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Model Trends in Nursing Introduction Monitoring, reframing and advancing the nursing trends have become more significant for the US healthcare sector today, being on the verge of restructuring. As per the proposed restructuring of the healthcare sector in the US, nursing will have limited role to play in the acute care division, while its significance will increase manifolds in the community (Chen, 2010)…
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Download file to see previous pages Accordingly, a larger volume of nurses should be trained and developed to grow their efficiency in sufficing the requirements of the community, and if required, must also be capable of addressing the needs of the acute care hospitals. Correspondingly, a primary objective, when focusing on the restructuring of the US healthcare sector, must be to enhance nursing practices in accordance with the needs of the community. In order to accomplish this aim, training the nurses with the application of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) can be suggestible. This particular technique has been one of the major reasons for the successful performance of many of the healthcare units in the US. In accordance to this approach, evidence-based care shall further result in improved patient care as well as satisfaction of the nurses in the community level. EBP is also vital for healthcare practitioners and nurses owing to the fact that it acts as the foundation for disease management works (Saver, 2006). Another practice enhancement mechanism that can be applied when aiming at restructuring the nursing trends in the US healthcare sector can be suggested as the Continuum of Care mechanism. It is among the vital aspects in the nursing practices that intend to augment the effectiveness of professionals. It directly focuses on the well being as well as the safety of the patients. The nurses involved in the healthcare sector will thus need to develop continuous care relationship with the patients through providing seamless services and simultaneously, seeking effective coordination and assistance from different departments of the healthcare unit (American Academy of Family Physicians, 2013). Hence, it can be argued that along with identifying the community healthcare needs, nurses should also be competent enough to work in cohesion with other departments of the community care hospitals. Scope for nurses from the restructuring Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) constitute of healthcare service providers comprising doctors, nurses and hospitals who aim at working together to serve the community with efficient services. The roles played by nurses can be observed as quite vital in this group. The organization purposefully strives hard to ensure recognition for the nurses who deliver effective services, so that the nurses are satisfied in their profession and are able to deliver utmost care to the patients. Furthermore, the organization has reflected its endeavor to enhance effectiveness of nurses regarding to be included in this group (American Nurses Association, 2013). Medical homes can also be considered to add vital scopes to the success of nurses. Medical homes generally follow a team based delivery model that provides complete healthcare services to the patients focusing primarily on effective training of the nurses. It has increasingly become a new employment sector for nurses, offering them with complete assistance and benefits when serving the community (Sheridan, 2012). Apart from Accountable Care Organizations and Medical Homes, Nurse-Managed Health Clinics also provide vital opportunities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MODEL TRENDS IN NURSING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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