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Budget prioritization issues, budget cuts, increases tuitions affect higher education - Essay Example

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Institutions of higher education are designed for tuition to help pay for the necessities a campus needs to ensure the students are getting just that with sufficient staff and faculty, updated facilities, high…
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Budget prioritization issues, budget cuts, increases tuitions affect higher education
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Download file to see previous pages It can be problematic for a university that does not have the financial means to meet all needs of the students. However, students simply cannot be the sole income resource to help an institute of higher learning to completely operate and maintain the overhead.
There may be an issue at some higher educational institutions and universities where the monetary resources are not there to completely provide to a student. This could result in a student not receiving the type of education they anticipate due to budget cuts and priorities made by universities. There then can be a digression at these learning institutions because universities often turn to increasing tuition to help accommodate for the losses. However, if no changes are being made to the university, are students really getting what they are paying for per credit hour in tuition?
If students start to compare schools and determine they can receive the same credentials from universities which have more to offer because they have more income to create better learning environments but yet the tuition is higher, it is likely the student will choose a different institution. Therefore, a university finds itself in even more of an economic and budget stretch because of decreased enrollment due to higher tuition rates. Students then cannot afford the university and the university cannot then afford to offer the best technologies, smaller class sizes, more faculty, a variety of class options and also a larger variety of degree programs or certifications. When this happens, what exactly is the draw for a student to attend that college because no matter where a student chooses to go for higher educational needs, tuition is typically not cheap.
Before looking at budget cuts and prioritization issues, one might just want to take a look at the common cost of a college class per credit hour to get an idea of how much a student might spend on their higher ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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