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The Post of a Part-Time Protein Research Assistant - Resume/CV Example

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This paper under the following headline 'The Post of a Part-Time Protein Research Assistant" focuses on the fact that the author will be completing the degree course in biomedical science in a few months from now. He intends pursuing a career in the field as a researcher. …
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The Post of a Part-Time Protein Research Assistant
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Extract of sample "The Post of a Part-Time Protein Research Assistant"

Download file to see previous pages I am pursuing a degree of Biomedical Science with Management Studies and am currently in the final year. This course has been particularly motivating as one could deal with life science as well as understand the core management skills essential for survival. I shall be majoring in Biomedical Science which has been particularly enlightening. Since I had a Life Science background, coping with the technical subjects was not difficult. I found the subject interesting as well. It has in fact given me a direction in life and I would like to make a career in the field of biotechnology. I learnt some professional techniques and skills, I came to know about the numerous Human diseases, Cell signalling and immunology biotechnology firm system/problem. For my final year project, I worked on Protein disease which has further provided guidance in understanding more professional techniques and skills. In fact, I have even decided to pursue a career in this field as a protein analyst.

My final year project was on protein disease which has helped me to understand the professional techniques and skills essential to be a protein analyst. The study of protein structure and function is an essential part of biochemistry. To make a career as a protein specialist requires specialized training and a thorough understanding of all facets of protein function. The growth of the biomedical industry has been phenomenal and protein science needs further study and investment. I strongly feel that my choice of being a protein analyst would be challenging and interesting as well. Besides, it assures me of a career with growth prospects. I have acquired subject-specific technical skills as well as transferable core skills. It has helped to acquire skills that are necessary for advanced research in the field of medicine. I am now able to plan, conduct and evaluate experiments. I am aware of and am able to comply with health and safety regulations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Post of a Part-Time Protein Research Assistant Resume/CV.
(The Post of a Part-Time Protein Research Assistant Resume/CV)
The Post of a Part-Time Protein Research Assistant Resume/CV.
“The Post of a Part-Time Protein Research Assistant Resume/CV”.
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