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A Qualified Teacher for over Eight Years - Resume/CV Example

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My goal has always been to ensure that all student fully participates in classes so that the best possible benefit can be achieved. My intention is to produce a learning environment that fosters creativity and collaboration among the students so that self-expression can be utilized with goal setting skills…
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A Qualified Teacher for over Eight Years
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Extract of sample "A Qualified Teacher for over Eight Years"

Summary of Teaching Experience 2010. Supply Teacher (Teaching Agencies in the UK) Working as a cover/ supply teacher in various secondary schools around London. 2001- 2009. Mahaicony Secondary School, Guyana (Junior Teacher) Visual Arts teacher of the secondary school, responsible for teaching students ages 11 -16. Examiner for final exhibited examination art pieces. Guiding and rendering support to other junior teachers within the department. Visual Arts teacher   Taught various areas of visual arts including Drawing and Painting, Textiles, Graphic design.   Prepared lesson plan to meet the needs of diverse students from different cultures and backgrounds.   Prepared fifth form (ages 16& 17) students to write Caribbean Examination Council Secondary Education Certificate exam.   Organized art exhibitions and assessing works of art.   Developed students' interests, abilities, and coordination by way of creative activities   Tested and evaluated students’ ability for individual progress in written and oral work.   Prepared and administered assignments and projects   Planned schemes of work for the entire year group.   Built learners' confidence, and teaching successful learning strategies In Assisting the Teacher I Participated in   Creating a good teacher-parent friendly relationship   Encouraging parents to be actively involved in many areas of school life whilst developing close working relationships an active PTA   Managing the classroom and organized activities such as educational tours and field trips.   Identifying students with learning difficulties and provided learning aids and programmes to meet their needs.   Participating in staff meetings, conferences and educational workshops   Discussing students’ progress and problems with students and parents. Encouraged parents to be actively involved in their children’s school life.   Encouraging students to become independent learners by setting challenging and demanding expectations to promote self-esteem Junior Teacher Adviser Responsibilities   Advised and supported staff on planning, assessment, and resources including lesson planning.   Assisted in disciplinary problems School’s Environment Club Leader   Organised sponsored events, lunchtime and after-school clubs.   Planned and implement strategies in dealing with issues such as recycling and littering.   Promoted activities planning through the involvement of other schools and parents. Achievements   Completed the objectives and activities set in the curriculum on time.   98%- 100% passes in exams: Caribbean Examination Council Secondary Education Certificate exam.   Significantly assisted in changing the behavior of the entire school towards littering through the implementation of policies. Education   October 2005 –July 2009: BA in Fine Arts (Pass with credit), University of Guyana.   October 2003 – July 2005: Technical Education Certificate in Radio and Electronic Servicing (Pass with distinction), Georgetown Technical Institute, Guyana.   October 1998 – July 2001: Trained Teacher’s Certificate (Grade 1; Class 1), Cyril Potter College of Education, (Guyana Teachers’ Training College).   October 1991 – Read More
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A Qualified Teacher for over Eight Years Resume/CV.
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The topic of "A Qualified Teacher for over Eight Years" is quite often seen among the tasks in university. Still, this essay opens a new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own paper.

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