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Lomax vs Miss A: A Case on Ethical Misconduct - Thesis Example

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Lomax vs Miss A: A Case on Ethical Misconduct Your Name Your School Author’s Note: Your name, Department, University This paper is a partial fulfillment for the subject _, under Professor _. Roy vs. Hartogs: A Case on Ethical Misconduct I. Lomax vs…
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Lomax vs Miss A: A Case on Ethical Misconduct
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Extract of sample "Lomax vs Miss A: A Case on Ethical Misconduct"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, the General Medical Council Panel found the doctor guilty of using his role as a “treating psychiatrist to pursue and establish an improper sexual and emotional relationship with Miss A”. Their relationship allegedly started in 1988 when Miss A when Dr. Lomax started referring to their sexual tensions. The psychiatrist also took the patient home in his car and kissed her after the first few appointments. Then one day, when they are keeping their appointment, they started having sex. After that, Dr. Lomax broke up with his wife. Miss A never believed that there were notes and medical records pertaining to their “professional” relationship. The doctor seemed to be “matey” and chatty and was like “talking to a friend”. He did astrological readings as well, and proceeded to give out mix tapes that made Miss A “feel really special”. Then they proceeded to have sex in the doctor’s daughter’s bedroom. Then they had sex in his office when they kept their “appointment”. Then after a few months, in June 1988, they decided to move in and started living together for fifteen years. When the doctor and his patient broke up, the woman sued the doctor for malpractice. Another case of this type surfaced on April 2011 in Seattle, WA. Another public person in their neighborhood, Dr. Richard Adamson, has been sued because he had sex with his patient. ...
He has another relationship with another girl, this time a divorcee. The affair started when the woman started with the divorce, and because of the stress related to the divorce, she became vulnerable to him, and they proceeded to have a sexual relationship. After that relationship, he proceeded to have more relationships with women. The doctor is also accused of giving intimate details pertaining to his personal life and his wife’s suicide. These cases are similar to Roy vs. Hartogs case. The Roy vs. Hartogs case is quite important in the history of US Judiciary. It is a landmark case against ethical misconduct between psychotherapists and their patients. In this case, the psychiatrist Hartogs used sex to “treat” his patient Julie Roy. It was evidently a malpractice case since the defendant sexually exploited the respondent. There weren’t any laws about the psychiatrist having sex with the patient before this case. In fact, there were a lot of psychiatrists doing that, according to a 1972 article in New York Magazine (Chesler, 1972), they were increasing. It should be noted though, that this was in 1972, when there were no laws preventing psychiatrists from having “therapeutic” sex with their client. At the time the TIME article was published a survey was performed by University of California School of Medicine (Kardener, 1973), indicating that 5-13% of the American physicians have had erotic contact with their patients; 19% of them even say that it is beneficial. The article even had a profile on the possible psychiatrist seducer. These psychiatrists are usually over 40, 10 to 25 years older than their patients and always a man; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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