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Management Planning - Essay Example

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Management planning can be considered to be one of the essential aspects in the running of an organization, and the success of a business depends on this activity to not only achieve success, but stay afloat in an environment where the wrong moves mind lead a company down the…
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Management Planning
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Extract of sample "Management Planning"

Download file to see previous pages n organization and thus it is paramount for an individual to be able to grasp the various concepts that have to do with them Doing so allows one to be able to perform their functions in an efficient manner that will guarantee progress within the company (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 2012).
Two of the features that have been mentioned above and affect managerial performance include interpersonal relationships and communication skills. These two features can be said to have a relationship with one another as for one develop one, they will need to be able to develop the other (Boddy, 2011). In such a case, it can be said that interpersonal relationships and communication skills are involved in a harmonious existence with one another in the business world. There are a number of ways that these two features can affect the level of performance capable of a manager, but in order to determine what they are, one first needs to understand what these they are (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 2012). Interpersonal relationships can refer to an association between two or more people formed as a result of regular interaction between the involved parties with one another (Gable & Reis, 2010). There are different underlying reasons behind the development of this interaction such as love, inference or business/work obligations that require one to spend time with another. This type of relationships can be said to be formed within the contexts and guidelines of society and thus can be governed by the law, mutual agreement or cultural aspects. Interpersonal relationships can be seen as the backbone of society as a whole.
Communication skills have to do with the level of ones ability to successfully communicate with another person (Maniaci & Reis, 2010). Communication itself can be explained as the process whereby a message is successfully transferred from one person (the sender) to another (the receiver). Without communication, one would not be able to understand others and thus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Management Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 2)
Management Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 2.
“Management Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 2”, n.d.
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