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Management and Motivation Plan
The author states that the purpose of the plan is to ensure the development of character, ethics, and manner. The plan for this elementary school will be framed after taking into account six important qualities that are very essential for the development of a child. These qualities are integrality, courage, responsibility, respect, justice, and empathy.
Day of Doom by Michael Wigglesworth
In his poem Day of Doom, Michael Wigglesworth, a Puritan church minister in New England describes the judgment day. Through the narration of the second coming of Christ and conversations between Him and different groups of sinners, Wigglesworth attempts to awaken his readers’ resolve to live in accordance with the biblical teachings.
Books of the Bible
It is evidently clear from the discussion that Leviticus can be viewed as a handbook for priests and Levites because it contains duties and precepts as well as other important aspects of Godliness, such as atonement and holiness.  It is important to note that many principles found in the New Testament are mentioned in Leviticus.
Free Speech on College Campuses
As illustrated in the paper, speech codes are not a solution but rather a mask of an underlying problem. The goal of the community is to find the reason for this problem and this can only be done if people are allowed to freely express themselves. Therefore, one can conclude that speech in college should be unrestricted.
Death and the Way That People Perceive It
Most people are familiar with death since they have dealt with it at some particular time in their lives.  People’s view of death depends on several factors; the cause of death, gender and life orientation and acquaintance to the deceased. When dealing with death, feelings differ from person to person according to the circumstances of death.
Wealth Distribution as a Major Determining Factor for the Economic Growth in Regions of the World
The quest for wealth equality is at the peak of the need for the attainment of uniform economic growth and the reduction of poverty levels around the world. The term economic or wealth equality espouses among other things equal distribution of assets and income levels amongst individuals or groups of people.
Learning Theories and Instructional Design
It is quite evident that instructional theories play a vital role in the design of various instructional materials. In addition, theories such as social learning, cognitive constructivism, and behaviorism assist in shaping up and defining the outcome of various instructional materials.
Ways Growth of Equine Assisted Therapies
The journal inspects the use of the equine-facilitated psychotherapy. The text states that the method is a complement of therapeutic interventions whose support is empirical. The instance also involves the use of horses that have undergone training in order to act as assists in the program.
Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States
Human rights watch takes the initiative to protect the rights of gay people’s rights. Regardless of this effort, there has been a lot of criticism towards this. For many years, marriage has been associated with the enjoyment of its rights for both a man and a woman. In both sexes, marriage is expected to take the dimension of the opposite sex. 
Taylor Swift Music
With the increase in demand for entertainment, the people or audiences are discovering ways or means for satisfying the need and wants of the fans. The reaction video is considered as an important means of satisfying the demand of its audiences or fans. It is a speech event and a social action that has a definite communicative goal and is shared by the members of that specific discourse community.
Special Guardianship Orders Children Care Planning
Many individuals today marvel at different physical characteristics they posses. But, for a second have you ever paused and wondered why it is that you are tall or have blue eyes? The answer to this always lies in the appearance of the parents because when you closely examine your various characteristics like eye color.
Programming Team Methodologies
This research tells that the decisions on which approach is important in most cases depend on the type of programming teams that the business firms use. Programming is an important area of any organization that is determined to become successful in its operations. It helps the organization or business firms to be able to plan and avoid missing out some important things.
Shanghai Metro Subway Transport System
Consequently, the government alone does not fund the project; local banks have also contributed about 60% towards this project through loans and bonds. From my experience, the use of subway transport is enjoyable and convenient. This is because no time is wasted because there is a smooth flow of traffic.  
Cosmetic Surgical Procedures on Patients Eighteen Years Old and Below
In the past years, the numbers of people seeking plastic surgery have skyrocketed. This practice has evoked increasingly uncritical acceptance. Plastic surgery is subdivided into reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery aims at restoring function and form of a defect in the body; therefore it is a positive moral good that curbs or reduces the effects of the shortcoming.
Social and Political Order
All the relations between individuals, social groups, and political powers are subject to a certain kind of world order, to the set of norms and regulations that maintain stability and keep the global international system from collapsing. As humans are not only individual beings but also social ones, they cannot rely only on their own experiences.
