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Literature Topics

Topics on the subject of Literature are known to be exciting and challenging. See, what we’ve collected for you from our best Literature papers samples! In our free database you will find only high quality, professional and interesting paper. Grab ideas, see examples and create own perfect Literature essay and research paper!
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Have you been given the assignment to write a literary essay and you do not know even where to start? Are you having a difficult time when it comes to starting and seeing through your article? Do you, therefore, need a literary essay example to help you create a good article? Then do not worry about yourself a lot. Many students are having the same problem that you are facing right now. Lucky for you, we have created a very reliable service through which you can be able to get all the literature review essay samples that you may require to enable you to be able to create a perfect paper and submit it back to your professor before the deadline reaches.

Through us, you will be able to get in touch with very experienced academic writers who are very ready and willing to give you expert advice when it comes to English literature essay topics. This is important because choosing and understanding the perfect topic is very crucial as it is the central idea about what you want to write about which is essentially the backbone of your essay.

It is imperative to understand that you do not have to be taking a literature course for you to be given an assignment that involves literary essays. This means that mastering the art of creating these types of articles is something very crucial and worth having in one's arsenal even though he or she does not necessarily take a literature course.

A literary essay is a type of academic writer where the writer examines and evaluates a book that he or she has read. The writer has to break down the parts of a particular book into small pieces and then show how these parts work both individually and in relation with one another.

Learn how to Choose the Perfect Literary Essay Topics from Qualified Experts

When you are reading just for fun, you most get to only identify with the emotional content of the book that you are reading. But when you are reading a book in an English literature class, things are very different. This is because when it comes to literary analysis, you have to analyze all the parts of the said book and not only those that you may like or identify with.

Usually, whenever a professor gives students literary essays as assignments, there are some topics given that students get to choose one to write on. Knowing the kind of literary essay topics to choose sometimes becomes very tricky for students. It is of utmost importance that you choose a topic that is very interesting to you as this will give you an easy time when it comes to writing the essay itself. This is because having the best response to literature essay example is usually the goal of the assignment.

When it comes to American literature essay topics, You have to examine all the aspects of the particular book and then show how each aspect works both individually and in conjunction with all the other elements too. Some of the components that you have to make sure to look at when it comes to writing these kinds of articles include:

  1. Character;

Under this component, you choose the character that most intrigues you in the book selected by the teacher for you to do a literature review on. Here you focus on aspects like whether the character is an antagonist or a protagonist, the way the character thinks, what the other characters say about him or her and his or her physical appearance.

  1. Theme;

Here you should always make sure to check out the title of the book and make sure that whatever you are going to write still goes hand in hand with this title or otherwise you might go off topic and end up wasting your time writing a very flawed article.

  1. Plot;

This is the third component of the story that you should make sure always to analyze. Always make sure to point out how all the plot elements expositions and how they are all arranged.

  1. Point of view;

Under his component, make sure to consider the angle that the characters chosen and the events that they are involved are viewed from. Be sure to first understand clearly the elevation or angle at which events and details of a particular story are displayed.

  1. Settings;

Here, your job is to make sure to describe the settings under which certain events occur intimately. Make sure to include the location and time that each event that you write about in your essay occurs to create a good article.

  1. Conflict;

This refers to the condition of disagreements among characters in a particular book. Make sure always to identify this kind of state whenever it occurs in the English literature study material that you are conducting your literal analysis on.

  1. Tone;

Under this component, you get to describe and specify the emotional meaning that the author of the book created in that particular work.

It is always essential to remember that literary essays are very different from book reviews. When you are asked to write literary articles, you do not write about whether you liked or hated the book or even if you would recommend it for someone. You only have to show how an author used his tactics to pass a particular message across and your reason why he or she chose to make some decisions that they made when writing the book.

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When it comes to drafting these kinds of essays, we are the best in the business. Our experts are very well versed in this field especially when it comes to ap English literature examples. All our writers are highly vetted to make sure that we only employ the most experienced and qualified writers around.

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Practice always makes perfect, and you do not ever write your first essay and then create a masterpiece. You must always put your skills to work regularly to horn them and then become a master of your craft. This is why we have created a service that enables students to easily acquire literature examples for sat essay so that they may guide them and show them how good article is written.

Through our service, we can connect students with master writers who can offer them British literature essay topics together with very high quality and excellent extended essay literature topics to help guide them as they look to create master class articles.

Whenever you may feel that you are stuck and you do not know what to do, just get in touch with us, and we will hook you up with a literature synthesis essay example every time you might require one so that it can help you create an award-winning article. You should never let academic writing cause you a lot of pain in your life.

