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Law Topics

Topics on the subject of Law are known to be exciting and challenging. See, what we’ve collected for you from our best Law papers samples! In our free database you will find only high quality, professional and interesting paper. Grab ideas, see examples and create own perfect Law essay and research paper!
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Need a Good Free Law Essay Example and Some Topic Ideas?

Without a good law essay example and list of ideas that you may discuss, it is not that easy to write a good paper for this class. Before providing you with the list of possible law essay topics and writing tips, we would like to speak about how to write this essay in brief. We will have a look at the recommended structure.

Start writing with the introduction where you offer a specific legal issue to observe, its significance, and a thesis statement – your central argument stating your position towards the large problem. With the help of a transition, an author should move to the body part.

Prepare three body paragraphs. Every topic sentence should relate to the thesis statement. It means, by defending every claim, you defend a thesis. Every paragraph of the body should also include some vivid examples and supporting evidence collected from books, magazines, newspapers, videos, scholarly articles, etc.

End up with a powerful conclusion. Begin with paraphrasing the thesis statement. Then, briefly summarize and list the topic sentences from the body paragraphs. Offer some ideas for the implementation of problem solution or end with the forecasts for the future. Motivate the audience to continue the research. You may finish your work with something like a rhetorical question to leave a long-lasting impression and make your audience think about the significance of the research problem.

When it comes to defending your position towards a particular problem, you should write an argumentative or persuasive essay. The major difference is that you will also have to convince the people of your truth in the second case.

24 Law Essay Topics for You to Get Inspired

Now, we have divided all topics into separate categories for your ease. After all, there are many branches of law that you should not confuse. We would like to start with the category of law enforcement essay topics:

  • The signs of gender discrimination in the police office and preventive measurements
  • Do the representatives of law treat rich and poor citizens equally today?
  • How should juvenile offenders be punished compared to adult offenders?
  • How life-threatening is it to serve as a policeman in a rural area?
  • The effects of corruption on the promotions up the police career ladder
  • The possible consequences of marijuana legalization

Now, what is the first word that may come to your mind when hearing the term “law?” Many people associate it with “criminal.” Thus, criminal law essay topics are also very demanded:

  • Can we call insanity defense a loophole for dangerous criminal elements?
  • Gang crimes: exploring and assessing the effectiveness of laws against gang crimes
  • Can high school bullying be considered a severe type of crime and punished respectively?
  • Describing the field work of the criminologists: from the beginning to nowadays
  • Is it possible to achieve full privacy in the Internet age?
  • The importance of reacting to criminal actions while off-duty

We deal with laws in everyday life. While buying something in the shop or crossing the street. That is why it might also be interesting to pick some law of life essay topics:

  • Why are some US citizens more prone to breaking the law than others?
  • Various laws of life for various species of animals
  • What is the opinion of Christianity as the most popular religion of the world about the laws of life
  • Achieving professional and personal objectives through a better understanding of the laws of life
  • The consequences of violating the laws of life
  • Living a rightful yet enjoyable life: possible or not?

Students who are enrolled in MBA programs face such subject as business law. They may find these business law essay topics useful:

  • How non-disclosure agreements protect businesses in long runs
  • The gaps and disadvantages of affirmative action programs
  • Pros and cons of the proprietary and contract security
  • The ways to avoid copyrights when trying to replicate a competitor’s service
  • The advantages of being excluded from anti-trust laws
  • The ways businesses prevent disastrous lawsuits when supervised by powerful leaders

There are more categories to think about and come up with. Stay original and try to raise questions that were not discussed by anyone else. Perhaps, watching the news and following the trends will help to get inspired. Now, it is time to have a look at admission essay for law school as well as the laws of life sample essay.

Free Law Essay Sample to Help You Have an Overall Picture

We have analyzed the winning law school admission essay samples to come up with the original one for you. There is no need to choose specific law school essay topics – it is about sharing your experience and skills along with giving some good reasons why you are the best applicant to become part of the law program. You may focus on the topic you know best of all, but do not forget to reflect your personality, academic achievements, life goals, and how you can contribute to the development of the legal community. Here we go with an example for you.