How Smartphones Have Affected Our Consumption and Identities
The author states that smartphones have fairly impacted our identities. Social media penetration in the everyday life of people has greatly enhanced on account of huge smartphone consumption. It allows people to interact while they are on the go. Not only in the field of social media, have smartphones greatly impacted the educational field as well.
Businesses Going Green
One thing that is for sure: Companies all over the world must look beyond their costs of doing business and profits. Rather, they should start looking at the consequences of not doing so: their businesses will be affected. Profits will be low. Another worthwhile aspect to note is the fact the Corporate Responsibility is important to every company
Solitary Confinement and Mental Illness in U.S. Prisons
Prisons serve several purposes as part of criminal justice. They use prisons to confine people awaiting trial or people found guilty of their crimes and are serving their sentence. Inmates or prisoners, people found in prison, lack several civil privileges as a form of punishment. Prison run as a centre for punishment.
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
The memo also develops an interview protocol which assessed the parties to be interviewed and the questions that have to be asked from the parties; accuser, accused and witness. The last part of the memo discusses the summary of the case and assesses it by raising additional questions and advice about how the organization should proceed.
The Work Placement in Wassel Investment Company
Being one of the largest stakeholders in the industry, Wassel Investment Company undertakes a lot of marketing initiatives. I was placed as the marketing assistant in the company. For a company which works in such a wide range of projects and has a large scope of growth, the department of marketing plays a very important role.
Theory of Psychological Contract - Critical Analysis and Usefulness in an Organizational Context
The paper subsequently addresses the main conceptual and theoretical issues surrounding the theory of psychological contract that has largely been left unresolved in the literature. Finally, the paper comments of the validity, reliability, and predictability of the theory of psychological contract that may contribute to an understanding of organizational success and failures.   
Ohios Department Mismanagement
It is evidently clear that the governor seeks for a new leader that will address strategically these problems. He read and heard about my professional and administrative skills in correction management as evidenced by my past employment as a correctional officer, Captain, Warden, and director of the department of correction in another state. 
The Roots of the Bush Doctrine
This paper evaluates the two opposite opinions regarding the US response to September eleven and the war on terror. Fundamentally, the war on terror signals a radical break from US foreign policy past in the sense that it articulates a departure from the conventional ideas of American foreign policy.
Ideologies and Writing the U.S Constitution
The author states that the issue of limited government was not novel at the time the Constitution was being developed. Most of the founding fathers, the framers, considered precedence in the early Roman republic of using checks and balances to ensure tyranny does not occur. There has been the extensive debate.
Building High-Performance People and Organizations
In practice, it has been proved that such initiatives can be quite challenging, either because of failures in their design or because of the inability of those involved to respond to the demands of their role. The current paper focuses on the strategies available to managers for promoting employee performance and engagement.  
The Impact Of Facebook On Student Academic Performance
One of the studies indicated that most of the students had joined facebook due to its association with the education of university level. It also found out that the main purpose of using Facebook by students was to keep in sync with the social life of school/college and was found to be a regular part of daily routine for the majority of the students.
The Effect of the Tea Party Formed in 2009 on Elections in 2012 in the US
Gervais & Taylor (2011) go on to explain how cues work in partisan voting. Cues serve the purpose of giving unstated information about the candidate to voters who might not know the positions that these candidates might take. The Republican label on a candidate might cue the voter to that person's stance on abortion rights.
Violence in America and Its Effects on Personal and Community Health
In accordance with Edlin et al. (2000), violence can be developed for many reasons. Either as a means for getting revenge, for protecting one’s life or for prohibiting the occurrence of a particular event. It can be also developed with no particular reason, as a result of a person’s psychological disorder (Edlin et al. 2000).
Integration of Theatre Arts into Primary Education
As the paper highlights, integration of arts improves the cognitive skills of young children. It relates to curricular movements in schools. There is a lot of documentation to support the integration of theatre arts into primary education. This research discusses many of those evidential reports in support of integration. 
