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Journalism & Communication Topics

Topics on the subject of Journalism & Communication are known to be exciting and challenging. See, what we’ve collected for you from our best Journalism & Communication papers samples! In our free database you will find only high quality, professional and interesting paper. Grab ideas, see examples and create own perfect Journalism & Communication essay and research paper!
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About Journalism & Communication

Types of Papers We Write Based on Free Journal Essay Topics

What is a journal? Most people characterize it like a newspaper or magazine that covers a certain topic or professional activity. Regarding academic writing, it is rather the second definition: an everyday record of news and events of a personal nature. In other words, a journal may refer to a diary. However, the teacher may need either a diary/memo or accounting entry (financial record). It depends on the discipline, topic, and prompt. What are some of the ways to understand what your tutor really wants and how to come up with the right solution?

Perhaps, it makes sense to look at the professional essay journal example first to understand what exactly your teacher wants from you. Our website offers many options. One of them is to view free journal essay examples of any nature and on any topic. Once you decide it might be difficult for you to cope with such writing, we are ready to help.

How can we help students from the English-speaking regions of the globe? It is easy: no matter whether you need a good essay journal example or custom paper written from scratch, you can rely on our company, which is present more than a decade on the market. We have expanded our team of writers to more than 1,500 people, and each of them specialize in a particular field:

  • School essay
  • College research paper
  • Lab report
  • Movie/Book review
  • Coursework
  • Personal statement
  • Cover letter
  • Dissertation
  • Journal writing
  • Business writing

Where Can You Use Our Premium Journal Essay Examples?

As we can see, we keep in mind every possible type of academic writing, both in-class and homework. All you need to do is fill out the order form specifying the specific type of paper (e.g., cross-cultural communication essay topics) and wait for help. Our journal and communication essay topics cover all necessary aspects of social life. With the help of our custom papers, students will understand several subjects better than before:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Sciences
  • Literature
  • History
  • Political science

All of these disciplines are equally important to build communication channels, find common speech with different people, help your community, and simply make the world better. Any communication essay example developed by our writing team is a perfect guide o how to survive in any business or political organization. Of course, it specifies the ways to cope with your first year in college and maintain first serious relationships.

An example of journal essay could be both a diary or a memo, a reflection paper or financial paper. Right, under the word “journal,” people involved in finances & accounting also mean a record of financial transactions in order by date. It is another name for the book of original entry.

The Process of Buying Journal Samples Essay from Us

So, what are some of the things to specify in the Order Form?

  • Start with the name of the course (literature, communication, bookkeeping, accounting, and finances)
  • Specify the topic (or let us offer interpersonal communication essay topics for you)
  • Mention the number of sources to be used and number of pages/words you need
  • Set up the deadline
  • Submit the payment
  • Wait until the assigned writer is working on your order
  • Get back a top-quality paper based on the best communication essay sample

So, do you need the transactions to be written in a journal before manually posting them to the accounts or journal of how you spend last summer vacation or training session? In case of the second one, we offer a custom paper writing instead of just a reflective journal essay example. An example is not original as at least one person has used it.

Communication Essay Topics – Student’s Loyal Helper Online!

A reflective journal should tell about a specific event, person, or subject from the student’s perspective. It should be written in the first person unlike other school or college essays. If you want to make your specific essay journal example sound persuasive (like you are really the one who wrote it), you may send us a sample of your writing or your draft. This way, the assigned author will be able to imitate your manner of writing. You should not worry: no tutor will ever find out about our cooperation. Our company does not exchange any customer’s details with the third-party organizations or private faces. You may remain anonymous in the system if you like.

From choosing journal essay topics to offering free journal essay examples and custom papers on multiple communication and business topics, our team offers the most attractive solutions on the academic writing. While each journal samples essay is free, a custom essay is quite cheap. Compared to most of our competitors, our prices are below the market average.

Save your money, time, and nerves with the help of a single writing service online!

