A Position that Will Allow to Utilize, Enhance and Build upon Interpersonal Communication Skills - Resume/CV Example

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With the tremendous amount of time I have spent living in different places around the world, resulting in the invaluable work and personal experiences which I have had, I have been researching companies of interest that I feel would be a good fit for my professional interests…
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A Position that Will Allow to Utilize, Enhance and Build upon Interpersonal Communication Skills
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With my strong language skills in both English as well as Arabic and the working knowledge that I have of conversing in French, I am confident that these skills, along with my background in; sales, journalism, and theater work, that I have amassed a solid level of experience that would be of great benefit to the workplace. I realize you will need to know a bit more about me in order to consider me as a suitable candidate; for this reason, I have enclosed my resume for your review as the first step in the application process. I trust you will find my early experience to be a strong indicator of what I would contribute as a skilled, hardworking addition to your work environment.
2004-2005 Capital Security & Investigations Ottawa, Ont.  
Position: Security Officer
Patrolling the client sites to ensure the safety and security of a large area of clients property.
Dealing with individuals in all sorts of situations. Such as; resolving conflict situations, the ability to assess any situation and ultimately to deal with it.
Responsible to give directions to people, directing guests during special events, answering their questions & to help them.
Responsible to report an incident, reporting of all guest complaints and observed incidents immediately.
2004-2005 The Spot Ottawa, Ont.
Sales Associate
Set up trunk shows and attended clinics for new incoming fashion lines, as well as arranging store displays of featured merchandise. Also responsible for dressing the store windows.
Worked with tailors and seamstresses for fittings and scheduled private shopping appointments with high-end customers.
Responsible for and handled customer request inquiries, as well as all aspects of customer service.
Made bank deposits as well as maintaining the cash register daily. Made sure store was secure at the end of the day. 
2003-2004 Mono Theater Beirut, Lebanon
Assistant Wardrobe
Responsible for the setting, costumes, as well as the makeup for those in the play.
Packing up of both the costumes and the accessories used.
Making sure that all items were available when needed.
2003-2004 Celebrity's Theater Beirut, Lebanon
Assisted Fashion Coordinator
Responsible for elements covered by (mise en scene), and customs of the actors.
The fitting and dressing of the performers.
2003-2004 Photonet Magazine Zahle, Lebanon 
Photojournalist wrote feature articles.
The shooting of photographs regarding social life.
Responsible for finding something interesting and meaningful at the event.
Volunteer Experience:
(Summer 2003)  American University of Science & Technology
Gallery exhibition of a collection of photographs including; portraits, oldies, and effects of light.
l Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 2006-2007
Preparation year for Bachelor studies (Film studies).
l Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 2005-2006
Leadership and University success certificate.
l Iron Horse Academy, Ottawa, Canada 2004-2005
Security Officer Certificate (Basics).
l American University Of Science & Technology, Beirut, Lebanon 2001-2004 Communication Arts (Radio& Tv).
l Mira Training Centre (MTC), Beirut, Lebanon 2003-2004
Travel Agent Certificate.
 l Institute For Private Education & Training (IPTQ), Salmiya, Kuwait 1999-2000 Computing & programming Diploma
 l Al jeel Al Jaded High School, Salmiya, Kuwait 1997-1998
General Secondary Education Certificate (HSD) in Arts. Read More
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