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Nursing psychology - Essay Example

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Caring for elderly relatives as they become more frail is a transition which presents some difficulty in the life cycle of many families. In Britain 1.4 million people devote more than 20 hours a week to caring for older people, a role adopted as a result of family and kinship (Taylor and Field 1993)…
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Nursing psychology
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Download file to see previous pages Family nursing encompasses this approach. In the following paper I am going to review particular case study which needs dealing with family nursing. Besides the discussion of the problem presented by the given situation, scientific approach towards solving current psychological and inter-relationship problems will be given.
Family nursing is an important and widely used service among today's modern medical services. Nursing elderly is one of the options it proposes for the people who wish to take care of parents or relatives on a retirement. Demographic trends highlight the fact that from the beginning of the century elderly people (those over 65) have formed an increasingly large section of the population. Projected figures reveal an expected continuation of this trend.
The number of older people above 75 years is also projected as increasing rapidly. Fifty per cent of all elderly people in the year 2000 are expected to be over the age of 75 years (OPCS 1901. Many authors suggest that there is evidence that greater life expectancy will mean greater numbers of health problems (Isaacs 1972, Wenger 1984). UKCC (1986) figures reveal that older people make up the greatest proportion of in and out of hospital patients. These figures suggest that the need for carers will increase over time and Wenger (1984) points out that health professionals are generally brought in when 'informal care networks cannot cope'. She suggests that nurses underestimate the 'prevalence and persistence' of the support and care given by family. Melia and Macmillan's (1983) research concurs with this view and care for an elderly person at home. A family history might often be surprising in the amount and quality of care given to the older patient before contact is made with health professionals.
The literature contains some contradictory findings. There are authors with evidence to support claims that families are not equipped to cope, that a 'large majority' are not aided by family, and that of those who are, the ties are often so fragile that their existence is negligible. In contrast, Iliffe et al. (1991) dispels the myth that families 'don't care', with findings in keeping with Taylor and Fields' (1993) estimates of the family caregiving of elderly relatives.
Within the community setting many different scenarios exist. Studies by Finch (1989) help to focus upon the range of family life often witnessed by nurses. These writers support the view that the modern family has not given up caring. Finch aptly sums this up:
If we take a family-long historical perspective, we can see that people in the present are not necessarily any more or less willing to support their relatives than in the past; but the circumstances under which they have to work out these commitments themselves have changed and created new problems to be solved.
Family nursing allows the nurse to address these 'new problems' and 'fragile' family ties and to be more aware of the 'prevalence and persistence' of the family care given to older patients. The coming together of the family to consider the older relative's care provides an opportunity to discuss work and family commitments in realistic terms. The nurse can give information about the support which home care can provide and the wide range of day care ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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