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135 Best Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays

135 Best Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

The ability to comprehend essay prompts and write exquisite essays does not come magically. As a student, you need to make a deliberate effort to improve your writing proficiency. Therefore, you need to practice with as many essay ideas as possible. As you deal with questions, you develop the creativity to handle many questions.

Some compare and contract essay ideas that you can consider include:

  1. Life in school vs. life in college: Has anything changed
  2. Students who have work commitments and the unemployed students: Who among them live their best lives?
  3. Writing a research paper vs. preparing an essay: Which one is easier?
  4. British English vs. American English: What are the main differences between them?
  5. Are there aspects of education and employment that are similar?
  6. What are the differences between Ph.D. and Master’s Degree?
  7. Give the similarities between persuasive papers and argumentative papers
  8. Traditional educational methods vs. modern education methods
  9. What are the main differences between The English used in Canada and what is used in America?
  10. British vs. American education system
  11. Research paper writing and internship report writing.
  12. Is it more productive to study in your room or to study in the library?
  13. The common between studying for a degree vs. Master’s program?

Compare and Contrast Essay Questions on Love and Relationships

When people are in love, they feel like they are valued and cared for. When you study the essay questions in this genre, you get more understanding of the role love plays to individuals and the society at large.

Some of the questions to expect include:

  1. Is it better to marry at a young age or at an advanced age?
  2. Love during teenage vs. love during childhood: Which one works best for young people?
  3. Marriage in court vs. marriage in church: What are the similarities and differences?
  4. The relationships in real life Vs. the relationships portrayed in movies: Which one should people draw more lessons from?
  5. Who among the couples plays a bigger role in ensuring the continuity of the relationship?
  6. Between your father and your mother, who has love that is more genuine?
  7. Friends and siblings: Who has more impact on the type of life you live?
  8. Valentines and Christmas: Which is a better holiday for the couples?
  9. Love vs. lust: How do they affect the development of a relationship?
  10. Love during dating vs. love in marriage.

Compare and Contrast Essays on Sports and Leisure

Co-curricular activities play an important role in the lives of the students. You need to know how to approach the essay topics in this exciting area.

Some crucial issues that you need to understand include:

  1. How does the Italian football league compare with the Spanish league?
  2. Arsenal vs., Spurs and Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Which football rivalry has the hugest fan following?
  3. Taking a walk Vs. watching an interesting movie: Which leisure activity should be recommended for teenagers?
  4. Exercising early in the morning Vs. working out late in the evening: Which one is more effective?
  5. Brady vs. Manning? Which football star won more love from the fans?
  6. Croatia Vs. France: Which football team has had more improvement in playing football?
  7. Playing football vs. Basketball: Which game is likely to give you higher chances of landing a college admission opportunity?
  8. Explain the common and differences in the football world in the 20th Century vs. the football world in the 21st
  9. Traditional football rules vs. the modern football rules: Explain the fundamental differences
  10. Indoor games vs. outdoor games: Which ones attract more fans

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Arts, Music, and Films

Creative arts form a huge part of human living. They make life more wholesome and enjoyable. You need to explore several topics to discover just how interesting the subject can be.

The crucial topics you need to know include:

  1. Traditional hip hop musicians vs. hip hop musicians: Whose lyrics are more acceptable?
  2. Bollywood vs. Hollywood movies: What similarities and differences do they have?
  3. Ed Sheeran Vs. Cardi B: Whose lyrics do the youth identify the most with?
  4. Painting vs. sculptures: Are there differences in these forms of art?
  5. Greek art Vs. Japanese art: How do they differ?
  6. 16th Century art vs. modern art: Give the fundamental differences
  7. Horror movies Vs. Comedy: What is more suited for the modern world?
  8. African music industry vs. American music industry: Which is more supportive of the upcoming musicians?
  9. Hard metal rock vs. soft rock: Which one would you listen to any day?
  10. Madonna vs. Celine Dion: Who had a greater influence in the hearts of music lovers?

Religion Compare and Contrast Paper Topics

Religion plays a great part in the way people live and interact with each other. Essays with topics inclined towards religious issues may look easy. However, you need to have a close look at them to know what you should write in your essay.

These are the ideas you are likely to encounter regularly:

  1. What are the similarities between Judaism and Christianity?
  2. Catholicism vs. Protestantism: Are there common in their beliefs?
  3. Traditional religion in Africa vs. Modern religion in Africa: What has changed?
  4. Islamic holidays V Christian holidays: Which ones have more effects on the way people live today?
  5. King Solomon Vs. King David: Who is more important in the Christian bible?
  6. Jesus Christ vs. Mohamed: What common as portrayed by their respective religions?
  7. Islam vs. Christianity: Where did they originate?
  8. The gods of the Israelites vs. Greek gods: What differentiates them?
  9. The laws of Moses vs. Laws in the New Testament.
  10. The similarities and differences between the teachings in the Quran and the Bible

Compare and Contrast Paper Topics on Things that are Opposite Each Other

Many things are the complete opposite of each other. You need to know about them. Here are some topics that you can consider:

  1. Local tourism vs. international tourism: Which one is the best for you?
  2. Capitalism vs. Communism: Which one has more impact on the economic development
  3. Fiscal policies vs. monetary policies: Which ones are more effective in reducing inflation?
  4. Italian Serie A Vs. English Premier League: Which one is more popular?
  5. Football vs. Basketball: What are the differences in the rules that guide them?
  6. KFC and McDonald’s: Which one has more influence in the hotel industry?
  7. Leaving with a parent vs. living alone: Which is better?
  8. Conventional learning vs. online learning
  9. Living in Europe vs. life in Africa: The differences
  10. Traveling via road vs. traveling via plane: Which one offers more adventure?

