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Funding cuts due to technology in educational environments - Essay Example

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An outside efficiency expert has recommended restructuring the divisions responsible for human resources and records in a way that 52 people would lose their jobs. The…
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Funding cuts due to technology in educational environments
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Download file to see previous pages Yet, many of these employees have worked for your institution for years, some are over the age of 55, several have documented physical disabilities, and 25% are ethnic minorities. About half of these employees are part of a strong union, the other half have worked for senior administrators in the organization who have given them glowing annual reports, and three are personal friends of the Board/individuals who hired the CEO. An unknown senior staff member leaked the report to the media and now the internal and external communities are in an uproar.
Your CEO called you to her office and has given you 48 hours to identify and analyze the critical implications and issues if she decides to move forward with this action. She requires a clear, concise and persuasive essay presenting your analysis and your immediate and long-term recommendations. She insists that your recommendations be based on research and theory in leadership, change management, communications, interpersonal effectiveness, and the political realities of implementing this change if she decides to go forward with it.
In today’s society, organizations undergoing technology-driven transformations must fully comprehend that technology is only one of a variety of inter-related workings which drive organizational performance. A multi-system viewpoint of organizations highlights the interdependencies between an organizations technology, structure and culture, and how these affect organizational processes and behaviors. Thriving technological innovations necessitate that either the technology be created to fit the organizations current arrangement and culture or that the organizational arrangement and culture be remade to fit the strain of the new technology. Therefore, the desired effects of new technology are most often realized in organizations and are able to execute the further changes that are required to maintain an overall fit.
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Funding Cuts Due to Technology in Educational Environments Essay.
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