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Examples List of Literature essay and research paper

Neat People vs Sloppy People Analysis Literature Essay
2 pages (500 words) , Essay
The phrases 'sloppy' and 'neat' might be flipped around when represented or defined. In that case, the audience for this essay might be concerned with its context to acknowledge the perspective of the author.
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Frankenstein Creature Letter Literature Essay
6 pages (1500 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
You left me alone; to discover life on my own. I, who was a corpse (or at least part of many), who had no idea what life was, and what to do with it. I, out of love for you, my creator, came to your room, to talk to you, to explain that I needed help, and what did you do? You ran again. Ran away from your own creation, a creature you had created yourself in your ambition to achieve greatness far beyond what had been achieved so far.
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The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness Literature Book Report/Review
6 pages (1619 words) , Book Report/Review
Nobody downloaded yet
The Sunflower by Simon Wiesenthal is a story and a description of an incident that occurred while the author was a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camp. The author is suddenly noticed by a nurse and upon confirmation that he was a Jew, was taken to the bedside of a dying man and a soldier who wanted to confess something to the author and asks whether he can be forgiven. The book raises basic questions about the ideals of clemency and pity.
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A Good Man is Hard to Find and The Life You Save May Be Your Own written by Flannery OConnor Literature Essay
7 pages (2033 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
Each of these stories also features a battle between guilt and innocence, as this guilt if often represented by the evil actions of the characters. The ideals that are set forth by Christianity are also explored, as in both narratives, certain characters who claim to be Christian, do not act in this manner. 
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Comic Book as History Literature Coursework
10 pages (2638 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
These superhero comic books also dwell on typical formula of action, fight scenes, and incredible powers while the adorable comic books have simple storylines that are sugar-coated for kids. In the long span of comic book art, little attention was given to the use of sequential art in narrating significant historical events, true to life stories, journalism, and travelogues among others. 
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Ovid's Metamorphoses and Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus Literature Book Report/Review
6 pages (1724 words) , Book Report/Review
Nobody downloaded yet
The use of referencing other books and works in literature is one that becomes important to the overall themes in the plot that an author is speaking of. In several examples, there is use of Metamorphoses as a book, all of which refer to the burning of the book, exile, and the transformation which continues to remain as a part of the ideology from the book.
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Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen Literature Term Paper
7 pages (1821 words) , Term Paper
Nobody downloaded yet
All his plays including A Doll's House, Wild Duck, Rosmersholm, and others serve as a remarkable satire on the self-imposed moral values as well as the intermeddlers preaching and implementing self-articulated discipline, mores, and laws causing the destruction and turmoil of personal, domestic and social life of individuals consequently.
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Victorian Realism Literature Essay
9 pages (2606 words) , Essay
However, because of her past life, she is unable to achieve this new start and circumstances continue to prevent her from finding happiness and peace.  Rather than focusing on the supernatural forces at work in her life, Hardy, in true realist fashion, simply presents the events of Tess’s life, permitting the realities to shine forth and the reader to understand how she has been limited and destroyed by a combination of factors.
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Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Literature Book Report/Review
7 pages (2452 words) , Book Report/Review
Nobody downloaded yet
The conflict of naturalism with human desires and will is the theme to study in the plot and the craft of the story. The author successfully puts up the theme of naturalism and through a number of characters shows how this ambience determines the fate of an innocence young girl.
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Hamlet is Finally a Hero Literature Literature review
8 pages (2325 words) , Literature review
Nobody downloaded yet
Hamlet is perhaps more decisive as the play progresses, but his maturity is something that appears to be relative. He certainly appears more mature than Laertes, who is also depicted as avenging his father’s death, but in an entirely different situation that would be likely to earn much less empathy from the audience.
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Ideas Regarding Identity Literature Case Study
8 pages (2111 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
The boys in the story were once young men dreaming of adventure and perhaps even glory as they risked their lives to save those of their fellow soldiers, but now they are simply trying to survive from one moment to the next, trying and failing to forget the weight of their burden as they attempt to redefine themselves based on their new knowledge not only of themselves.
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Strange Defeat by Marc Bloch Literature Book Report/Review
6 pages (1534 words) , Book Report/Review
Nobody downloaded yet
He wrote the book after he returned home from service following the fall of France. Bloch was able to take a close look at the military failures he had seen and examine why France was not able to answer the attack quickly and effectively. His military service enabled him to give a personal account of the battle. He concluded quite harshly that the immediate cause of the defeat was the total incompetence displayed by the High Command.  
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The Real Hero Literature Research Paper
7 pages (2027 words) , Research Paper
Nobody downloaded yet
