless experienced one of the worst oil disasters in history. 
The Breakfast Club Initiative by Kelloggs
To raise awareness about the different issues involved, the company has employed a wide range of communication channels to communicate with both internal and external stakeholders. The objective of the breakfast club campaign is to persuade the parents to teach their children that Kellogg’s is a must in their breakfast meal.           
Economical and Biological Importance of Rice
The author states that one of the characteristics of rice is that it has often been used to define the cultural aspects of some people. The Middle East and the Arab world have used rice as a staple meal besides attaching some cultural and ceremonial qualities to the substance. Rice is one of the foods that unite various communities.
Day Lighting Study
This research will begin with the statement that the best way to introduce light into the interior is by designing the fenestration in such a way that helps avoid the in-pour of the direct sun into the eyes of the occupants or over the task surfaces. This is achieved by using the devices of suitable glare remediation. Such devices include but are not limited to shades and blinds.
Effective Learning and Understanding of Each Learners Preferred Learning Style
As a visual learner, I prefer using charts and visual diagrams in order to understand the relationships between the concepts. Barbara Carper offers four fundamentals ways of knowing which are applicable in the nursing profession. Moreover, the first pattern of knowing is empirical which includes the nursing science. 
State-Supported Terrorism
The author explains that in the Exports Administration act of 1979 where the US had found and held some states responsible for these supports, which include Cuba, Syria, and Sudan. These are the nations that pose a threat to the US National Security, although Saudi Arabia and Pakistan also come under the same list of “passive sponsorships”.
Wildlife Tourism and Environmental Impacts
Wildlife tourism has a significant effect on wildlife and by association, on the environment itself.  Inasmuch as it helps efforts towards conservation of wildlife and related habitats, the activities related to wildlife tourism can bring about negative results, including changes in their normal behavioural patterns.
The Andragogy
Unlike children, adults have inevitably built up a wealth of personal experience which can be utilized in a way which can help to learn, such as relating new information to previous experience, recalling a previous experience, and/or using familiar examples to apply to learn to unfamiliar concepts.
Faith Based Prisons
Faith-based prisons are the prison cells that comprise all denominations. Most of the programs in the faith-based prisons useless disciplinary action and lower recidivism. It is not a new phenomenon to see the life of the worst and the most dangerous criminal being transformed into a law-abiding and God-fearing person.
The Power of Internal Marketing
The author states that internal marketing, which is the focus of this paper, refers to the philosophy or approach where every member of the organization is onboard regarding the marketing strategies and activities and every member of the organization engage in the process of choosing, creating, delivering and communicating customer value.
Social and Psychological Impacts of Hearing Impairment and the Role of Audiologist
Luey, Glass and Elliott (1995, p. 181) note that within learning institutions, there is significant stigma that is attached to auditory impairment especially among the youth. Pray and Jordan (2010, p. 168) explain that psychological evaluation of people with hearing impairment often demonstrates issues of low self-esteem and self-worth.
In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks by Adam Carolla
The mode of presenting his thoughts according to the chapter proves what he confesses that he had never read a book, thus his work resembling biblical format. Additionally, what is so humorous are his conclusions, which comprise the individual sentiments regarding diverse issues especially homosexually
The Theme of Family in the Novel Beneath Lion's Gaze, the Explanation How the Title Informs the Book How to Breathe Underwater and the Theme Between Cultures in Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
"How to Breathe Under the Water” is a very strong title since it is almost impossible to breathe under the water unless one is specially equipped to do so. So it may refer to “how to survive in conditions that are not fit for survival”. As one is reading the book it dawns that the title indeed is related to this interpretation
How Lack of Education Affects Children in India
In terms of effects that lack of education has over children in India, the research project will be concerned with other indicators such as the number of children under child poverty line, the percentage of those who are unable to perform functions that those who are educated can do and lastly those suffering from effects of child labor 
Status and Populations of Feral Horses in the U.S./Mustangs/BLM
Vegetation thrives in the areas where horses inhabit. Horses have been helpful to many other species as they can open up ponds and frozen springs through their hooves. That makes it easier for smaller animals to drink. Environmentalists have found that in Nevada the herds have little impact on the ecosystem 
American Health System
Although a single public payer system would make healthcare provision much better, it cannot solve all our problems. The American population needs to decide on how much latest technology we really need. This is because medicine will always have a bias towards whatever will bring more medical benefit even if it is not cost effective 
Abu-Dhabi City Using GIS Techniques
The main purpose of this paper is to focus on how the GIS technology can help in crime analysis and thereby fighting crime in Abu Dhabi by the police. The analysis involves the use of satellite images and other valuable data from independent and UAE based sources to perform hotspot analysis to identify trouble spots.