Policies and Procedures of The School Board of Lee County
The policies of the issues are implemented as well as monitored in a systematic manner. The policy is implemented by the higher authority of the schools due to the development of certain issues in schools. The policies are implemented after examining the accuracy problems that have taken place and the specific policies that may reduce such issues.
Middle Managers' Contribution To The Growth Of The Organization
The top management of an organization considers two variables in constructing the organizational framework. These are the company’s strategic positioning in all regions of operations and company history coupled with its administrative heritage. All the subsidiaries’ operations need to be harnessed to match those of the major organization.
Benjamin Franklin - a Multitalented Personality
Ben Franklin’s life shows that only those people who dare to risk securities of home, have a strong desire to learn continuously and have a great sense of humor, can lead a happy, content and meaningful life. Hence, for anyone who desires to lead a meaningful and joyful life, and desires to live every moment of life to the fullest.
Successful Take-Off of the New Business
This paper tells that there are industry and market analysis which highlights the volume of the footwear industry in the USA. The competitive analysis of this kind of business is described as well as the marketing strategy. Other significant factors that are outlined in this business plan include operational issues and human resource requirement as they will affect the proposed new company.
The Special Educational Requirements of the Pupils With Autism in Saudi Arabia
This paper aims to explore the various educational interventions that are available to a child with autism, and will study to show that the model of education is the best possible method for effectively imparting education to autistic children within a general classroom setting. Saudi society tends to have a negative view of such children.
Saving Money In Today's Economy And Consumerist Society
Mandatory spending or expenses are those like health insurance for personal budgeting or rent for business budgeting. Mandatory spending is those expenses without that a business cannot afford. In doing business, there are a number of expenses that it has necessarily to meet like salary or wages when there are employees.
Ali and the Evolution of Shia Islam
The latter is fairly regarded as the distinctive feature of Shi’a Islam. Ali’s personality played the dominant role in the division of the Islamic community and the rapid expansion of Shi’a Islam. The belief in Ali’s chosen by the Prophet Muhammad to be his successor is the foundation of Shi’a religion 
The Future of Management Accounting
The author states that the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants defines management accounting (MA) as a highly internalized assessment of financially-related data so as to evaluate, plan and control activities within the organization for better use of resources and to measure success in achieving internal business goals.
Global Strategy of Business Education in the UK
There are various institutes in many countries like USA, UK, Australia, China, and Spain which were ranked top among all business schools in the world. As such, London Business School was ranked first, University of Pennsylvania: Wharton of USA second, IE Business School of Spain as fifth (The Financial Times Ltd., 2010).  
Participate Management, Employee Motivation and Job Design
Participation has been accepted as a central principle in the strategic decision-making in recent years all over the world including the UK. This has been mainly due to the widespread failure of many projects and programmes based on conventional approaches without considering the opinions of people and local specificities. 
Money Laundering
The author states that China has been a fertile ground for money laundering and the primary cause of the high levels of activity lie in the corruption and degeneration of political and financial officials. According to inside sources in mainland China, the figures for the money laundered per year could be as high as 22.5 billion U.S. dollars.
Plant Candidates for Production of Edible Vaccines
The author states that one of the best and appropriate approaches to human health is the prevention of diseases. The use of vaccines activates as well as prepares the human body for protection through various methods so as to boost the system and be capable of fighting and avoiding pathogens that appear as a result of natural infection.
Strategic Advice to the CEO of CNN
CNN (Cable News Network) is one of the most popular news channels of the world, with its origins lying in the United States of America. It was initiated in 1980 by Ted Turner, thus its parent company is Time Warner. It was the first news channel to broadcast news 24 hours a day, right after its launch.   
Career Objectives With the Current Supervisor for Achieving Support
The interaction between me and my colleagues was amicable since we have known each other for quite some time having worked under the same company for several years, and also professional, in the sense that despite being acquaintances/friends, we took our responsibilities in the project seriously and held each other accountable.