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Examples List of Journalism & Communication essay and research paper

Communication Research Journalism & Communication Assignment
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
The conclusion in this type of research process is often derived logically from the information collected and the facts observed as a part of the study (Keyton, 2011). Inductive research process: The inductive research process on the other hand refers to a process whereby the researcher adopts a completely opposite approach of arriving at a conclusion as observed in the deductive approach.
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Comparison of Two Research Articles Journalism & Communication Assignment
20 pages (5630 words) , Assignment
Nobody downloaded yet
To further analyze this topic, the researchers divided it into two topics. The first segment deals with the teacher beliefs, what a teacher believes, knows and thinks. This is basically the teacher's knowledge and this is used to lead the arguments in this part of the paper. The second segment deals with the communicative language teaching phrase. This clearly outlines the basic means by which language needs to be taught.
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Evolution of Magazines in Contemporary World Journalism & Communication Essay
6 pages (1890 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
This distinctive feature of magazines prevailed even after the soft-cover book format that began in the 1700s gave way to a slicker style at about 1890, and until after World War II (Kleiner, 2010) when magazines came to look the way they do today – with colourful pictures and attention grabbing graphics, short informal essays and fiction stories, and a balanced, stylized layout.
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Journal Entries on 2012 US Election Journalism & Communication Assignment
6 pages (1746 words) , Assignment
Nobody downloaded yet
One which is based on improving the current situation of America, endorsing freedom, giving people more opportunities of pursuing happiness as they desire, and the
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The Status of Social Interaction Journalism & Communication Essay
6 pages (1808 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
Each person has just the information which the other party chooses to disclose. This may force both of them to have idealistic hopes about each other or isolate them from reality. This very adverse effect of modern communication technologies on social interaction relives the statement made 250 years ago: “The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate”.
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The Efficacy of Communication Journalism & Communication Essay
6 pages (1531 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
There are two types of speeches that have been identified by their essence of limited preparation by the persons concerned. One of the forms speeches that requires limited preparation is; an impromptu speech: It has also been described as a speech at hand that is usually available for presentation; it requires a minimal amount of preparation.
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Portrayals of Women as Ex-Cons in the Media Journalism & Communication Article
11 pages (3222 words) , Article
Nobody downloaded yet
Another report in the Guardian indicates the injustice experienced by women who break the law. According to Libby Brook, twice as many women as men are jailed for their first offense despite numerous reasons why the courts should be more lenient rather than more severe. “We know that the majority of women offenders pose a low risk to the public. 
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Presentation Skills and Its Capabilities Journalism & Communication Article
8 pages (2220 words) , Article
Nobody downloaded yet
Presentations have become a popular means of delivering information in an attempt to bring about desired results in individuals. Presentation techniques have received a boost from the developments of science and technology that have provided better a more efficient means of making available visual images pertinent to the information that is attempted to be passed on.  
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Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape Journalism & Communication Essay
8 pages (2160 words) , Download 1 , Essay
Through the use of the conceptual metaphor, a relationship is developed between the product being advertised, the spokesperson, and the consumer base, which is difficult to ignore, because of the depth of the relationship formed in the space of a 30-second commercial.
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Barriers and Challenges Provided by Intercultural Communication Journalism & Communication Essay
8 pages (2242 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
When communication is effective, it tends to encourage better performance and understanding overcoming cultural and language barriers. People understand their roles better and feel more involved in them. In some instances they will even voluntarily give up some of their long-established privileges because they see that sacrifice and compromise are necessary.
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The Analysis of Glamour Magazine Journalism & Communication Case Study
10 pages (2587 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
The print industry in the UK is one of the oldest and largest industries. One of its most successful representatives is Glamour magazine of US based Condé Nast Publications. The magazine has been launched in the UK in 2001. It contains content like house keeping, relationship, daily gossips, G-girls, G-boys, do and don’ts, health section, celeb section, food and drinks section and many others.
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Apology Behaviour: Methodology Chapter and Literature Review Journalism & Communication Thesis
56 pages (10520 words) , Thesis
Nobody downloaded yet
Apologies have long been studied as easily recognizable, often formulaic speech acts which are more or less universal across human languages. It has not always been easy, however, to situate the apology firmly in any one linguistic theory and the literature of the last fifty years reflects this uncertainty.
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Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Order Show Journalism & Communication Assignment
6 pages (1500 words) , Assignment
Nobody downloaded yet
