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In the historical context, home nursing support for pregnant and delivery mothers is intimately tied in with the midwifery profession. Midwives after all are the earliest home nursing support for delivering and pregnant mothers and this paper will talk about it…
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Home Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The American Indians also had their own midwives and traditions of birthing (Rooks, 2006). Changes in the legislation and the education system were eventually made in order to introduce midwifery and nursing education in the schools. The regulation of the profession was also set forth with the implementation of government control and management in the 1920s; these regulations have been modified throughout the years (Rooks, 2006). In the 1800s, birthings were attended mostly by midwives; the rest by physicians. Physicians soon replaced the role of midwives in the birthing when the former were made to undergo more training in the field of birthing. Hospitalizations of birthing mothers became one of the means adapted in order to improve the skills of birthing doctors. Gradually, the number of midwives trickled to a limited population with most of them being relegated to rural communities (Rooks, 2006). Nurse-midwifery however slowly made a rebirth in North America with the Frontier Nursing Service (FNS) founded in poor rural county Kentucky in 1925 (Rooks, 2006). It was founded by Mary Breckenridge who was a public health nurse with the Red Cross France. She was trained by British midwives in the birthing process and she used these skills to help poor families in Kentucky (Rooks, 2006). These nurse-midwives attended births only until the 1950s when the hospitals created midwifery services to assist in the post war baby-boom. In the 1960s, only about 70 nurse midwives were in practice. These nurse-midwives were however very much influential because they advocated family-centred maternity care and assisted in childbirth education; they also illustrated the importance of mother-baby rooming, the importance of encouraging breast...
This paper approves that in order to ensure that the nurse and the midwife, as well as other health professionals are equipped to deal with the home health patients they would be monitoring, proper training and workshops must be set-up for them. These workshops and trainings would properly inform them of the inclusive details of their practice in relation to the patient’s needs. It would enhance their knowledge and skills; it would also serve to update their knowledge about postpartum care; and it would help focus their skills towards more specific patient needs. Through these staff trainings and workshops, they would be trained to know what to expect from their patients and the danger signs which may be associated with at-risk patients.
This report makes a conclusion that this research very enlightening but also very much difficult. We had to convince ourselves to focus on the research and to ensure that we would be able to reach and fulfill the goals of this research. This process was tedious at times, but we understood that these were essential parts of the research. We were prompted many times to ask help from my fellow nurses in the reflection process. They were very helpful and they gave me strong and very insightful details about our research. We learned about the benefits of teamwork and coordination and of communicating with other health professionals, not just nurses. We found out that with proper and respectful coordination, the patient can benefit well from the improved practice and collaboration of health professionals. The referral process would be automatic and routine, to a point wherein the flow of communication would be seamless. This research assisted in the development of my analytical skills. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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