Contemporary Marketing Mix for New Fords Model
While defining the term ‘marketing mix’ Philip Kotler and Joanne Scheff said “marketing mix is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market.” These tools were further classified by McCarthy. He formulated the concept of four Ps which are product, place, price, and promotion. 
Business and IT Alignment
This research paper will also examine specific strategies that must be implemented, including accommodation of all employees and risk management. An analysis of the different solutions and problems will then be produced, and, lastly, discussion of what needs to be done and a summary.
Online Banking in the USA
The author states that the problem online banking systems have is service interruption or breakdowns. This is nothing more than a major inconvenience to the user and could cause the user to lose the opportunity. The user wants to do their transactions as quickly and easily as possible, but breakdowns prevent them from doing that.
International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management
The author states that this journal is not affiliated with any specific retail or distribution organization as such, which allows for objectivity in publications, whilst targeting readers and users of this journal on a more "realistic" (real life) scenario without focussing solely on theory but rather incorporating practicality therein.
Use of Drama and Interactive Teaching Strategies
Reportedly, there are some historical issues that have been discussed in this analytical report, along with some important writers who emphasized on the use of Drama and other interactive strategies and worked very hard to introduce better standards of education in schools, colleges, and universities.
Cyber Attacks against American Infrastructure
The author states that information security facilitates the speed of data for the fast process. However, the more the systems depend on technology, the more they are vulnerable to cyber attacks. The government admits that the US cyber-infrastructure is vulnerable to attacks. The truth is it is struggling to keep pace with the growing number of attacks.
Role Of A Teacher In Learning And Human Socialisation
Thomas Kuhn (1962) and especially Toulmin (1972), lucidly point out that concepts, not methods of inquiry, are at the core of rational human thought, including the rational basis of science and mathematics. Facts, in turn, are only records of events, and events are anything that happens or can be made to happen.
Shaping My Future
The demographic and statistical research will be compiled for each area and the properties will be outfitted with the desirable traits, such as internet, cable, and exercise equipment. The units will receive an updated décor and outfitted with the newest in safety features, including gated entry, security cameras, on-site technical assistance, and alarm systems
On the Recessions Effects: No Buzz in Shopping Malls
Recession leads to major changes in society. It brings tremendous movement in the structure of companies, in the management strategies implemented by the companies and behaviors of the people toward spending. The sudden rise in unemployment, issues salaries and other employment benefits coupled with the decline of interest affects consumer behavior
Economic Globalization: Myth or Reality
The author states that individual analysis of each country will not be carried out as it would be irrelevant in proving my opinion of whether world economic globalization is hindered or encouraged. Sources used in this paper include articles, IMF surveys, and World Bank reports, and books regarding economic globalization.
The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money
The result of this study reinforces two major findings of Friedman and his successors: the effect of any systematic monetary policy changes on the inflation rate. The postulated lagged relationship between the money supply and the inflation rate is a more prominent component of the inflation persistence than the inflation inertia itself.
A Little Princess
According to the study, by examining the stories written during a time period such as the Victorian era, one can begin to learn more about the specific social and political issues that were experienced by the ‘normal’ people and discover how they were expected to behave.  This is particularly true of works produced between roughly 1850 and 1910.
Subsidies in the EU and the WTO
 The author states that WTO is the ultimate outcome of a series of negotiation rounds that were held among member countries since 1947 under the banner of GATT. WTO’s universality encompasses almost every country in the world today and was created in January 1995 through the Marrakesh Treaty, thus replacing GATT.
Federal Aviation Regulations
The need for standardized safety regulations became necessary in the early 1920s in response to increased commercial air travel. The response to the concern over safety issues leads to the creation of the Federal Aviation Administration. This organization is responsible for analyzing safety concerns based on data such accident reports.
Views of Adam Smith Concerning Economics
The paper throws light on Adam Smith, widely renowned as the father of modern economics and a philosopher of morality. Since his era, economics has been viewed to be more of a science. However, in the theory of economics, critical ethical issues are always evident. The major question, though, has often been whether the entire society’s interest would be realized in the pursuit of personal greed.
