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Fly with me - Essay Example

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It was a dark cold day in December and the clocks were striking thirteen, every little girl and boy are fast asleep with their plush toys in their hand, dreaming subconsciously, except one boy Tiz stays awake to gaze upon the stars every day and dream consciously about flying…
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Fly with me
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Extract of sample "Fly with me"

Download file to see previous pages The book reads, “The Pistol star was discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope in the early 1990s and it is located approximately 25,000 light years from Earth it’s the direction of Sagittarius”
Standing on the perspective of the earth, the star-containing region is to the western edge of the Constellation Sagittarius, the Archer. Among the stars in the local group of the galaxies, the most luminous of them is the Pistol Star. Its diameter is bigger than that of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The star produces more than ten million times the light produced by the Sol (L=10^6.3). It releases as much energy as the sun does in a year within six seconds only. At the back of his mind, the boy was thinking of what could have happened if the star was located on the current position of the sun.
It has more than one hundred and fifty solar-masses. The star is thought to have begun with around two hundred to two hundred and fifty solar-masses. It has been discarding much of its substance over time. The star is characterized as a luminous Blue Variable because of the extremely luminous nature of the star coupled with the possession of more than forty solar-masses. Other features resulting to the mention class is the variable spectra and its surrounding ejecta. If it were not for the interfering dust between it and the earth, the star would be visible from the earth with the naked eye. These features made him pose. He was carried away by thoughts of how exactly the cloud was like. He was engulfed by thoughts of the origin of the cloud of dust. The star is thought to be around one point seven and two point one million years old. It is expected to explode in supernovae within the next one to three million years.
The creation of the Pistol Nebula was from an eruption in the outer layers of the star, which released up to ten solar masses of material in huge outpourings about four thousand to six thousand years ago. The star is still expected to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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