The Position of Intern in Marketing and Management - Resume/CV Example

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I am very interested in your Internship because I have skills in both Marketing and Management. I started my own business in 1998 and I still run it. I have learned to manage all aspects of the business. I am skilled at networking and know how to bring people together…
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The Position of Intern in Marketing and Management
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Extract of sample "The Position of Intern in Marketing and Management"

Here are some tips, not necessarily in any order, for resumes. I was a Career Counselor and I've reviewed and done zillions of resumes and helped others do the same. Please look this over and tweak it to your liking. I didn't have your major, so I put the marketing/management major in.
I rearranged your resume to "fit" the sample that the teacher gave. Now, you can easily take out the internship stuff and use employment things instead. However, this will give you a good basis. The reason I did this was so that we could do the cover letter to match the resume. With more time I might have looked up a "fake" job posting, but I didn't know where you were, and it was much easier to do it this way.
The resume must match the job you are applying for and the cover letter must match the job posting and the resume.  Employers will be looking at HOW you FIT their position. So, you only want to put on it relevant experience. You don't have to put everything down.
You want to entice them through the cover letter and resume to bring you in for an interview. You want to show them you are a "hot" prospect.
Since this is an internship resume, you can put your GPA; on a professional one that won't be necessary. Employers don't care about seeing that. If they are interested, they will ask you.
You might want to add a section about course work ONLY on an internship resume. I added this for you with fake courses so you would get the idea. On a professional resume, you would leave them off.
Professional strengths should be those things that you do well that are relevant for the job you are applying for. Again, you don’t have to list everything. Just those things that are relevant that will entice them to look at the rest of the resume.
Computer skills -- if you have relevant skills with ANY programs, put them in that section. Only those that are relevant, but if you're going for a job that uses those skills, you want to list them.
I took out the doctor's names on two of the jobs --  you could put their names as a reference, or use them when they ask for references. If they ask you who you worked for in the interview, you can tell them then. You don’t want them (necessarily) to call the doctors and ask about you before they interview you. Therefore, don't put the info on there.
The resume is a snapshot of who you are so you don't want them to have too much information. Just enough to decide to bring you in.
On the Cover letter, I would list point by point the skills that you have that match the job description. You want to show them how you fit what they need. I've put a few things there so you can see. Read More
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