To the people in the South, economic difficulties seemed to be foremost.  The war devastated the countryside; a quarter of a million Southerners were killed and the South lay in ruins.  Farms and plantations were destroyed; cities were ravaged by fire and the transportation system was in complete disrepair.
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Langston Hughes Literature Case Study
8 pages (2248 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
The Harlem Renaissance, a period spanning roughly the decades of the 1920s and 1930s, is frequently referred to as a literary movement, but the movement also encompassed a great explosion of African-American expression in many venues that celebrated the unique heritage, art forms, sights and sounds that were the African-American experience.
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The Lord of the Flies by William Golding Literature Essay
7 pages (1882 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
Ralph is a sensible, responsible, wise, and peaceful young boy who doesn’t like to fight unless heavily provoked. He has amazing leadership qualities and he is open to the other boys’ ideas that could aid in their rescue. He listens to them, takes care of them, and tries to erase their fears of the beast.
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Oedipus the King and its Connection to Modern Life Literature Assignment
7 pages (2050 words) , Assignment
Nobody downloaded yet
Perhaps more troubling than the broken family bonds within the play are the unnatural family bonds that become apparent as the action unfolds. There is an obvious unnatural relationship between Oedipus and Jocasta. This mother-son/husband-wife relationship can be somewhat forgiven in that Oedipus at least had no reason to suspect their true connection.
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Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina Literature Literature review
6 pages (1868 words) , Literature review
Nobody downloaded yet
This book was written with the intention of donating funds for charity purposes. The book narrates the whole event of hurricane Katrina that destroyed lives in America within just hours. It states how dramatically the lives of the victims changed from living in well-built luxury houses to no roof at all above their heads.
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A Problem by Chekhov - the Character of Sasha Literature Essay
7 pages (1927 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
The three uncles of the protagonist, Sasha, debate the measures that can be taken to salvage the situation, and “save the family honour” (Chekhov, 1). Chekhov’s centres his story, and the denouement of the plot, round the character of Sasha Uskov. Moreover, Sasha is depicted as an immature, dissolute youth. 
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English Literature on Educating Rita Literature Essay
7 pages (1804 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
It is good to realize that the present coalition government of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats has learned from the follies of the past and has decided to rebuild and reinvent the welfare system in Britain. It is also sad to say that at the present the UK is going through tough times with augmenting inflation and soaring unemployment rate.
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The Lord of the Flies by William Golding Literature Case Study
6 pages (1741 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
The narrator said that Ralph was like a chess player yet, however, could not be a good one. This is because of the fact of Ralph’s attitude of being a coward. 7. At the end of Chapter 8, Simon saw something different on his mind. He saw the head of the sow on a stick that was covered with flies and was somehow, seemed to be speaking to him.
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Comparing Two Plays Edward II by Christopher Marlowe and Richard II by William Shakespeare Literature Literature review
7 pages (1826 words) , Literature review
Nobody downloaded yet
One of the most striking differences between the two deposition scenes is the way that Shakespeare elevates the tone into something more like a major religious ceremony. There is a lot more talking in this scene, than in Marlowe’s scene, and the subject matter is serious and at times even academic.
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A Midsummer Nights Dream by Shakespeare Literature Assignment
7 pages (1944 words) , Assignment
Nobody downloaded yet
The role of Theseus is also very sceptical in this regard. His role was supposed to be a great supporter of the glory of marriage and the vision of marriage appeared in the Elizabethan context of romance as culminated from pure romantic love. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” even Theseus is not displayed to follow the romantic code all the time.
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Mahmoud Darwish and Ghassan Kanafani Literature Book Report/Review
6 pages (1809 words) , Book Report/Review
Nobody downloaded yet
Ghassan was a political activist to which he represented the plight of the peasants who had no voice to air their grievances. He chose to use literature as an avenue to highlight the plight of the suffering Palestinians rather than stay back and watch as his people suffered without him doing nothing. In this regard, the Israeli Mossad militia claimed involvement in his assassination, which was an avenue of permanently silencing Ghassan. 
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The Impression Behind Publications Literature Annotated Bibliography
7 pages (2007 words) , Annotated Bibliography
Nobody downloaded yet
Majority of the writers designate how they came across the manuscript as the political inspiration of their choice. Even though the publication is educational there is no pretence to fabricate impartiality of those involved. Nevertheless, there is no deficit of assortments of writings about social Movements, on the other hand, the emphasis on how concepts flow and get used collectively with some intuitions into the individual motive. 
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The Nature of King Lear Literature Case Study
7 pages (2327 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
However, the two older daughters prove unfaithful to their father and he slowly sinks further and further into madness. Cordelia returns with an army while other friends return to the kingdom in disguise in attempts to help the insane king, but all fall to pieces in the end with most of the principal characters dead.
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