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This paper illustrates that the worst decision the author has ever made was to start smoking. The researcher states that smoking cigarettes had a bad impact on his mental stability. The next thing smoking did is have a bad effect on the author’s physical health…
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The worst decision you ever made
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Informative essay: The worse decision I ever made.
Friendship was always very important to me. My best friend and I did everything together. We went to school together and played together. When I was 19 years old, my friend and I made the decision to start smoking together. I never would have thought that choosing to smoke would turn out to be the worst decision I ever made. Smoking cigarettes has since taken control of my mental and physical health. It has also had a bad impact on my finances.
Smoking cigarettes had a bad impact on my mental stability. Smoking turned me into a person without a mind of my own. When I first decided to do it, it was plain and simple, just for fun. Later on down the line my friend and I thought it looked cool. I guess my friend and I were trying to be like our peers, so we continued smoking. Trying to go along with the group and not wanting to be left out was my second mistake. The only independent thing smoking ever led me to do was go against the beliefs of my family. No person in my household ever smoked. It was such an immature thing to do. Knowing that they were a dumb decision, I would make excuses about needing a cigarette to calm myself down. If I had never started smoking I would not need a thing.
The next thing smoking did was have a bad effect on my physical health. Each pack of cigarettes has a warning printed from the Surgeon General that reads “Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight”. Aside from that, cigarettes hold several poisonous and harmful chemicals. The chemicals that were used in tobacco range from ammonia used in cleaning fluids to Formaldehyde used in preserving dead bodies. All the dangerous things associated with smoking should have been a warning to me that cigarettes were a stupid idea to begin with. However, I would still smoke first thing in the morning just to get through the day. When I try to do things I do not feel as strong as I used to be. I often have a shortness of breath whenever I have to do the simplest things like walk up a set of stairs. I even noticed that I had breath that smelled like cigarette smoke all the time. Then to top it all off, my teeth were stained yellow.
The last thing that smoking did for me was be a poor excuse for what to do with my money. I know now that if I had never started smoking, I would have been able to save my money. I could have just as easily invested that money into a bottle of juice or some kind of health food that would have been much healthier for me. It would have made better sense to put all the money I spent on packs of cigarettes into a savings account.
The worst decision I have ever made was to start smoking. When I look back on my life I always see myself holding a cigarette. I am proud to say that I do not smoke anymore. I have finally taken steps to avoid disease and using poor excuses for smoking at all. All the negative things that come with smoking are no longer a major issue in my life. I regret ever picking up a cigarette in the first place. However, I realize now that all I ever needed was the strength to quit for good. The decision to quit was the best one that I have ever made. Read More
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The topic of "The worst decision you ever made" is quite popular among the tasks in university. Still, this text opens a brand new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the manner for my own sample.

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