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This essay looks into the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses that is abbreviated AMSN (Mason and Nursing, a. t., 2011). The main reason why…
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Studying a Professional Organizational
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Studying a Professional Organizational Organization’s Aim and Activities There are various organizations within the nursing field that act as a yard stick for the practitioners serving in the various departments. This essay looks into the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses that is abbreviated AMSN (Mason and Nursing, a. t., 2011). The main reason why this professional organization was interesting to the study is because it is the only organization in the field of nursing that concentrate on the performance of nursing. It major mission is to facilitate excellence in the sphere of medical nursing. The entity is a lively society of nearly 10,000 surgical nurses that are interest in developing professionally and personally, linking up with other individuals and organizations in the health sector that share a common vision, fighting for the recognition of the surgical nursing field (Roberts, 2008).
The aims and objectives of the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses focus on research development, evidence based practice, advocacy in the workplace, organizational health and the impact of national leadership on health matters. The organization’s mission is to facilitate excellence in the field of surgical nursing. The organization also focuses towards using its strategic position to improve health care for the patients (Roberts, 2008). The organization provides a system through which surgical nurses can express their feelings and opinions about health care policies. The organization also promoted personal and professional goals for surgical nurses. The entity has come up with a system that promotes awareness to the members of society on issues that relate to the practice (Mason and Nursing, a. t., 2011). Above all, the organizations aims at improving the general health care for all patients in the society. Finally, the entity maintains effective communication to governmental organizations, professional groups and acts as resources to the public.
Explain how the organization meets, supports, or advocates the EBP standards and concepts of professional nursing
The organization achieves the above-mentioned functions by meeting the ideas in professional nursing. This is through the promotion of health care to individuals by promoting the art and science of nursing care. The organization facilitates implementation of the policies for practice of surgical nursing. The Academy of Medical Surgical Nursing establishes a framework in which nurses in the field to communicate their health care policies (Mason and Nursing, a. t., 2011). AMSN works towards impacting on policies in health care based on evidence based on various issues. The entity facilitates advancement of research and development in the field and this creates room for new ideas and innovation (Roberts, 2008).
The entity sees innovation as one of the best way to improve its efficiency and to improve the provision of health care (Mason and Nursing, a. t., 2011). AMSN ensures that it stays abreast with the latest developments in technology to improve its performance (Roberts, 2008). AMSN constantly conducts research on the needs of the members of society and finds ways in which it can meet them in a better way. The entity creates awareness to the public on the various issues relating the surgery. Finally, the entity works in collaboration with other professional bodies, governmental organizations as well as public entities to promote health care within the community.
The concepts of professional nursing
The concepts of professional nursing include caring, communication, critical thinking, professionalism, and holism. Caring is an important concept that stipulates that nurses should show care and concern towards their patients and should be able to nurse them back to health as well as empathize with them. It involves maintaining the well-being of the ill, keeping the family happy as well as the doctors happy. It entails going the extra mile to know one’s patients well and most importantly achieving the basic purpose as required by the profession. Communication requires that the nurses should be able to communicate effectively with their patients as well as other medical practitioners (Whitehead, 2008). Nurses should effectively communicate with patients from different social, racial and educational background without being judgmental. They should also communicate efficiently with other medical practitioners to improve effectiveness within the organizations in which they operate in.
Critical thinking requires nurses to be able to solve the various problems that emerge in the practice effectively (Roberts, 2008). Nurses are faced with a couple of challenges in their daily operations. They are required to come up with practical solutions to these issues by applying the critical thinking skills learnt in their course work (Whitehead, 2008). They are required to show professionalism when dealing with people from various backgrounds. Finally, the concept of holism dictates that they should ‘heal’ their patients. This concept was highly emphasized by one of the founders of nursing, Florence Nightingale and has been practiced to date.
Mason, D. J., & Nursing, a. t. (2011). The nursing profession development, challenges, and opportunities. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Roberts, D. (2008). Medical-surgical nursing review questions. Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses.
Whitehead, E. (2008). Key concepts in nursing. Los Angeles: SAGE. Read More
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