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Formal Carers in Health and Screening Programs - Assignment Example

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The author of the "Formal Carers in Health and Screening Programs" paper evaluates the implications for health when formal and informal carers work in partnership and assess the contribution that screening programs can make to the population's health…
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Formal Carers in Health and Screening Programs
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Extract of sample "Formal Carers in Health and Screening Programs"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, informal health care providers are mainly neighbors, close relatives, family members or friends of those seeking healthcare services (Nocon & Qureshi 1996). They are not trained professionals, are not under contract and perform wider scopes of tasks than their formal counterparts. Most are not paid but may receive contributions. This part will evaluate the implications for health if formal and informal carers work in partnership and the achievements of the society.

Bringing together networks of informal and formal health service providers is crucial in supporting both the consumers of the services and the practitioners. One implication for health upon partnering will be improved accessibility of services by patients (Nocon & Qureshi 1996). Presently, formal providers are not making enough efforts to maintain and support the informal providers, even with the scope and goodwill available for them to work together. Informal providers have strong connections and well-established roots in the communities they serve. They provide vital care to low and middle-income societies who, in some countries where formal, private and public practitioners are concentrated in urban cities, cannot afford access to formal services (Henderson 1991). Informal providers are a significant representation of the private health practitioners in the rural setting. In contrast to formal providers, they are well placed to reach remote and rural communities. If this aspect is coordinated and managed by the formal sector, it can go a long way in expanding access and filling the gaps present informal provision of healthcare. With their long-running practices and personal affiliations with their societies, they are trusted by the people. This gives them the advantage of being able to persuade and encourage local folk to seek medical help when in need. Since they function in a complex and wide health market, they have also established ties with practitioners in the formal sector where they get medical updates and advice and, on their part, give referrals (Henderson 1991). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Formal Carers in Health and Screening Programs Assignment.
(Formal Carers in Health and Screening Programs Assignment)
Formal Carers in Health and Screening Programs Assignment.
“Formal Carers in Health and Screening Programs Assignment”.
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