Part-Time Employment as a Kindergarten Teacher - Resume/CV Example

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The paper states that for an Allegro Children Centre focused on offering a sweet home for young children while providing a nurturing environment with a high-quality education, the author's credentials and multilingual skills are best suited for the required position…
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Part-Time Employment as a Kindergarten Teacher
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During my past work experience as a part-time teacher at Sunflower Kindergarten, I have learned how to create a fun and exciting environment for young children while promoting a healthy and creative learning style. My language skills have allowed me to effectively and patiently communicate with young children and their parents to successfully keep track of their progress. My interactive ability with young children will be best suited for the kindergarten teaching position. Please expect my call within the next week to set up an interview. If you prefer to contact me before then or have any other concerns, please call me at … or email at….
Objective: To obtain part-time employment as a kindergarten teacher at Allegro Childcare Centre to apply my language, organizational, and communicational skills
Relevant Skills:
Communication: Excellent communication skills with the ability to interact with children of all ages; Fluently able to speak English and Chinese and make casual conversations in Japanese; Capable of communicating with parents and discussing any problems/issues. 
Creativity: Ability to develop effective and creative teaching methods; Able to use various tools to make teaching and learning fun i.e. games and books; Able to motivate children so they can realize their creative abilities. 
Organizational: Highly organized and able to plan group activities and outings while maintaining safety; Ability to monitor and report on children’s development and progress. Read More
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