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As a highly competent and trained professional leader with diverse experience in human resource management, I would wish to apply for the HR position in your organization. I currently serve in an executive team as a strategist and have pioneered the HRIS for the company…
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A Highly Competent and Trained Professional Leader
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Extract of sample "A Highly Competent and Trained Professional Leader"

I have a strong passion to drive solutions and innovate. I have led to the adoption of people processes, policies, systems, and procedures in my previous HR jobs including the current one. I have a 3 1/2 year experience but one with the highest unquestionable accountability and integrity which has been rewarded all through.
I am most anxious to join a well reputable organization where HR is respected and can offer me a chance to provide my HR management and forward-thinking strategies. I am short of the 4-year experience required but I realized that my innovative and creativity skills are indispensable for any organization that wants to prosper.
Yours sincerely,

I have my PHR now and I am planning to pursue my SPHR very soon.

Staff development.Payroll functions
Orientation and onboarding.Benefits administration
Record keeping.Dispute resolution
Workers compensation.Succession planning
HR department set-up.Change management
Decisive thinker.Collaborative
Team Leadership.Negotiation skills
Skilled influencer.Role model
CBS, New York,
Human Resource Generalist, 2010- present
Worked with media owners and company managed to develop and create HR procedures and policies, develop orientation, recruit, and train new workers, administer payroll, administering HR budget and developing and maintaining the HRIS of the company.
Key Results:
Played the role of ensuring workers get proper training before resuming their work
Developed training programs.
Negotiated packages, bonuses, and salaries of new workers.
Republished and updated workers manual covering issues like commissions and salaries structures.
Reading. Traveling and making new friends
Playing football Read More
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