“I sat down today to write this essay in order to prove my sincere interest in the legal issues as well as my desire to become part of your large community. It is one of the numerous papers following the same format you will get, but I am sure that my skills and experience will impress you more than others.

All of my life my dad who worked for the local police office impressed upon me the need to obtain a higher education. In 1997, it all changed because of the death of my father. Perhaps, I could go through it and start living a new life. However, I could not as it was later declared as a murder. His colleagues were rather upset for having insufficient evidence to punish the guilty one. I promised myself that I will make his dreams to achieve justice for all come true one day, and that is why I am writing this application letter right now.

We live in an age when young women idealize Hollywood actresses and famous singers. Everyone, except for me. I think that show business does nothing in terms of protecting human rights. Being a part of the legal system is much more important nowadays. Women are no longer weak, and they have a right to join any field they want. My decision is to study law in-depth and obtain the corresponding degree in your Harvard Law School to improve our society.

As a child, I was trained by my father. He taught me the main principles of the legal system, the ways police officers work and even provided me with a worthy physical education. He was my main teacher, but my high school achievements and numerous internships also impress. Having a GPA of 3.9, I have an in-depth knowledge of many subjects related to law: psychology, political science, sociology, history, etc. I used to defend a dissertation in juvenile crimes before even graduating.

That is one of the law school personal statement sample essays which plays with the committee’s emotions, shows the pure interest in the program, and offers some evidence of the candidate’s competence. It is not finished, but you have an overall idea of how you can start your personal statement now.

As for the best law school essay examples of introduction, we decided to pick a specific topic and show how it works. Examine the piece below and think about a good start for your own work:

“After analyzing all possible forms of direct discrimination, I have discovered that direct age discrimination is, perhaps, the only type that can be justified on all levels. The motive for discriminating a human is never relevant or ethical. However, the recruiting side could increase the defense that the signs of discrimination were just a means of achieving a legitimate purpose. The Tribunal should study proportionality are distinct problems separately. It should define the balance between the consequences of discrimination and the initial business goals. If the person being fired because of age cannot continue their work as a result of health issues, the Tribunal can justify the decision of the Tribunal to continue such cooperation. The rest of my essay will prove that there should be a demand for the provision and it should be obviously important.”

That is one of the great laws of life essay examples. As the law, in general, is a rather contradictive discipline, you may always think about offering a debate and sharing your personal vision.

Need Help with Law Study Material?

After reading this article and reviewing the offered sample law school essays, you may still have some questions left. Receiving a custom paper written especially for you based on your requirements is always way better than having only a law essay sample. If you wish to impress your teacher or admission officer for sure, it is better to rely on our competitive team of writers with vast experience. We deal with all types of academic writing:

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Case studies
  • Speeches
  • Admission essays
  • Theses and dissertations

Thus, if you have no time, lack sources, or have other obstacles on the way to perfect grade, feel free to contact our team at any time. We offer good prices, and we are available 24/7!

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Examples List of Law essay and research paper

