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Safety in Aircraft Maintenance - Term Paper Example

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Neglecting ground maintenance can prove to be fatal as once an aircraft is flying in the air, little can be done to correct the errors…
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Safety in Aircraft Maintenance
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Extract of sample "Safety in Aircraft Maintenance"

Download file to see previous pages Because of the huge size of an aircraft and the various electronic, electrical and mechanical hazards associated with different parts of a plane, it becomes a norm to take preventive measures for the safety assurance of ground personnel’s. Safety needs to be addressed in many aspects of aircraft maintenance including aircraft engines, fuel systems, electrical wirings, Non destructive testing and assembly of parts. The preventive measures that need to be taken have also been highlighted.
Everyday millions of passengers fly by air to reach their desired destinations. Air flight has become the fastest, convenient source of transportation and perhaps safer in some respects as compared to other modes.
Together with the safety of passengers flying on an aircraft, the aviation industry is also concerned with the safety of those associated with the maintenance of aircrafts. Maintenance of aircrafts requires a lot of effort, together with appropriate measures of safety in handling high pressures, electronic equipments and surveying the engines. These tasks require large numbers of skilled engineers and technicians (Xavier, 2005).
Apart from maintenance of frameworks and body, other maintenance safety precautions need to be taken while performing checks for leaks, structural damages and internal electrical systems (BTEC National)
Maintenance of an aircraft is essential to ensure that the aircraft flies with the standards set for it and that no anomaly occurs in between its flight. Aircraft maintenance demands high technology and numerous people like mechanics, engineers and experts to ensure safety and efficiency of the plane.
Aircraft maintenance safety is directed by some set standards and precautions which need to be taken by workers maintaining the plane. A “safety management system” established by the “International Civil Aviation Organization” works on this very aspect of safety in aircraft maintenance (Herrera, I.A & Hovde. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Safety in Aircraft Maintenance Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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