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Ability to comprehend all the details of the company’s activity within a very short term after having been employed by this company. Ability to compile and present for public discussion my own ideas aimed at increasing the effectiveness of IT-structures and its further developing and improving…
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Searching for a Position of IT Director
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Ability to represent the company I work for in front of partners and integrators at different levels: from top-management to front-line performers. Excellent command of managerial skills; able to manage personnel so that to yield maximum result. Good experience of both strategic and detailed work on projects of different scales. Able to work on all of the project’s stages: drafting, budgeting, creating and processing working and executive documentation, experiential and industrial exploitation). Ability to profound analysis that allows, basing on the analysis of multiple factors of the company’s activity, to forecast the possibility of different issues of organisational, technological and technical character arising in the work of IT-sphere and, consequently, to take precaution measures and implement well-thought-of solutions so that to eliminate the causes for these problems. Ability to gather a team of professionals and lead it, while remaining an authority, thanks to my knowledge and competencies in different spheres and the sense of responsibility regarding the tasks set and the team. Integrity, attention, responsibility, goal-orientation, high loyalty to employer and company, stress-resistance in any situation. Easy-learner and able to adapt very well in any project or environment. Ambitious to a certain extent, while possessing a high level of professional self-esteem. Conducted the restructuring of the company’s production unit; within the frame of this project methodology and processes of production and project management have been pinpointed and organized. New directions of the company’s competencies have been developed, such as strategic consulting, business consulting, IT-consulting, developing and introducing the business application and others. Due to this, the company managed to get to the end of the last year with more than 50% growth of key figures and has one of the most ambitious development plans on the systematic integration markets in Russia. Read More
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