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Faith Diversity. Spiritual Healing - Assignment Example

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Health care providers at all stages of practice have to confront patients from diverse religious traditions which makes it mandatory for them to acquire adequate knowledge about such religions and their cultures to endow with quality care…
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Faith Diversity. Spiritual Healing
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Download file to see previous pages In the present healthcare stipulation, healthcare providers need to undoubtedly have a wonderful understanding, acceptance and appreciation of the varied religious systems their patients belong to, almost all of which will be different from their beliefs (Ketchell, Pyles, & Canda, n.d). In this paper, three religions that are often met in health care facilities – Baha’ism, Buddhism, and Hinduism will be discussed. All these three religions have many similarities as well as many distinctions. This paper will respond to the following questions about each of the three religions: ‘What is the spiritual perspective on healing of each religion?’ ‘What are the critical components of healing, such as prayer, meditation, belief, etc?’, ‘What is important to people of the particular faith when cared for by a health care provider whose spiritual beliefs differ from their own?’, and “How do patients view health care providers who are able to let go of their own beliefs in the interest of the beliefs and practices of the patient?” Furthermore, these religions will be compared with Christianity and its perspective on faith and healing. In the end, I shall share the knowledge that I gained after researching the spiritual healing perspectives of these three religions. A Research on Spiritual Healing in Buddhism, Hinduism and Baha’ism Spiritual healing is a healing in which the patient is cured through spiritual practices. The perspective of spiritual healing is wide but generally includes meditation and prayers. Spiritual healing is found in all of the world’s major religions though it varies from one religion to another. Most patients belong to different faiths in the health care institutes the world over. In recent times, the health care providers have to deal with patients with varied surroundings and faiths. In this essay, the spiritual concept of health will be explored from the perspective of three major religious perspectives – Buddhism, Hinduism and Baha’ism. Moreover, we shall discuss what is essential for people of all these three beliefs and how do these patients examine health care providers. The spiritual perspective of healing of the three faiths – Buddhism, Hinduism and Baha’ism The Buddhists believe in inner healing and consider their health as the most fundamental asset in their life. Their healing procedure conceptualizes the mind and body as one single element. For instance, the sickness of one’s body has an effect on one’s psychological wellbeing. Therefore, they believe that personal enlightenment is the best way of curing one’s health. Moreover, the principle of karma directs the Buddhist concept of physical health. In other words, they believe that a person’s undesirable acts of harming oneself or others lead to injury or ill heath in this life as well as in future embodiments, therefore one needs to rectify his karma for one’s wellbeing( Ketchell, Pyles & Canda, n.d). The second religion in discussion is one of the world’s most ancient religions – Hinduism. The Hindus are firm believers of God and religiously offer prayers every day. They too believe in termination of some essentials of human life that ensnares people in the continuous succession of birth and death thereby creating dissonance in life. According to the Hindus, this disharmony of health is the result of improper actions of the mind, body and speech; bad karma; or bad conduct. Furthermore, they believe that the soul has to pass through a series of births and deaths before finally attaining liberty from mortality. Therefore, prayers and meditation are absolutely necessary for healing oneself and for attaining mortality (Kakar, 1989, p.115). The third religion being explored is Baha’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Faith Diversity. Spiritual Healing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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