Conviction and Fine for Allowing the Secret Patient's Data
Sam is a 60-year-old stout gentleman who smokes and has a heart condition. Sam had previously been prescribed statins to control his blood cholesterol level. Sam informed his GP, Dr. Smith, that he was concerned about his blood pressure. Dr. Smith tested Sam’s blood pressure and verified that Sam was indeed showing signs of severe hypertension.
The Marketing Strategies and the Objectives Providing a Better Acceptance in the Markets
the senior management can provide information which will allow for clarity in what needs to be focused on by the marketing team while introducing the product in the market. Also with a detailed understanding of what the management’s objectives are, profitability, the marketing team and can provide clear indicators for the screening criteria.
Company Law as Corporate Control
It could be seen in terms of the fact that every corporation needs a legal regime to control and monitor its affairs and infuse focus and direction to a corporate’s tryst with goals and objectives. For this, it may be necessary over time to shed contemporary beliefs and attitudes and seek to harbor new corporate ideals.
Critical Look on the Three Categories of Infant Temperament
According to the report, the authors made a disclaimer stating that the categories they will present are only guidelines and that “not every baby will fit neatly into one category or another” to prevent the article from causing further worry for parents who cannot precisely place their babies into a certain category.
Marketing Plan for Relationship Marketing for McDonalds
As the discussion outlines, UK’s Advertising Standards Authority blamed McDonald's for breaching the codes and not stating the correct way they make their fries in advertisements. The latest legal issues McDonald's is facing is regarding the obesity issues that have been caused by their products in the US and UK markets. 
Training Programs and Organizational Needs
According to the report, all training and development programs must start with a needs assessment and it is of course started by identifying a specific need of an organization (Miller and Osinski 1), which may be needed for legal training, safety procedures training, cultural and diversity training or communication skills, etc.
Market Imperfection Theory, New Institutional Economy Theory, Solow Type Growth Theory, and Internalization Theory
The New Institutional Economy theory provides an assessment of the implications of the institutions on the overall behavior in the region. The Solow Type Growth Theory is assessed and this provides three factors that affect foreign direct investment including technological advancement, capital accumulation in the economy, and the labor force.
The Performance of the Ford Motor - Delivering Value to the Shareholders
Ford Motors has been a symbol of business success in the US. Majority of the shareholders would like to hold Ford in their portfolios long term and were attracted to the high-yield dividend given by the company. However, recently, there has been news of trade tariffs raising concern on the performance of the car manufacturers including Ford.
Ethics and the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal
Volkswagen Groups’s recent scandal- based on the US’ Environmental Protection Agency’s allegations and the company’s own grudging admissions- with regard to the use of defeat devices in a variety of car models led to the resignation of the Group’s CEO, Martin Winterkorn, and public outcry as to the daring and intentional deception that was perpetrated the company’s ranks.
Samsung Galaxy S8 - More than Perfection
The company gives a range of devices that satisfy the market’s demand regardless of an individual’s financial status. Samsung has been active in the production of smartphones. Periodically, the franchise improves its products to suit the dynamic customers' needs. Ever dreamt of a phone that possesses outstanding features? 
Management and Executive Leadership in Criminal Justice
The discussion has been successful in demonstrating that the styles, qualities, competencies, and attributes of leadership are fundamentally important in leading change efforts in criminal justice agencies. A major learning point is that agencies within the criminal justice need transformative leaders to meet their mandate of driving change.
Starbucks Corporation's Strategy - External and Societal Environment, SWOT Analysis, and Porter's Five Forces
In the past few decades, Starbucks Corporation has arguably been the most successful coffee shop. The company attracts customers yet the prices are higher compared to Starbucks competitors. Starbucks has also laid down expansion strategies. It serves customers all over the globe since their stores are located in various parts of the world.
IT Industry and Business Sector Analysis
The IT industry has been around for about three decades, prior to this very few individuals accessed as much technology as most people do today. While the industry is expanding and becoming more prominent various challenges have come into play while there are still many opportunities the industry is experiencing a lot of growth and therefore some of its practices are still undefined.
