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Linking of Nursing concepts - Essay Example

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Linking of Nursing Concepts Name: Institution: Linking of Nursing Concepts The nursing profession is faced by a myriad of problems throughout the world and therefore, there is the need for continuous and elaborate medical education. As it is evident in a majority of the nations, nursing faculty faces acute shortage in terms of staffing…
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Linking of Nursing concepts
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Download file to see previous pages Generally, in today’s modern health systems, education for both the professionals and the patients plays a critical in the nursing faculty. As Carpenter and Bell suggested, teaching is a vital, teaching is a major characteristic of the nurse’s role. With the emerging trends in healthcare, there is the need for nurses to be accountable in terms of quality care delivery to patients. Therefore, these professionals must demonstrate the extent of the knowledge and skills acquired not only to their peers but also to the patients (Bastable, 2008 p.94). Imperative to note is that these professionals are obliged to teach and assist others while at the same time learn within the healthcare settings. Within the nursing fraternity in a majority of the states are nurse practice acts (NPA) in whose scope include teaching as a nursing responsibility. By the stipulated legal mandate of these acts, it is expected that nurses provide high quality instructions for the wellbeing of consumers and diseases management. In undertaking this role of information and knowledge dissemination, nurses are able to achieve their professional goal in provision of safe, cost-effective and high quality care. For quality assurance purposes various organizations and agencies have to abide to the mandates stipulated by healthcare accreditation bodies. Such mandates elaborate the forms of care, treatment regimens and services offered to patients with different conditions. Another legal perspective in nursing education has been enshrined in the patient’s bill of rights. In this law, nurses provide complete and up to date information with regard to diagnosis, cure and prognosis in an understandable manner to patients (Bastable, 2008 p.116). Patient education in nursing as a profession majorly focuses on increasing the client’s confidence for managing of self. Effective teaching by the nurses has a lot of potential in boosting client satisfaction, ensuring continuity of self care, quality of life improvement, reduction in health complications and enhance adherence to treatment. On their part, the nurses achieve job satisfaction as educators as they forge and promote therapeutic interrelationships with patients, increased patient nurse independence and accountability boost. The education process in nursing can be likened to the nursing process itself which covers examination, planning, implementation and finally evaluation o the outcomes (Bastable, 2008 p.98). The art of practicing nursing at a higher level requires a thorough understanding of theory and ability to effectively apply the theory in provision of quality healthcare services to patients. The position of theory in the field of nursing has been perceived to be worthless for many years. This has led to the culmination of a situation termed theory-practice gap. Therefore, specialized knowledge at it is a fundamental aspect in other disciplines is also important in nursing. In order to have a deep understanding of this subject, nurses must acquire formal study in nursing comprising of precise philosophical and theoretical aspects. Additionally, the nurses must master the competencies and abilities to employ the knowledge in provision of healthcare to humankind. The carrying out of nursing duties is an intentional and premeditated act that is guided by nursing science and other knowledge sources. This practice is ultimately intended for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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