Influence of Employee Voice on Pay Determination
Hayter (2009) adds quite another dimension to the growing concern over the relationship between globalization and rise in earnings inequality of recent times by linking it to the rapid weakening of institutions which enabled collective bargaining till a few decades ago but which could not withstand the onslaught of globalization.
Homosexuality - Nature versus Nurture
Homosexual people find it extremely difficult to have their voices heard in society by others; most of them are taunted, not accepted into society, and are subject to a vast amount of trauma and pain trying to fit in with other people that are born straight. Most people believe that homosexual people are made so during the course of their lifetime.  
Surface Analysis
As the study highlights, in this process, the surface of the sample is subjected to a steady stream of focussed primary ions. These ions on collision dislodge atoms from the surface creating secondary ions. Using a combination of electrostatic and magnetic fields which distinguishes the ions on the mass to charge ratio, these secondary ions are drawn into a mass spectrometer. 
Market Research in a Recession
Market research in today’s world is indispensable and hence CMOs need to figure out ways to minimize the impact of reduced spending. The author lists down 7 steps on which if acted upon will help CMOs to take better decisions. Broadly they speak about staying focused on research criteria, to join up with existing market research partners.
The Growth of World Exports
The author states that China is fast approaching the value of the United States in terms of exports and is an important destination for imports. India and the Asian countries have also shown export growth in these years. India’s export growth is fast growing that is already similar to China.
A Change Management Issue
Today, managers have a variety of opportunities and strategies to improve the state of diversity in their organizations. Intellectual capital, changes in the working systems and communications patterns, as well as diversity messages, visions, and missions, have the potential to cause a positive shift in the organization’s mentality and culture.
Global Retail Business - the Keys to Success
The organization of the study will be divided into four chapters: the introduction, a literature review, a methodology, an examination of the data and the findings, and then a conclusion. The conclusion of the study will provide a framework from which the findings have suggested evidence of success in other businesses.
Types, Purpose and Historical Background of Bridges
The object of analysis for the purpose of this assignment is the bridge as the structure that is built for the purpose of spinning any physical obstacle or space like water, valley or road. The bridges are basically built to provide passage over these obstacles. These are different types of bridges that are built to perform varying functions.
Fundamental Reasons For Lobbyist Reform
Health Care Reform legislation has also met with a concerted industry drive to block reform and create new rules favorable to the industry. While this is normal and expected for businesses to protect their interests politically, the balance may have shifted in Congress through those companies’ use of soft money and contributions.
Conflicts among Youth in the Educational Surrounding
A student’s ability to receive education the by the environment in which the knowledge is conveyed. In an environment susceptible to conflicts, a student’s tendency to open himself/herself to the teacher is lessened considerably because the attention is divided between teacher and offenders in the class.
The Social Injustice Shell Gas is Putting on the Nigerian Delta
The normal day is of Nigerian employees is filled with people feeding on the resources of the sea. The people have grown accustomed to the Shell pipelines extracting natural gas from the depths of the Nigerian Delta. Some Nigerians are hired by the Shell Company to help in the extraction of the earth’s hidden treasures. 
How Are Women Influenced by Contemporary Islamic Movements Today
The omen in the Muslim countries failed to have any say in the religious, political, social and legal issues of the country. The women class in the Muslim society is taken as symbols of Islamic religion as they are bound to cover up their bodies with the black veil. The conditions are rapidly changing as the women have started participating.
Analysis of Articles about Leadership Values and Ethics
A timid leader would not be able to effectively communicate his or her messages and therefore, fail to influence the target group for adapting to changes. Inculcating the qualities that promote effective communication and dynamic personality that could significantly impact the follower’s behavior are important criteria for effective leadership 
A History of the Catholic Church on the Death Penalty
Whatever will be the outcome of the current debate, one thing is ensured that the Church has shown its own separate and independent place by shaping up an entirely changed definition of the death penalty. This is no doubt in the sharp contrast with the state’s law but the Church is able to make a firm stand on this
The Benefits of Strategic Information Systems
The author states that the primary goal of every business organization is to minimize their costs and maximize their profits, there are numerous ways in which information systems can help companies in achieving this objective, however, this objective can only be achieved once information systems are fully integrated into the company.