The Impact of Refugees as the Cause of Host State Refugee Conflict
Refugees are seen as a problem to the international charitable organizations and people ignore different political, economic, and social problems that refugee carries to the host country. The presence of refugee in a country starts up or accelerates the existing internal conflicts in the host country. 
Romantic Partners and Four-Legged Friends - an Extension of Attachment Theory to Relationships With Pets
The problem statement leads to a design research study to justify the stand of the Asian societies about their affection for pets. The pet product under analysis is the wedding dress. Pet owners purchase it for pets to be worn during weddings. Even though it faces criticism when embracing this practice, there are advantages associated with it.
The Social Power of Religious and Spiritual Experiences
It is evidently clear from the discussion that religious experiences are unique. People share their experiences, and all cite God’s communication but their form of revelation is different. My spiritual experience was a fulfilling one and helped shape my life and view of Christianity. I have maintained the habit of praying regularly.
Technology and Retention of Good Employees
Today, technology and human resource are the most important elements in an organization. In this regard, various researchers have studied the impact of technology and employee retention practices in human resource management. Researchers have also tried to determine organizational practices that promote employee retention and reduce turnover.
Tangle Woods Business Plan
The author of the paper will begin with the statement that a business plan is a written document that describes a specific business. It contains the businesses strategies, objectives, marketing, financial forecast, and sales.  As a manager, the business plan will help you clarify your business idea, set your goals and spot any potential problem.
Marketing and Financial Plans of River Rocks Books Store
The company River Rocks Books Store is in the business of selling books. This is mainly retail sales through the local market and in the online space. We offer a wide range of books in a bid to satisfy our customers’ needs for quality content. The books are in a wide range of subjects thereby being a one-stop shop for books.
Causes and Effects of Juvenile Delinquency
It is evidently clear from the discussion that the problems being experienced associated with juvenile delinquency are rooted in the wrong nurturing done by the society itself through social interactions, personality-shaping, and learning of the deviant behaviors which are favorable for committing crimes.
Globalization and the Commercialization of Childhood
In these poorer nations, the people are desperate to make ends meet. They are in debt; the nations are in debt and hence resort to taking up the only offer of employment they get no matter how meager it is to them at least it provides them with daily food. The people targeted are unlikely to raise complaints.
Learning Journal about Getting a Job
There is a sense of direction and prior induction into professional demands of the career of interest. One has to take keen notice of the most important items for success even as he plans for an adventure in the line of work. The group members agreed that getting to know the requirements for success helps individuals to plan well on issues of networking
Health and Safety
I will do this in both at the local, national and international levels. I will embrace this endeavor through the knowledge that I gained during the study. The knowledge I will gain from the study will be my driving force in addressing the environmental concerns. The government has not taken any step to offer solutions relative to these issues. 
Empirical Evidence from Women Managers
Although there has been an increased number of women leaders in government positions or businesses, women are still not properly represented in managerial positions. However, women have taken major steps in ensuring that they are represented adequately in these areas. This article highlights the success factors as well as barriers to women leaders.
Personal Development Portfolio
Together with performance management and within the proper business and continuing personal development framework, I can think about my practice and career in a systematic and planned way. The personal development portfolio presents a basic structure that is used for collecting information (Smith & Tillema 2006).
Impact of Recession on Inequality
Interestingly, these differences have been there in the society. However, the great recession may have played a significant role in magnifying every form of inequality. The great recession impacted negatively on unemployment rates and dropping of house prices, which were sustained hence leading to adverse consequences.
Why Ageism Have Appeared and Still Exists
Several abusive words like senile, decrepit, old fart and others have been used to describe the old. Ageism is a biased description of the aged humans. It is a form of discrimination that makes the young generation perceive the old as unproductive people who can hardly contribute actively to the society.
Cardiac Glycosides
In other words, Cardiac glycosides (CGs) are organic compounds that occur in nature which possess inotropic effect on the heart.CGs are composed of two portions, a sugar (glycoside) and an aglycone (steroid), which attach to an R-group. CGs mostly isolated from plants, there is so much effort to understand their biosynthetic pathway.
