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Forward-Thinking, Outcome-Oriented Producer - Resume/CV Example

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Energetic and dependable contributor with technical prowess, proven leadership, highly developed multilingual communication skills and years of sales and management success. Innovative, resourceful and inventive. Identify opportunities and consistently achieve objectives…
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Forward-Thinking, Outcome-Oriented Producer
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Extract of sample "Forward-Thinking, Outcome-Oriented Producer"

Confidential Resume of Sur Address, Post Country Mobile, Email: CAREER AIM International & Multinational MARKETING • SALES • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
Forward-Thinking, Outcome-Oriented Producer
Energetic and dependable contributor with technical prowess, proven leadership, highly developed multilingual communication skills and years of sales and management success. Innovative, resourceful and inventive. Identify opportunities and consistently achieve objectives.

Education & Qualifications
Date from – Date to
Internal courses
(Presentation + Negotiation skills / ILP Program)
Business German Diploma, 1996
Goethe Institute - London, U.K.
Date from – Date to
Bachelor of Marketing & Negotiation, Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieure (E.S.C.E.) - Paris, France
Foremost Business School in France; highly recognized throughout Europe
Date from – Date to 1991
French Baccalaureat in Economics, 1991
Universite de Saint-Exupery - Versailles, France
Other Competencies
Computer literate • Windows Applications • SAP/APO
Mother Tongue French • Fluent in German & English
Other Skills
Leadership Skills:
Leadership Style:
Strong conceptual, organizational and analytic abilities. Market driven, innovative strategist, proactive decision maker, artful problem solver, insightful change agent.
Gain consensus, respect and trust; set high standards; communicates objectives enthusiastically; challenge individuals; promotes rationality and careful problem solving.
Articulate in 3 languages; respond effectively to local and global needs, capabilities, and interests. Utilize negotiation, persuasion and authority to enlist cooperation.

Work Experience
Date from – Date to
Job Title
Accountable for management and execution of the Alumina division’s physical sales (approximately 6 million tons) and marketing activities in global and / or regional markets, in line with the agreed marketing objectives and strategies.
Employer Name, Location
• Manage the physical Alumina book with particular responsibility for turnover, margin and position management.
• Manage and develop the Alumina sales team in the regional offices.
• Negotiate and conclude spot and long term contracts with key suppliers and customers.
• Provide all relevant information, including analysis for budget, performance review and management reporting purposes.
Date from – Date to
Job Title
Drive implementation of international market expansion tactics. Actively solicit new accounts and relationships in the Steel Industry; negotiate long term contracts, prices, terms and conditions (for Coking Coal, Iron Ore, Manganese Ore + Alloys); research, analyze and assess customer needs, usage levels, budget and supply programs. Utilize superior networking and communications abilities, continually building strong customer relations, achieving outstanding customer satisfaction. Assist senior management in all areas of operations.
Employer Name, Location
Spearhead development of new and existing markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East; manage and coordinate specific product sales to strategic markets and customers.
Date from – Date to
Job Title
Researched market conditions in regional and national areas to determine potential sales of consumer products. Evaluated effectiveness of surveys, opinion polls and questionnaires. Assisted in assessing market position and developing guidelines and recommendations.
Employer Name, Location
Stayed informed on regional politics and priorities, cultural trends and special interests; researched, synthesized and produced marketing survey on North African countries.
Date from – Date to
Job Title
Performed accounting and audit procedures on cash accounts and subsequent events. Monitored routine operations, filing, answering credit statements and memos. Examined invoices for appropriate authorization and classification. Researched, analyzed and summarized a variety of financial transactions and reports. Interacted efficiently as team worker.
Employer Name, Location
Utilized financial spreadsheets, word processing and business-related software; recognized and defined issues; encouraged alternative solutions and plans to solve problems
Date from – Date to
Job Title
Effective marketing strategies were developed with my assistance. Analyzed current client needs industry capacity, competitive intelligence and potential positioning. Established research methodology; designed format for data gathering. Statistical data were examined and future marketing trends were forecasted. Gathered data on competitors and analyzed prices, sales and methods of distribution.
Employer Name, Location
Conducted comprehensive market research and produced report on sales opportunities and product placement for Copper tubes throughout Western Europe.
References and further data available upon request. And I am willing to perform work-related travel / willing to relocate U.S. and German. Read More
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Forward-Thinking, Outcome-Oriented Producer Resume/CV - 2.
“Forward-Thinking, Outcome-Oriented Producer Resume/CV - 2”, n.d.
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