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A Position as an English Teacher - Resume/CV Example

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Core Competencies

Good listener with strong written and verbal communication skills
Excellent teaching skills with the ability to convey the message both clearly and effectively
Comprehensive knowledge of classroom instructions and classroom management
Good motivator, hardworking and trustworthy educator
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A Position as an English Teacher
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Extract of sample "A Position as an English Teacher"

October 2011 to Date: Ph.D. student in Language and Foreign Culture, specializing in English at the University of Lyon (Universitè Lyon2).
September 2010: Completed a Masters degree in Humanities and Science, Language and Foreign Culture, Specializing in English at the University of Lyon (Universitè Lyon2), France.
June 2007: Studied in English Maitrise, an equivalent of Masters of Arts (MA) in Humanities and Human Science, Language and Foreign Culture, Specializing in English at the University of Lyon (Universitè Lyon2), France.
March 1999: Studied Bachelors Degree specializing in English Language Translation at the Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
March 1996: Obtained an F.C.E (First Certificate in English), from Milad Language School, Tehran, Iran.
June 1993: Obtained a High School Diploma (the equivalent of an A-Level certificate) specializing in science subjects at Vahdat High School, Tehran, Iran.
June 2000 to 2004: Worked on a part-time basis as a translator and supervisor of foreign contacts at Vahid Ayin Engineering Company in Tehran.
May 2000 to March 2005: Working as a part-time manager in charge of international affairs at Barez Plastic Tehran.
October 1996: Taught at Taha and Shayestegan Language Schools in Tehran, Iran from beginner to Upper-Intermediate classes. Duties entailed setting and marking examination papers.
2000 to 2005: Worked as a supervisor in Taha Language School
-Attended as an interpreter a “Learned Women Conference” in 2001 in………………
-A collaborator with Maryam Educational Charity Institution, an NGO that is active in humanitarian activities and supports orphans and needy children.
-A volunteer teacher for children who are supported by the Maryam Educational Institute.
Persian: Mother's tongue
English: Fluent
French: Good
Turkish: Fluent
Arabic: Writing and reading
Horse riding
Mountain climbing
Playing Se-Tar (an Iranian musical instrument).
I am a competent driver as I have a clean driving license being an owner of a private car.

The Director ………………
Dear …………
I hereby apply for the post of an English Teacher in your reputable institution of learning. My working and learning experience has tremendously improved my communication skills, leadership skills and the ability to be a team player.
Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Language and Foreign Culture with specialization in English at the University of Lyon (Universitè Lyon 2). The subjects am studying are relevant in the post of an English teacher that you recently advertised.
During my short teaching career before resuming further studies, I have been able to be an outstanding classroom teacher as well as manager of student affairs. I have been involved in the organization of classroom management protocols for the schools I have taught, thus endowed with a wealth of experience in regard to supervision, working under intense pressure to achieve goals as well as embracing teamwork. Working as a teacher interests me so much because it is a noble profession and a call to prepare the future generation with adequate intelligence and human capital. Your institution is known for excellence, and it is my conviction that I will fully contribute to this course with my teaching, leadership skills and the ability to work under pressure.
I patiently look forward to your valuable response.
Yours sincerely
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(A Position As an English Teacher Resume/CV Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4)
A Position As an English Teacher Resume/CV Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4.
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