Equity and Trusts Law Coursework
11 pages (3620 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
In giving advice on the validity of trusts it is important to discuss the three certainties that the courts expect to find within a trust. The three certainties are certainty of intention, the certainty of subject matter and certainty of the object. Where one of the three certainties has not been present the courts have declared the trust invalid.
Preview essay
Criminal Law Law Coursework
10 pages (2918 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
Whether or not O was committing a dangerous act in this regard will be measured objectively, i.e. whether an ordinary reasonable person would have seen the loosening of those wheels as dangerous. It is more likely to be decided that such a prank was dangerous and O has a greater chance of being tried under the offense of Unlawful act manslaughter.
Preview essay
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Law and Practice of Remand in Custody and Bail Regarding Unsentenced Prisoners Law Research Paper
70 pages (10769 words) , Research Paper
Nobody downloaded yet
This research paper includes looking at provision in general within the criminal justice system, as many factors affecting those who have been sentenced also affect those who are as yet not proven to be guilty. It does this in relation to British and international law, including proposals for the future. It also considers the particular needs of certain groups within the remand population.
Preview essay
Critical Evaluation of the Impact of the Combined Corporate Governance Code Law Coursework
9 pages (2301 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
The new Companies Act 2006 was meant to tame the actions of directors and hold them accountable for their decisions. It’s not clear if company directors will embrace a broader range of interests or they will further the past modus operandi of their interests to avoid accountability. Legislation should be embraced because it has contributed to bringing transparency.
Preview essay
Equality Legislation: A Critical Analysis Law Coursework
7 pages (2106 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
Constitutional law plays one of the most important roles in the application of these reforms and their execution. The violation of any law in Great Britain causes strict sanctions, not legal but political ones. It becomes clear that the legislative system of the UK is one of the most organized in the world. 
Preview essay
The Aged Public Policy by Florida Department of Law Enforcement Law Assignment
12 pages (3287 words) , Assignment
Nobody downloaded yet
This policy by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement intends to bring balance between all inhabitants of Florida and reduce discrimination based on age. The policy is also meant to give the aged some privileges that will make their life easier and better. Some of these facilities include social funds and health services. 
Preview essay
NGOs and Implementation of Human Rights Law Essay
16 pages (4021 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
Organizations, whether it is a government or non-government- all have a key role to play in the proper and systematic implementation of human rights laws in the world. Almost Fifty years ago, the United Nations General Assembly after consultation with all the member nations proposed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a protection against domination and unfairness in the world.
Preview essay
Freehold Positive Covenants: An Archaic Concept Law Case Study
7 pages (1636 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
Unlike the negative freehold covenant, the second type which is a positive covenant is not restrictive in nature. An example of a positive freehold covenant is a situation where there is a promise to build a fence between two properties or a covenant that requires the person buying the property to contribute towards the maintenance of things like shared access way or even a driveway.
Preview essay
The European Human Rights Model Law Coursework
13 pages (3436 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
The doctrine gives states authority to give opinion on the various contents of requirements as well as restrictions that are related to human rights protection. This doctrine has provided an avenue for addressing European human rights issues in various cultural legal traditions. It has been used to help address the problem of lack of consensus among member states on various controversial issues. 
Preview essay
Sources of Law in England and Wales Law Essay
6 pages (1945 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
It is apparent that the statutelaw which are legislated through Acts of Parliament, are the most important internal sources of English Law. In 2005, for example, there were 24 general Acts of Parliament thatwere passed and an additional 3699 Statutory Instruments. All these had a direct effect on the domestic legislation of England and Wales.
Preview essay
Case Note Nicklinson Versus Ministry of Justice Law Report
6 pages (1970 words) , Report
Nobody downloaded yet
R (Nicklinson) v Ministry of Justice (2014) UKSC 38 case stands among the major constitutional cases. The case presents a canvas under which the disagreements occur. The case thus proves essential to serve as a reference point regarding the enduring debate attributed to the division of constitutional powers that fall between the political organs and the judiciary.
Preview essay
The Doctrine of Consideration Law Case Study
7 pages (2133 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
The case of William v Roffey provides a perfect understanding and analysis of the English law and the way it is practiced with respect to the concept of consideration in contracts and agreements. It can be argued that the Employment law in England has been developed on the condition that considerations are not considered consistently with respect to the profound evidence of the contractual intent.
Preview essay
Inter-American Human Rights Law Case Study
14 pages (4240 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