Compare and Contrast Topics for Budding Writers

When you are just starting as an essay writer, you may not have adequate experience to tackle complicated topics. This is why you need easier topics that can give you motivation and enough practice as you progress.

The basic ideas for essay topics include:

  1. Is it better to work during weekdays or weekends?
  2. Plants vs. animals: What makes them different
  3. Chinese vs. traditional Italian dishes
  4. Black vs. white coffee: Which one makes your day any time?
  5. Traveling by rail Vs. Traveling by sea
  6. Coke vs. Pepsi: Which one is more popular
  7. Socialism vs. capitalism: Which one do you prefer?
  8. Being employed by a known corporation vs. starting your own business: Which would give you more satisfaction?
  9. Studying vs. having fun with friends while in college
  10. Nowadays living vs. traditional living: What are the differences in the lifestyles?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Teenagers

Those within their teenage years are facing much confusion in their lives. The same happens when it comes to essay writing. They need guidance not only on the issues that pertain to the social living but also how to deal with academic papers.

As you go through your teenage years, here are topics that can help you gain more experience when it comes to writing:

  1. Working in the office vs. work at home: Which one has a more fulfilling experience
  2. Schools vs. colleges: What makes them similar?
  3. Chimps vs. humans: What are the main differences between them?
  4. Yellow vs. Black: Which color inspires you more
  5. Being single vs. being in a relationship: Which works best when in school?
  6. Accounting vs. economics: Which subject is easier?
  7. Freelancer vs. employment: Which one is good for someone in college?
  8. Being involved in community projects vs. participating in games: Which one works for you better in college
  9. Dieting vs. Physical exercises: Which is more effective for weight loss?
  10. Studying with a friend vs. studying all alone

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics in Language and Literature

Language and literature is a wide study area. Many topics touch on that field. Some of them are highlighted below:

  1. How do the Roman literature forms differ from those from Greek?
  2. College plays vs. High school drama: Which is more interesting?
  3. What are the differences between the way language is used today and how it was used in the past?
  4. Explain the portrayal of women in the books written in the 19th and those written in the 21st century
  5. Hip hop and poetry: Are they similar?
  6. Music producer vs. movie directors: What are the differences in the roles they play?
  7. Music vs. drawing art: Which one has more influence in changing the way people look at things?
  8. Written language vs. oral language: Which one is more difficult to master?
  9. Traditional literature vs. modern literature
  10. Prose vs. lyrics: What people love and why?

Science Compare and Contrast Essay Questions

Science has been in existence for many years. The discoveries made in this field have been responsible for the various transformations you see in the world today. Here are some science topics that are useful to you:

  1. Studying physical sciences vs. studying biological sciences
  2. Hurricanes and Tornadoes: What are some of the differences between them
  3. Renewable energy sources vs. fossil fuels
  4. Traditional vs. modern medicines: Which one should be embraced
  5. Bacteria vs. viruses: What common do they have?
  6. Venus vs. Mercury: What is common and what are th differences?
  7. The similarities and differences between homo Habilis and homo Sapiens
  8. Traditional scientific discoveries vs. modern scientific discoveries
  9. Saturn vs. mars? Do they have similarities?
  10. Chemistry vs. biology: Which is easier?

Popular Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

There are also other essay topics that are popular with students. They are listed below:

  1. Wood vs. stone: What makes the best building material?
  2. Cooking in the house vs. Easting out: Which is better?
  3. Public vs. private schools: Which offers better education?
  4. Raising a child in China vs. Raising a child in the US: Where does the child have better opportunities?
  5. Celebrities vs. parents: Who has more influence on a child’s behavior?
  6. Reading physical books vs. using internet sources: Which is better?
  7. Watching a movie at home Vs. going to the cinema: What is more interesting?
  8. Computers vs. smartphones: Which ones are used more by teenagers?
  9. Facebook vs. Twitter: Which is the most popular social media network?
  10. Samsung vs. Huawei phones: The main differences in the way they operate

Additional Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

If you are still confused about what you should do with your essay, here are additional essay topics to inspire you:

  1. Part-time vs. full-time employment: What do you prefer?
  2. Use of public transport vs. riding a bike to work: What is better for your health?
  3. Childhood v adulthood: When is life easier?
  4. Android vs. iOS: What is easier to use?
  5. Living in the dormitory vs. living off campus: Which life offers more convenience?
  6. Greek architecture v Roman architecture
  7. Online communication vs. face-to-face communication: What works for you?
  8. Science courses vs. humanities courses: Which ones have more impact on society?
  9. Being popular v being rich: which one would you prefer?
  10. Roman philosopher vs. Greek philosopher: What common do they have?
  11. Humans vs. dogs: Similarities and differences
  12. Capitalism and Marxism: What works?
  13. Traditional communication methods vs. modern communication methods
  14. Radio shows vs. television shows: which ones attract you?
  15. Summer vs. winter: Which season suits you?
  16. Working during the day vs. working at night: Which option suits you?
  17. Tea vs. Coffee: Their impact on your health
  18. Timberland and caterpillar: How do they differ?
  19. Zara vs. H&M: Which of them is a more superior brand?
  20. Vaping vs. smoking: What are the similarities and differences in the two methods?
  21. Autism vs. downs syndrome: How do they differ?
  22. Murder and manslaughter: What are their differences?


When you choose a good compare and contrast essay topic, your chances of getting a good grade also increases. This is because you are likely to do more research on the subject and produce an exemplary piece. Examine the topics above and sharpen your essay writing skills.

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