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Resume/CV is one of the most popular assignments among students papers. If you got stuck with writing or lack of ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in best samples we collected for you!
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About Resume/CV

How to Make a Resume? Guide With Templates and Examples

When applying for employment, your resume is among the most important papers you will have to submit. The resume has to be of good quality to improve your chance of getting an interview. This is why you would benefit from our amazing guide on how to make a resume. Your document is supposed to stand out from the others for it to earn you a better chance. First impressions are crucial in this case, and hence, you need to aim to impress.

Awesome Free Resume Templates

The structure is essential for any paper, resumes included. Students are known to make errors in structure when writing resumes. This might prove to be costly for you. Placing your information in the wrong order can eliminate your application in cases where there are a lot of other applicants. Applicants have been passed over for opportunities of employment just because the person reviewing their resumes could not find what they were looking for in an applicant’s resume. Hence, to avoid this, there is an easy way of ensuring that your resume takes the right structure, the common structure such that one can go through it with ease, knowing where everything they need is. This is through the use of a resume template. Templates are essential since they keep you within the structure required. They make it very easy to write any paper. We have some free resume templates for your resume so that you will produce a decent document to represent you. Our templates are very easy to use and even have some notes that you might use when writing, which guides individuals on what goes where.

How to Write a Resume Like an Expert

To guarantee you have a quality document, you need some basics on how to write a resume. Before writing this essential document, planning is crucial. First, you need to identify the reasons for writing it. What’s your objective for resume? Normally it is meant to show you as the better fit among the other candidates.

A resume follows an elaborate structure. A resume format is of great importance and needs to be strictly adhered to. This will ensure the reader easily traces the important information, even if they intend to skim the document. So, having a great format helps your cause.

There are three different formats that students might choose for their resume. What you need to understand is that no matter what format you use, your contact information, and what the employer needs to see should appear first.

Reverse chronological method. This is where a student starts with their most recent accomplishments of working at the beginning. This method is effective when you intend to present a vertical progression for your career. But, this isn’t advisable in a case where there are some gaps in terms of employment in the resume. Use this method when there is a positive progression in terms of employment. It’s also hectic to use in cases where you keep changing your career path.

Functional method - The functional-based resume is emphatic on the skills of a candidate. It is advisable to use when the applicant is an expert with much experience.

Combination - This method is a form of a merge between the functional and chronological formats. It is structured to stress on qualification, while also having a body that consists of the professional experience that a candidate has. It is best applicable for an applicant who has much experience in a particular field.

In whatever structure you might prefer as the applicant, any professional resume has several elements that should appear in this document.

These are:

  • Contact information

First, begin with the name. It needs to have the largest font in the whole resume. Then the telephone number. Include an email where possible and ensure that it is appropriate. It has to be formal. This means that there cannot be any funny words in your email. It is even best to use your name as part of the email. You want the prospective employer to take you seriously. Finally, you can also add a valid LinkedIn profile.

  • Introduction

Here, try and attract the curiosity of the potential employer using a brief resume summary. This can be achieved by highlighting the qualifications, providing any career objectives, or even using your professional profile.

  • Experience

This is the section that requires one to shed light on how well qualified they are for that particular post. Provide more information on what you summarized in your introduction in terms of qualifications. You need to have the experience which is relevant to your job. A great tip for writing this section is to refer to the advertisement for that position and write according to what they have indicated. For example, in a customer service resume, check the requirements in the advertisement, and craft your resume around them.

  • Skills

In case you do not possess a good employment history, your skills are what you need to sell the employer on in that resume. Start with the most applicable skills according to the position you intend to land. If it is a resume for an engineering position, you can include some of the skills you picked up, for example, while working with mechanics.

  • Education

Illustrate your level of learning. Mention that degree, diploma, or any certificates. It is normal to start from the most recent working down to the lower levels of learning. It is advisable to be truthful when composing this section since your employer can easily cross-check these details with the institutions you mention, especially if it is a high profile job.

  • Honors

Have you been presented with any awards or been honored for any work-related tasks? If so, show them in this area. If it is a teacher resume, indicate any recognitions you might have received in your profession. Also, make sure that they are significant to the job you are applying for. 

Great Resume Cover Letter Examples

A cover letter or motivational letter is a document commonly attached to a CV or a resume. It fulfills the duty of motivating a resume. For a resume, in the cover letter, you are required to dive into giving some insight into why you are most suitable for a certain position. In your cover letter, you can summarize your level of experience as well as your familiarity with the objectives of that organization.

A side note: a CV is slightly different from a resume. In comparing CV vs. resume, you might realize that a CV is more detailed and will extend to two pages and even more depending on the candidate. On the other hand, resumes are brief and summarize applicants’ job experience and also skills within two pages. A CV is constant for all applications, while a resume can be fashioned according to a job’s specifications.

Your cover letter does not have to stress you any longer. By using our resume cover letter examples, you quickly embark on crafting your own and producing a great quality well-structured document.

Free Resume Template Download and Writing Help Available

We provide writing assistance for resumes and any other form of application writing. We are a professional online writing service that aims at helping students submit good quality papers. We have highly skilled writers who have prepared impeccable papers that can be obtained free of charge. You can choose to use a template from our site to complete the task on your own. Acquire a free resume template download and be assured of having the correct structure for your resume. We also have some resume examples that you might use to guide you on what is expected from you to win and how it is supposed to look like when completed.

Furthermore, there are academic papers that students can get help in writing. They include essays, book reports, reviews, research papers, thesis, annotated bibliographies, and dissertations.

It does not matter what profession you are applying for. It could be a nursing resume or a resume for an engineering career. It doesn’t matter; resumes normally employ similar structures. Plus, there are a variety of resumes from our site that you can download and review with the intention of getting the best out of them and transferring it to your own.

Apart from the common resume for job, we also have a variety of other paper types that individuals can acquire assistance in writing, for example; recommendation letters, CV’s statements, and also resignation letters.

We have papers from different subjects that students undertake, for example, Medicine, Nursing, engineering, information technology, business and management courses, social and political sciences, and other humanities.

Besides, we recognize that scholars from different levels of education require assistance. This is why our samples go across the different education levels, from middle school essays, high school papers, undergraduate level papers to the Masters and Ph.D. level papers. Hence, students from all these levels will get the guidance they need in their troublesome papers.

Our clients get to enjoy great quality papers with coherent ideas. We have native writers, which is an indication that every paper you get here is written in correct English and doesn’t have spelling errors. In other words, our writers are people with high-quality language, and they apply it in these papers. To see the quality they are capable of, you can have a look at a resume sample from our site to confirm it.

With our service, you do not have to undergo any complex processes for signing up to get a free service. All you have to do is download the paper you need for free. So, get a high-quality free resume from our site and let it guide you while you craft your own. Pay attention to the different sections and the arrangement of the information to guarantee that yours will also be of the desired quality.

Download a Free Resume Template Examples

Our aim as a service is to ensure that students who struggle with their tasks get the help they need. With our great quality papers, you will learn how to write astounding papers and also what is expected from you by your instructors. So, download a sample from us today and get started on creating your good quality paper.

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