Since the court began issuing its judgment, it has changed its composition over ten times. During the span of twenty years, various violations of its articles have occurred.[1] For instance, article 4 of the American convention, which is the right to life has been violated in about fifty different occasions.
Preview essay
Public International Trade Laws Law Report
13 pages (3402 words) , Download 1 , Report
In regards to the tax on furniture, Cleland is justified to tax the furniture in an attempt to protect the environment. Aaland would be in a proper position to seek help from the World trade organization if there were other companies selling furniture made from Hard Wood operating within the country and so was receiving favorable treatment.
Preview essay
The Sociology of Crime Law Report
12 pages (3507 words) , Report
Nobody downloaded yet
It is not the turf of one particular class, of the poor in our society. In fact, we are now contending with white-collar crimes. Therefore, what is it in the lower class that our images of this sector of our society are muggers and outlaws? Nothing but image! What we have failed to address is the truth the lower class is more susceptible in committing crimes.
Preview essay
Public Policing Versus Private Security Law Essay
6 pages (1852 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
Regardless of the common goals and duties of both private security and public policing, the latter has a much wider mandate than the former. The public policing functions on behalf of the government and hence receives more benefits when compared to the private security individuals. The current global scenario requires rather collaborated efforts of both forces. 
Preview essay
Contributory Negligence Law Report
8 pages (2043 words) , Report
Nobody downloaded yet
Cases involving contributory negligence are complex and demand full attention and consideration of various factors when it comes to awarding damages. It is assumed that the defendant is innocent and it is therefore upon the plaintiff to prove evidence of contributory negligence on the part of the claimant. This might prove to be hard especially when the claimant has no strong case against the defendant.
Preview essay
Breach of Confidence Law Case Study
7 pages (2030 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
In determining whether the first defendant breached confidence in terms of taking the plaintiff’s customer information, it was necessary for the judge to provide his list of compendiously important sales elements for determination of justice in the action by the first defendant after parting ways with Faccenda Chickens Limited. 
Preview essay
A Successful Application for Judicial Review Law Case Study
7 pages (2257 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
In the first instance, the Elliots ought to apply for a review of the Council’s decision and attach any further supporting documentation. In the event that there is no right of review, or that the review is rejected, the Elliots can bring an application for judicial review. It is unlikely, on the existing facts, that such an application would have a good prospect of success. 
Preview essay
English Legal Institutions and Methods Law Assignment
6 pages (1964 words) , Assignment
Nobody downloaded yet
Funding rules have been introduced for civil actions in English laws which include public, private and state-sponsored legal aid. Parties to civil actions need to consider rules before going for private or public funding. If the case is taken to court, the parties have to pay for legal representation in court and also ensure the way to represent in court.
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The Criminal Justice System Law Coursework
10 pages (2823 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
This coursework considers the viability of the statement while assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the current Australian criminal justice system.  This paper is being carried out in order to establish a clear and comprehensive understanding of the Australian criminal justice system in terms of its actual application and efficacy. 
Preview essay
Tobacco Politics and the Film the Insider Law Movie Review
6 pages (1577 words) , Movie Review
Nobody downloaded yet
This movie is not just about the legal profession, or about the media, or even about the tobacco industry. It is about how power and money affect the lives of people, how it controls relationships, how it determines who does what to whom. It speaks of the pressures that bear upon those who want to do good in an arena where everything is motivated by money and power and influence.
Preview essay
Comprehensive Australian Program of Law Reform Law Coursework
10 pages (3037 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
The comprehensive law reforms did bring about major changes in the Australian government. Much still needs to be done in order to fine-tune these reforms to cover specific cases, especially those related to professions. The IPP report recommended reformation of the principles relating to negligence of common law and the damages’ assessment by use of legislation.
Preview essay
Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeals Tribunal Law Assignment
8 pages (2197 words) , Assignment
Nobody downloaded yet
This assignment also discusses some of the decisions made by the Employment tribunal. The employment tribunal is machinery for dispute resolution. The employment tribunal can be approached by parties after the expiry of the conciliation period. Employment Tribunals are located in twenty-two places throughout England and Wales with the Head Office in London.
Preview essay
Terrorism in the United States Law Coursework
11 pages (2980 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
The United States of America has a long history of being a target of terrorists. In the course of history, the motives for terrorism and methods of executing the attacks on a particular territory are consistently changing. Casey attributes the changes to economic, political and social transformations that have gradually occurred in the course of globalization.
Preview essay
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