Impacts of Breed Contrasts
The author of the paper states that in determining the effect of punishment on the dogs, proportionately, 74.4% of most of the dogs that were sampled were verbally disciplined while 20.5% were subjected to physical punishments. The remaining 5.1% were not subjected to any form of punishment.
Person Centred Perspective
The person-Centred Theory was developed from the works of psychologist Carl Rogers (1902-1987). The theory was considered revolutionary because initially it was described as non-directive, it moved away from the presumption that the therapist was considered the expert on a theory that had trust in the actualizing tendency of every human being.
Dealing with the Muslim Weddings
The author states that the wedding is conducted in different styles. Interior designers understand the values of different cultures and their styles. According to that, the designers make their design of wedding which suits best with the culture of its clients. Designers tailor designs which express the individuality of different people and functions.
Cobra Squad
The author explains that Kenneth Ambani used his immense fuelled by magic to become Cobra and in the process-defended humanity against all evil from threats. Kenneth Ambani also championed justice, truth, as well as the American rhythm. At the center of action comic, Cobra carries out investigations on a supernatural occurrence in Nairobi.
Analysis of Keshan Disease
  Low selenium levels in local foods, as well as low selenium level in rural residents, were linked to geographic allocation of KD as well as Se deficiency. According to the results of the research, the Se concentration in maize, as well as rice that was grown in the endemic sites, were very low compared to those grown in non-endemic areas.
Entrepreneurial Activity and Its Impact on Economic Performance
The author states that the entrepreneur as a risk-taker is said to be one of the most important and fundamental activities of true entrepreneurship that will serve as a predictor of achieving the most superior gains over that of competing firms. There are substantial risks in managing and running a successful entrepreneurial enterprise.
Commercial Success of the All-Embracing Retail Conglomerate
Urban Outfitters has many successful brands. They all fall in their business range of products that include clothing, accessories, footwear, cosmetics, housewares, and music. Their products have a completely unique sense of style that makes it possible for them to penetrate the market, both locally and internationally.
The Effect of Unilateral Divorce on Family and Divorce Rate
Increasing rates of marital problems have forced the United States to implement the unilateral divorce law. Even though the law receives criticism for intensifying the divorce rates in recent decades, there are no reliable reports to prove that it has any long-term effect on the American matrimonial culture
The Key Issues and Current Industry Thinking on Event Volunteering
Organizations face challenges in volunteering where the volunteers who come enroll are inexperienced and lack the necessary skills needed to get the job done. They also lack the necessary knowledge that the volunteering process entails. This becomes a huge problem for organizations when they have little time left or short time frame. 
Global Implications for the Profession
This research will begin with the statement that the global trend of smart-phones has an impact on every sector. The discussed global trend has implication on the profession as well. The trend of smart-phones has changed rapidly and was still in the process of growth as the new advancement in the technology is adding up to provide more facilities to its customers.
Edinburg International Book Festival
According to Lundy (2008), effective planning and efficient human resource strategies are essential for the success of an event or festival. As the text has it, human resource management and development is a very complex system that includes recruitment, selection, motivation, training, and engagement.
Innovation Is the Key to Effective Organizational Development
Lack of technological innovation might slow down the functionality pace of an organization and as a result, it might lose its competitive advantage as well. This in turn also shifts the opportunity to competitive organizations having the capability and the innovative technology of developing new products and/or with better-added features in the market.
Strategic Direction and the Mission
The actual function of strategic management is to develop and create innovative and diverse opportunities for the future. It is a long-term procedure as it always tries for the optimization of future trends for the present. I noted that the strategic plan based on the strategic directions 2012-14 published by the National Library of Australia.
Management of Information and Technology: Apple Inc
The author states that the organization of Apple Inc also presents numerous software packages such as OSX. Along with this, it also presents varied types of online services to its customers with the cloud that enhances the reliability and dependency of the customers over the brand as compared to many others.
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