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Working while Studying for a Bachelors Degree in Management Administration - Resume/CV Example

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I am presently working while studying for a Bachelors Degree in Management Administration. In my 11 years of experience, while working for various companies, I have played the role of coordinating various departments as well as overseeing the implementation of tasks that are vital for these organizations…
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Working while Studying for a Bachelors Degree in Management Administration
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Extract of sample "Working while Studying for a Bachelors Degree in Management Administration"

To work in an organization where I will be more of an asset while developing my career in management, and utilizing my experience in organizing people and coordinating organizational processes to completion
Currently studying Management Administration Bachelor Degree at Arab Open University (88 Hours completed.
Several courses in understanding Business Behavior.
A course in understanding Business Functions.
A course in English Language 8 level-Dammam – Language Institute 1998.
A course in English Language 6 level- AL-Qateef – Al-Andalus Language Institute 2002.
A course in Computers and the Net
A course in System Thinking: Principles and Practice
Diploma in Mechanical Technology in the field of PRODUCTION. Engineering With GOOD percentile in the year 1997, from the College of Technology at Dammam.
General Mechanical Diploma in the year 1994, from Industrial Secondary Institute.
Independent minded, outgoing, honest, accommodating, and dependable and Flexible, can easily relate to clients need and perform enthusiastically to produce quality results.
A person who thinks smart and moves fast.
Training in computer applications
Training in business report writing
Training in Project planning and management
Skills in business fundraising
Experienced in project development, monitoring, and evaluation
Competent in Windows-based computer applications/ MS Office, internet, keyboard speed 50 WPM
Good interpersonal skills and experience in a multicultural working environment
Excellent communication and networking skills
Presently working as a site superintendent under the Saudi Aramco Project Department under the sponsorship of Delta Catalytic Saudi Arabia LTD
Work Experience: Total Work Experience: 11 Years
I. From August 2006 to June - 2009 :
Covering BI-10-03184 - SGP / JGP C2 + NGL Pipe Line Capacity Increase project.
Key Responsibilities:
Review IFC and design drawings P&ID including isometric drawing, Hydrostatic Test diagrams and renders assistance to the contractor (FMQ) in the following:
The main activity included coordinating various departments in order to ensure that all worked in line with the strategic plan. It also included scheduling of hot tapping/ cold tapping activities between Aramco and contractor as well as management of all piping related activities from piping fabrication, installation and pipe stringing and hydro testing.
Planning and coordinating the installation and erection of pipe racks, scraper launchers and receiver including all, associated piping works. It also involved coordinating the Installation of the scrapers for both launcher and receiver including its accessories and appurtenances
Installation of the pipeline from the SGP (launcher scraper) to JGP (receiver scraper) including R.O.W construction, line welding, tie-in’s, valve stations and jump over lines.
Supervising all air pigging, gauging, caliper run and hydro testing for SHJNGL-2 P/L.
Clearing punch list items, PMCC and MCC.
II. From May 2004 to July 2006 :
Worked as a Site Superintendent for oil and water wells in Qatif & Abu-Safah Project. Under the sponsorship of Al-Hugayet Contractor
Key Responsibilities:
Review of IFC drawings including isometric & PID and hydrostatic drawing to do the following.
Overseeing the construction and installation of the wellhead area including (pipes, flanges, sampling pot, valves, and pressure gauges, etc….)
Overseeing the installation of the flow lines coming from wellhead to headers lines (drain line header, test line header and production line headers for both Arab C oil and Arab D oil) including MOV’S valves.
Overseeing the installation of the scrapers for both launcher and receiver including its accessories
Coordinating the installation of the trunk lines from the oil site (launcher scraper) to GOSP 1 (receiver scraper)
Overseeing the cleaning for piping including (pigging and gauging) then doing the hydro test for all above points.
III. From March 2005 to July 2006 :
Worked tie-in of Berri, Sfny & RT (PWI) laterals to Onshore Disposal system
Key Responsibilities:
Reviewing of IFC drawings including isometric& PID and hydrostatic drawing to do the following:
Coordinate the construction and installation of the wellhead area including (pipes, flanges, sampling pot, valves, and pressure gauges, etc….)
Supervise the installation of the flowline coming from header to the wellhead by seal coupling.
Supervise the cleaning for piping including (pigging & gauging) then doing the hydro test for all above points.
Finally, sign partial mechanical completion certificate (PMCC) to submit the site
IV. From May 2001 to May 2004 :
Worked as a Mechanical /PM Technician, in Middle East Buttery Company.
Key Responsibilities in the Manufacturing Department / Green Group:
Operate Monitor, troubleshoot and maintain Green Group line equipment such
As Cast-On- Strap, Encapsulation / Collator, Heat sealer, Extrusion Fusion Welding Machine, TIG Welding Machines, and Spinomatic Machines
Carry out machine changeover from one model to the other for a specific period of time
Carry out maintenance works for machine tooling such as casting molds, Audit the PM implementation of the area on a daily basis
Submit a report and lead the corrective action of findings on non-compliance with the PM system
Ensure the safety of other craftsmen and secure the equipment from damages by Conducting safe work standards, attitudes, and habits
Attend to emergency repair and maintenance on Mechanical equipment or perform Additional installations and modifications
Work with other technicians and craftsmen as required to perform specific tasks Attend informal and/ or formal cross-training- sessions for manpower Skills development
Report directly to his respective supervisor and submit reports as required
Conduct shift turnover to the incoming shift.
V. From May 1997 to May 2001 :
Worked as Mechanical Technician (Welding), in Advanced PET Technologies, Ltd.
Key Responsibilities:
Coordinating the installation and dismantling of molds that are used in processing melted Materials
Supervising the operation of manual lathing machines and machines that are operated by computer (CNC) including assorting.
VI. From Jan 1997 to June 1997 :
Worked as Mechanical Engineer (Welding), in Hamza Khushaim to Mohammad Jamal Co, Ltd.
Key Responsibilities:
Maintenance of hydraulic pump i.e. installation of valves and other required consumable parts
Maintenance of machines that are installed on the rolling bearing, conveyors, and gears
Maintenance of the units that are operated by compressed air and requirements.
Listening to music
Socializing. Read More
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