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Best Informative Essay Topics

Best Informative Essay Topics

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Approaching the Informative Essay

What is an informative essay you may ask?

Among the most popular and widely applicable essay disciplines is the informative essay, also referred to as expository essays. As their name suggests, these essays aim to inform the reader about something, presenting factual equivalents from different perspectives and steering clear of taking positions or unnecessary debate. While these essays tackle controversial topics generally, their purpose is to shed some new light on a subject, providing the reader with new and interesting research and information.

While an informal essay can also take on the same role as that of an informative essay, with the purpose being to inform, informal essays are much usually more relaxed and casual in their approach and generally takes a less rigid structure as opposed to informative ones which usually employ the Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. Regardless of the structure employed, informal essays too can take on the purpose of informing the readership. Other sub-genres within the informative type of essay include:

  • Process essays: Also referred to as ‘how-to’ essays, these essays are usually effective as tutorials, and are dependent on the skill-level of the intended audience.
  • Compare-&-Contrast essays: You may be asked to compare or contrast objects or processes by informing the reader about their qualities.
  • Descriptive essays: Some forms of these essays count as informative essays because they describe a process, event or person without offering personal opinion on the same.
  • Cause-and-effect essays: In this essay type, you are required to explain logical precedence of actions or events and their consequential reactions or outcomes.
  • Problem/Solution essays: These are comparable to cause-and-effect essays in their purposes although they focus on scholarly and factual solutions as opposed to just generic effects.

The proper informative essay definition is to educate the reader by presenting facts, as can be seen by the various sub-types described above. These are among the most common essay types and you will definitely come across these essay types as a high school or college student. For example, your History professor might ask you to write an informative essay on the ramifications of World War 2 on the global economy. With this essay prompt, you might go into detail of what caused World War 2, the possible effects in terms of Health, Loss of Life, Shocks to the Global Economy and reshaping of territorial Maps. You might explore both positive and negative ramifications, which effectively leads you to writing a cause and effect essay.

We have tons of informative essay topics, samples and other resources that you can use to understand more about writing these types of essays.

Good Informative Essay Topics and Innovative Ideas

Now that you understand how to write an informative essay and what the process entails, the next step is choosing your topic, unless it has already been provided to you. Your professor might provide you with a prompt within a certain area and then give you leeway to choose your own topic. Choosing a topic might be the most difficult part about writing these essays, in part because the student might not have sufficient knowledge on the subject. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing an essay topic.

  • Have an interest in the topic. These essays involve plenty of research and the student should choose a topic that they already have an interest in. Having an interest will make the process easier and the student will be able to think about different vectors with the analysis, though these papers don’t require the writer to form an opinion.
  • Choose a subject that isn’t to specialized or shallow: The topic that you choose should be at your academic level. If you choose a topic that is too specialized, say a doctoral paper at undergraduate level, chances are you will get stuck. Likewise, if you choose a high school topic at college level, your paper won’t be taken seriously. The intended audience of the paper will also determine the level of detail presented and how much research needs to be conducted.
  • Narrow the scope of your research sufficiently: Generic topics always present the likelihood of the writer not being able to cover enough material or focus the research. The topic chosen should be workable and should answer a specific question, being able to provide explicit answers.

These pointers represent the qualities of good informative essay topics. Also important to remember is that the selected topic should be interesting and have intrinsic value to readers, addressing issues of human concern.

Here some good topics:

1. The worst decision you ever made
2. Reflecting on My Writing 101 Experiences
3. Reflection on Personal Writing Skills
4. Themes of Globalization Business Essay
5. Gynecomastia
6. Promised land or purgatory
7. How Schools Kill Creativity
8. Employee Electronic Privacy
9. Saudi Arabia Business Ethics
10. Fly with me

Writing the Essay | Informative Essay Examples

Once you have settled on the essay topic, it now time to start your writing. While the format of the writing will generally include an introduction, a main body and a conclusion, the exact format for the paper that you are doing will be dependent on the informative essay category. For example, the informative essay outline for a cause and effect essay might be quite different from that of a ‘how-to’ or process essay.

Our informative essay examples cover different disciplines and topics of interest such as Sport, Health, Legislation, Tech, Social Issues, History and Ethics. Our professional writers will teach you how to go about creating that perfect paper, from the introduction all the way to the conclusion. An example of an essay prompt in Technology may ask you to determine the growing place of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in future industry. Your professor might give you the freedom to choose your own topic from this wide prompt provided.

A specific topic that you choose from the above prompt should be more focused, depending on your research interest. An informative essay example topic from this prompt might read something like: “Artificial Intelligence may double economic output by 2050”. Notice that this essay topic doesn’t present the opportunity for debate, rather it aims to take the reader on a journey of evaluating fact, research and statistics to come up with a viable conclusion based on the topic. Also notice that the topic specifically takes the subject of ‘future industry’ into consideration by making future economic output (Re: 2050) part of the targeted study.

In this informative essay sample, the introduction would start off by explaining to the reader what AI is, summarizing a few of its applications and then placing the subject into the context of industry and future industry to be specific. With the above essay prompt, the student would be free to choose any other topic that they feel comfortable researching on. Some of these might include:

  • Ethics in AI and machine learning.
  • Disruption of financial services in the future due to AI.
  • Probable future unemployment due to AI.
  • AI and the possible repercussions to human life: The case study of Tesla’s car crash.

As you can see, there’s literally no limit to how much material you can write about. However, it is important to choose something that you have a substantial interest in.

Informative Essay Sample | Choosing Your Sources

As a research-focused paper, it is important to choose reliable sources, evidences and facts that support the claims that you want to explore in your essay body. Being an informative paper means that you should steer clear of any personal opinions on the subject matter, instead presenting facts to the readers as they were. Each fact that you present should be guided by a topic statement which relates back to the main thesis statement. The presentation of facts and evidences should be clear and coherent. Start with the most obvious fact and work your way downwards as you explore other avenues of the evidences.

Our examples of informative essays and the samples that we provide have clear illustrations and you will gain much from what our professional writers have to offer. We have original and expert informative essay examples for high school students, where they can learn how to build the structure of the essay, develop a succinct and focused thesis statement and presenting facts in a manner that can hold up.

We also have more complex informative essay examples college, and here students will get to learn how to approach the research process, how to support their claims with fact and choosing research topics that are specialized and focused. The idea of an informative essay is to present complicated facts to a presumably layman audience in a way that they can easily comprehend. It is a much needed skill in all disciplines and we teach you how to get there.

Get samples, examples or professionally written papers from the writing experts at affordable prices and 24/7. We are the chosen experts and we’ll teach everything we know about writing informative essays.

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