Strategy of Dr. McGraw
The author clearly distinguishes between sensation and perception relying on relevant examples and reasons, and at the same time evaluates the correlation between these two factors. In order to prove the perceptional variance between individuals, he points out the different attitude or approach men and women take on common life situations. 
Client Centered Therapy
He developed a philosophy and a practice called, ‘focusing’ dwelling on clients to focus around their felt senses. Taking feedback from client-centric therapy, psychotherapists like Les Greenberg and Robert Elliott developed a ‘process-experiential' approach to psychotherapy (also known as ‘emotion-focused' therapy (EFT).
Domestic Abuse: A Major Healthcare Concern
This paper tells that commonly the predicament of abused women has mostly been taken for granted by most healthcare providers, usually as a result of a lack of knowledge of either the issue or the possible solutions. In the 1990s, though, in conjunction with other public service, healthcare providers have gradually understood that domestic abuse is a major, if not pressing, public problem.
A Review about the Book - Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas Friedman
 Freedland gives an honest appraisal of the book and Friedman’s evident passion for the issues of climate change and fossil fuel depletion.  The review has enough catchphrases and bylines used by Friedman to drive home his points about the urgency of the issues. The reviewer puts the matter into perspective by mentioning.
Concepts of Madness in Literature
The conclusion from this study states that the concept of madness as depicted in different stories holds a universal theme that can be applied over time.  The psychological development of madness is one that is based on an internalization of the concept of going mad by those that are in a specific situation.
African Gold, Inc.: Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace
The author explains that when African Gold, Inc. decided “to stop paying transport, coffin, and funeral costs for employees who die from non-mining-related causes primarily, HIV/AIDS” it made a grievous error. The decision was a mistake for many reasons beyond just ethics. It was also an error economically and in terms of Human Resource management.
Careers in Archaeology
This labor market for archaeologists has by government regulations on construction that may involve the destruction of culturally important lands. Archaeologists, either publically or privately, are required to excavate and preserve the cultural significance of these sites before construction and private use continues forward  
The Type and Methods of English Taught in Schools of The Republic of Yemen
Even before being admitted to the nursery school, the child has developed the ability to converse in its mother tongue. The parents of the child, brothers or sisters haven’t taught the child lessons in grammar specifically.
Human Trafficking in the United States
In spite of this trend of human trafficking across borders going on for more than two decades, the government has done nothing substantial to curb it.  Probably this is in recognition of the fact that without cheap labor provided by millions of such immigrants, it is difficult to sustain an economy as big as that of the United States.
Medical Problems as a Result of Chronic Cocaine Abuse and Alcoholism
Carissa Smith, a 50 – year old female, was admitted at the Emergency Department (ED) because of chest pain and shortness of breathing. Four days prior to consultation, Carissa reported that she failed to refill and take her medications because she ran out of money until she got her disability check on a Friday, 21st of September. 
How Schools and Services Support and Protect Children and Families
The social evils and horrors of drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, and violence threat a normal healthy upbringing of children all over the world. The lure of substance abuse, an increase in the breakdown of family structure, single parenthood, and growing poverty and violence rate expose the children to countless risks and threats.
HRM-Behavior and Management in Organisations
As seen from the above discussion, the leaders play a major role in the over organizational behavior and the overall effectiveness of the organizations. The ability to understand the needs of each individual and to work towards providing all employees with the right treatment to be motivated is the main job and role of the leader. 
Disadvantages of the Present Jury System
To reduce the cost that is incurred during the trial process, there is a need to reduce the number of appeals to one. Lastly, to avoid prejudice from jurors, there is a need to consider gender during their recruitment, and avoid selection of jurors on a racial basis. Improving the present jury system eliminates the negative aspects of the system  
Core Negative Beliefs and the Progress of a Person Towards a Target
Some of the core negative beliefs are; not good enough (incompetent), not good enough, unwanted, different, defective, imperfect, bad, powerless, one-below, in danger, not safe don’t know, wrong etc. These negative feelings always develop negative attitudes. Self-confidence would be destroyed if one person develops such negative feelings.
Anti-Semitism in Western Europe
Kaplan and Small (2005) are of the view that there is a co-relation between anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments. Anti-semitic views increase with the increase in the degree of anti-Israel sentiments. Anti Semitism covers anti-Israel and anti-Zionist sentiments and it is difficult to separate them from a religious basis of anti-semitism.  
