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Women in Developing Countries 300 Times More Likely to Die in Childbirth - Research Paper Example

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Despite the world developing at a fast rate, it raises eyebrows among many countries why women die while giving birth mainly in developing countries (less developed countries). It is on this basis that a lot of research has been conducted in the developing countries to come up with an absolute reason for the occurrence…
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Women in Developing Countries 300 Times More Likely to Die in Childbirth
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Download file to see previous pages According to UNICEF, 70, 000 women die monthly because of poor conditions. Some of the developing countries experiencing the problem include Afghanistan, Chad, Angola, Somalia, Niger, Guinea Bissau as well as Mali. Social problems, for instance, contribute to the problem, as developing countries do not give women the respect and privilege they deserve. Instead, women get treated roughly and has limited access to social amenities as the governments do little to establish the social amenities. Women therefore undergo through various difficulties to access medical services leading to poor growth of children and, as a result, causing the death of women during birth. In spite of the poor access to social amenities, empowering of women in developing countries remains a nightmare. This is education is preserved for the only few women to can face men and go against the mentalities posed by various parents. Instead, women are married off at tender ages missing education. Lack of basic education denies women the chance of self-empowerment leaving them ignorant on pregnancy issues (UNFPA, 2010). Because of the ignorance, many women die during birth, as they do not give pregnancy the care it deserves. Consequently, women lack access to funds, which can enable them, access medical services in time and instead rely on men for support (Pablos-Mendez, 2012). These force women in less developed countries, to rely on traditional doctors who do not give them proper attention as well as medical care. Political problems also play a significant role in propagating death of women during birth in developing countries. It is the role of every government to provide sustainable and appropriate health services. This is quite the opposite in less developed countries; most governments get engulfed in high standard corruption and mismanagement. As a result, little is dome to protect and give basic services to pregnant women. It is from this perspective than political problems bear the consequence of women death during pregnancy (WHO, 2009). Apart from the above factors, there are various factors, which lead to the death of women during birth in developing countries. According to the millennium development goals of the United Nations, it is the responsibility of every country to reduce the mortality rate of women during child delivery. Overreliance on donor funding by developing countries remains a key problem, which has messed up various health sectors. This is because less developed countries find it difficult to deliver various services without grants from developed countries. This makes drug supply to various health facilities difficult a factor denying women the chance to gain better health and consultancy services. In turn, when the time comes for delivery death remains an obvious occurrence due to improper care (UNFPA, 2010). Grand corruption also remains a leading factor that has caused death of women in developing countries. Corruption in developing countries, for example, raises charges in hospitals a factor denying poor women the chance to access the services. In efficient facilities and equipment is another factor, which has caused the deteriorating health services in developing countries. As a result, women die during delivery due to lack of facilities to take care of complicated cases (Pablos-Mendez, 2012). Unemployment also remains a key contributor towards the death of women during delivery. Less developed counties get characterized by high unemployment rates a factor, which leaves many people to opt for marriage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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