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Middle Range Nursing Theories Middle Range Nursing Theories Introduction Individuals engaged in nursing field must critically analyze various bases of their attitude which determine the ethics of their professional practices…
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Download file to see previous pages In the same way, it is necessary for nurses to understand the different concepts of nursing strategies and various psychological and philosophical aspects of quality nursing care. Theoretical frameworks including middle range theories clearly define the nursing standards for the modern world. This paper will provide an overview of the concept and evolution of Middle Range Theories of Nursing and their applicability in today’s healthcare scenario. Concepts: Origin and Development Middle range theories are precise and moderate, and possess limited number of variables; hence, they effectively define nursing care standards. To be specific, middle range theories can be effectively applied in the field of nursing research and practice as their practicality can be directly tested. To define, “mid-range theories stand midway between the all encompassing global grand theories that address the entire discipline and hypotheses and theories that are very specific to a particular phenomenon or population” (Lenz, 2006, n.p). As compared to grand theories, Middle range theories are more concrete and narrow. To illustrate, they are written relatively at specific level with limited number of propositions and ideas. Theory of Human Caring (Watson), Theory of Interpersonal Relations (Peplau), and Theory of the Deliberative Nursing Process (Orlando) are some of the well known middle range nursing theories. With regard to the progress of middle range theories, they are based on the results derived from practice and research that can provide clear direction for casual practice and intellectual practice in the discipline further. The past century witnessed a notable level of progress in the middle range theories. Except a few, most of the middle-range theories have come directly from clinicians’ experience. The middle-range theory helps to mark certain condition of the related signs and future approach for symptom management in caring patients. The theory also emphasis on the result of various expressions or conditions with regard to the patient’s performance, and encourages the clear evaluation of patient’s working outcomes. Lieher and Smith (1999), has listed “the relationship between the intellectual process and the source of content related to the development of middle-range theories”; they include “Inductive theory-building theory through practice, Deductive theory. Building from grand nursing theories, Combining existing nursing and non-nursing theories, and Developing theories from clinical practice guidelines “ (Source: Approaches for generating middle range theory. Para. 1. As cited Peterson & Bredow, 2009, in p. 31). Middle range theories are of mainly three types; Middle-range descriptive theories, Middle-range predictive theories, and Middle-range explanatory theories. These variations could be analyzed on the basis of their characteristics and with most relevant examples. Among these, Middle-range descriptive theories usually encompass only a single main concept to classify a phenomenon. While doing so, it simply lists the generalities observed in individuals and groups, and these theories are normally tested by means of descriptive research. The interpersonal Relations (Peplau, 1952) is an example of a middle-range descriptive theory. Peplau’s theory focused on the therapeutic relationship between the nurse and the patient, which is termed as the Nurse-Client Relationship. In contrast, Middle-range expl ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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