One of the most major forms of communication used was the internet. It is the most abundantly used mode of communication today. The criminal, Rick Benson, used a blog under the fake name of Moot. He posted videos of what he plans to do. The police found out that over 2500 people had viewed his blog but no one bothered to inform the police. 
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Every Research Design Should Have the Potential Journalism & Communication Case Study
6 pages (1749 words) , Case Study
Nobody downloaded yet
All the literature reviews provided in the article and empirical evidence included in the beginning literally confuses its genre. But, it is a combination of a little bit of quantitative and majority of the qualitative research papers in the line of empirical analysis. It makes the article complex and the research strategy adopted has achieved to establish its goal.
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Situational and Behavioural Interview Question Journalism & Communication Coursework
6 pages (2125 words) , Coursework
Nobody downloaded yet
Two types of structured interviews include a situational interview and behavioral interview are explored in this paper. While the two interviews aim to probe responses to questions based on a given scenario, situational interviews are based on fictional job-related scenarios in which the aim is to determine the future intentions of the interviewee. 
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Importance of Communication to Criminal Justice Professionals Journalism & Communication Article
7 pages (1885 words) , Article
Nobody downloaded yet
The interdependence that exists between the professionals in criminal justice is usually significant for the smooth running of the system. This is because most of the activities are interrelated. The professionals who are joining the justice system need to interact with experienced professionals in order to understand how the system works. 
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Mort Lake Negotiation Plan Journalism & Communication Term Paper
6 pages (1500 words) , Term Paper
Nobody downloaded yet
Considering the proposed computation as presented by the company, the Town Council will be able to earn an annual profit of $573,000 from the company’s bargain. At the end of the 25th year contract, Town Council will be able to earn up to $14,325,000 profit and savings of $800,000 based on the company’s principal loan of $14 million.
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Analysis of the News Story about Fidel Castros Recovery Journalism & Communication Term Paper
7 pages (1977 words) , Term Paper
Nobody downloaded yet
Fidel Castro is the current president of Cuba and after 1965 when he was First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, he started the transformation of his country into a socialistic republic. He established another system based only on one party, the thing that permitted him to control everything.
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How Do You Account for the Predominant Ways in Which Mainstream Media Covers War Journalism & Communication Term Paper
11 pages (2750 words) , Term Paper
Nobody downloaded yet
For CNN and Al-Jazeera, this collapse can be averted, if it follows certain regulations. So even though this much criticism is part of any life or any work or any organization. How one takes that criticism and reacts to it will be watched. And if the organization reacts in a positive way, it will pave the way for the organization to succeed. 
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Storytelling: Jon Stewart Journalism & Communication Term Paper
7 pages (1992 words) , Term Paper
Nobody downloaded yet
The show’s placement on late-night television automatically marks it as being appealing to those individuals, primarily young white men without young families, who are most likely to be caught in the consumer culture ideals of constantly acquiring more material goods and the need to look and feel part of the popular crowd.
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Professional Development Project: Interpersonal Communication Journalism & Communication Research Paper
6 pages (1727 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
According to, many of the interpersonal skills needed of the strategic leaders are equivalent in aspect to the ones utilized previously in their profession. There is one central difference although. That is strategic leaders should increase their behavior to an interpersonal maturity that exceeds face-face leadership used in their profession.
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How to Be a Great Communicator Journalism & Communication Research Paper
6 pages (1618 words) , Research Paper
Nobody downloaded yet
Cognitive evolution is aroused when conflict emerges during social exchanges. SI leaders encourage participants to engage in the topics with peers outside of the class environment. When students find that, there is disunity in their information, finding out the answer to the problem causes the students to amplify their cognitive development
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Role of Communication in the Development of Cultural Imperialism Journalism & Communication Essay
9 pages (2582 words) , Essay
Nobody downloaded yet
Communication has great involvement in developing cultural imperialism. With the advancement of technology, the communication process has been upgraded many times and now the development of cultural imperialism is supported or debated by all kinds of mass media communications like TV, radio, newspaper, internet and even sometimes by word of mouth.
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Coordinated Management of Meaning Theory And How It Improves Effective Communication Journalism & Communication Research Paper
14 pages (3763 words) , Research Paper
Nobody downloaded yet
The process of communication, whether written, spoken, non-verbal or visual, is done to ensure that certain information has reached an audience (Cronen & Pearce, 1982). However, for mass communication, it is essential that the message is conveyed in such a way that the intended meaning reaches the audience.
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Effective Communication and Its Importance Journalism & Communication Coursework
8 pages (2345 words) , Download 1 , Coursework
Oral and media systems are classified into non-linear and linear communication models. Linear models represent one direction flow of information from the speaker to the audience irrespective of effect. In non-linear models, the message flow is bidirectional. Linear models were mostly used during the early times of communication.
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