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Credo of My Faith and My Journey - Thesis Example

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"Credo of My Faith and My Journey" paper states that despite our reluctance to acknowledge Him, God walks with us every day whether we are aware of Him or not, He is forever waiting for the right time to reveal Himself. His love never ceases and His hope remains with us, even in the darkest hours. …
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Credo of My Faith and My Journey
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Extract of sample "Credo of My Faith and My Journey"

Download file to see previous pages It is often noted, that the love of God has no comparison and that His ways of touching lives have always appeared to be a mysterious event which many of us call “miracles”. As much as I think that I am in full control of my actions, I always have to come to terms with someone else much greater than myself, someone who has my best interest in mind, and who made promises to guide me and my ancestors from generation to generation. Someone who promised to never leave me nor forsake me as long as I keep on trusting in Him and allowing Him to have His way in my life.

Even though I was raised in a Christian home, and was familiar with only the Christian life, coming to Seminary was never an option for me, I did not have a clue about how to make meaning or sense of my life. At a very young age, I realized that I had a very deep love for God and a sense of His strong presence would always guide me during the course of my days. I always felt an urge to pray, to preach, and to talk to everyone around my proximity about Jesus.

Concurrent with this desire to be close to Jesus, I would feel a deep sense of sadness inside of me, with no rational reasons behind my sadness. I would feel a deep sense of loneliness that no one truly cared about me. My mother who was, and still is a disciplinarian is a no “nonsense mother “ because she loves making decisions for the entire household including my father, who always had to comply with her decisions, often without asking questions.

Her authoritarian habit left a negative sequel in my life because years of regulations led me to rebel against God and Christianity altogether. I wanted to be me and to be free from all the legalistic rules and regulations. I went on living a rebellious life until one day, I hit a pothole in my life and I knew at that time, my only remedy was “Jesus” I then rededicated my life to God because my love for Him had never faded.

Entering the seminary was part of a puzzle in my life that I avoided like a plague. By profession, I became a registered nurse since I always loved anatomy, physiology, science, and art. Furthermore, I devoted endless time to vocal training starting at the Brooklyn Conservatory of music and continued practicing and vocalizing with many great teachers on a one to one basis. I thought part of my ministry in the kingdom of God was to be a worship leader.

For more than a decade I remained in the worship ministry until, one day God touched me in a vision and the days that followed became a reacquainting not only with God but with my inner self as well. Everything about my life changed and suddenly, the Word became flesh and made meaning in my life, reconciling my fear and my way of worshiping God. The liberating and transforming feelings that I felt were incredibly overwhelming. The unquenchable thirst for the Word of God including the surplus of anointing surging through my prayers propelled me to a totally different level making space in my life for the “other”.

New York Theological Seminary became the icing on the cake for me because the school put my ministry in perspective and in a forefront position. I love the Lord with all my heart and wanted to find my ministry, but I did not have any basic concept about what my ministry was and what it was all about. My questions were always how do I serve in the ministry? What is my calling and why was I called to serve? ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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