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The skills and expertise of an Electrical Engineer are required in construction projects, particularly on the assembly of electrical and electronic systems needed to mobilize the construction team, and post-project to provide the structure the needed electrical system to function according to its design…
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Entry Level Electrical Engineer
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Electrical Engineers in an entry-level position are expected to assist in the design, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of electrical instruments, facilities, products and equipment for various purposes, including commercial, domestic, and industrial purposes. They are also expected to be knowledgeable about the operations of computer-assisted engineering and design software to perform tasks needed to complete a project.
As this personnel is still starting up their careers, they are expected to have minimal exposure to the inspections of completed installations and applications that aim to enhance functionality. However, they must have basic knowledge of the theories and principles regarding a project’s conformity to design and equipment specifications and compliance with operational and safety standards. 
Basically, entry-level electrical engineers will be first required to provide administrative and logistical support to senior engineers, such that they will act as an apprentice, and at the same time, be held responsible for the minor details of a project. They will look at the minor details, prepare reports for consultation with members of the senior team. They will handle documentation of equipment projects and other maintenance activities.
This group of people will also be required to prepare and study technical drawings, specifications of electrical systems, and topographical maps to make sure that all activities conform to international operational standards. They are also tasked to monitor that the projects do not exceed the given budget, and as such, must be able to track expenses and must be knowledgeable of industry costs and expenses,
Other skills necessary are as follows:
The ability to design, analyze and troubleshoot various digital control circuits and systems.
The ability to install and maintain solid state equipment and electrical control systems.
The ability to design or modify diagrams and create engineering specifications for clarification of design details and functional criteria of electronic units.
The ability to observe designs and analyze conditions that have an impact on them. He must also be able to find solutions to technical problems and make recommendations thereat.
The ability to build, calibrate and maintain electrical instruments and test equipment Read More
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