Four Page Book Report on On Becoming A Leader by Warren Bennis
 Moreover, Hurd and Nyberg (2004) highlight the point that Kellner has been instrumental in acknowledging that need to address internal employee management and participation as instrumental to business success. Furthermore, Kellner’s purpose in implementing a learning organization model was part of his vision to continuously improve the airline.
Happy Family Life
This paper tells that many claims that there is a set of behavior for each family member that makes a family happy. Others would claim that there are no particular rules to follow in living a happy family life and one would have to just go about in their own lives figuring out what really makes their own family a happy one.
Motivation and Gender Differences in Gym Activity
The researcher has adopted a quantitative research in which survey results are based on the questionnaire prepared to understand the involvement of male and female in the gym. With the help of the survey results, the researcher has formed diagrams that make an easier overview of the gender differences and motivation.
Active Directory - a Contemporary Network Management Techniques
Active Directory employing a similar database, for the exercise of main MS Windows settings, Active Directory as well permits network administrators to allocate deploy software, policies, as well as implement important updates to an association. AD supplies data and information as well as settings in a fundamental database.
Client-Server Communications Technology
With the emergence of technology we need more data communication and data transfer to survive in the fast technology age. For this purpose we need a network that can deliver better, fast and secure data transfer. The main aim of this research is to analyze the connection and connectionless client-server structure and communication protocols.
Arab Politics -The Baath Party
Nobody can even imagine the entry of a communist or any other liberal parties in Arab countries. Most of the Arab countries were previously ruled by Muslim emperors or kings and democracy is a distant dream in many Arab countries, though some kind of parliament elections may hold in some of the Arab countries in their own manner.
Savage Inequalities and Their Impact on the Life Chances of Children
The author states that tracking and labeling are the two forms of social inequality by which these students are made to fulfill the stereotyped bias that is thrust upon them. Tracking in schools very often is related to social inequality. Tracking refers to the practice of assigning students to specific curriculum groups and courses.
The Basis of a Form of Contractual and Uncontractual Labour: Traditional Slavery
The history of slavery in Europe stretches from ancient Rome to Nazi labour camps. In the contemporary world, it manifests in human trafficking or white slavery as it still sometimes called. Still, Europe has generally been viewed as a protector of liberty and a provider of welfare despite its previous history of slavery.
Nurse Facilitated Hospital Discharge Planning in an Elderly Unit
Studies reveal that there are relationships between the nurses’ knowledge, their perception, and their actual practice of discharge planning. The factors that discourage nurses from participating in discharge planning are concerns about the time required, the failure to recognize the discharge planning needs of all patients or role confusion. 
Success of Creation of Horror Movie
This film is going to employ as many Hitchcock style elements of horror as possible.  The driving force behind the film is that which is not seen, is the most terrifying for the audience.  This makes it different from most other horror films that show a scary monster, or vampire.  This film’s “scary” element is whatever image the sounds of the creature create in the mind of the viewer. 
Evolution of the Brain
This essay discusses that environmental science originally focused on the origin of the planet but has now shifted to studying the changes in the environment caused by human activities, and its immediate and long-term consequences on people and other living organisms. The difference of environmental science and ‘environmentalism’ must be noted.
The South as Depicted in the Short Stories Barn Burning and The Life You Save
This theme for O'Connor also moves into the aspects of the storm when Shiftlet makes a plea to God to "break forth and wash the slime from this earth!" and according to Deignan, Shiftlet "eludes nature and God's grace" because he has done these horrible things (left the girl and chosen the car over sensibility) because of his greed for the car 
The Unemployment and Poverty
Unemployment can lower the quality of life of many people. Several studies have confirmed that the incidence of many diseases increases during times of high unemployment. Everything from mental illness, to suicide, cancer, heart attack, stroke, and even the common cold occur more often when unemployment is high 
How has Japanese Cinema been Informed by Nuclear Disaster
It is the sense of tradition that is almost immediately conveyed to the viewer when seeing a Japanese film for the first time.  From the most modest tradition of removing one’s shoes before entering any home to the art of Japanese writing, painting and drawing, architecture, pottery, religion, and customs.
Critical Appraisal Of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Articles
The articles mentioned in the essay identify the potential limitations that may be inherent in qualitative and quantitative research methods. The essay presents ways and means to enhance the reliability and applicability of data gathered from a limited sample to a wider population.
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