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General Idea of Spiritual Direction - Research Paper Example

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The essay “General Idea of Spiritual Direction” addresses the modern religious practice which purpose is to prevent conflicts by creating a cooperative confidential atmosphere among adepts. The spiritual director must be charismatic and experienced, formal education is not necessary for him.
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General Idea of Spiritual Direction
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Download file to see previous pages Jesus Christ exhorted his Apostles to focus on the inner dimensions of life by sidelining physical pleasures. This exhortation was a response to the excessive legalism and ritualism that was manifest in the Jews.  Jesus Christ helped Nicodemus to ponder over the mysteries of the universe. Such an activity allowed him to understand the purpose and will of God towards humanity. Paul sought to attain spiritual growth when he declared that Christ was now inside his soul. This sojourn involved the desire to find answers to the mysteries of the universe. Bary & William state that the Apostles, in turn, spread to remote areas of the known world (2009). They preached and practiced the virtues of Christianity by focusing on empathy, patience, love, and affection for humanity. This message was combined with the desire to find the correct path towards salvation and deliverance. The first centuries of Christianity witnessed thousands of individuals going to remote areas in order to develop wisdom and sagacity. Their valuable knowledge became a beacon of light and hope for miserable human beings (Guenther, 1992). It helped in the spread of Christianity through the transfer of knowledge and wisdom. During the middle ages, monasteries sprung in various parts of Christendom where they engaged in spiritual exercise and mediation. The monks practiced worship and prayers as a means of experiencing the direct relationship with God. The Catholic Church in the middle ages had developed a complete doctrine about the nature of spiritual direction. It was believed that spiritual direction would help the person to develop a comprehensive relationship with God. Guenther argues that it would encourage discipleship with Jesus Christ through words and actions (1992). In addition, it would create a mindset that is free from sins and temptations. This would be achieved by shunning physical pleasures and devoting oneself towards asceticism. The Catholic Church in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries sought to formulate a new definition and description of spiritual direction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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