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This study seeks to underscore and develop a deeper understanding of how time management influences employees work efficiency in SDPW Wuxi, China. It was based on the proposition that valuable data could be collected from a sample of employees of SDPW where a number of activities by the employees resulted in work inefficiency…
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How to improve the employees work efficiency
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that over a long period, time management has continued to be a contentiously debated and researched area. Inadvertently, work efficiency directly relates to time management. In this research carried out at SDPW, time management is a critical issue that has elicited numerous responses that have shed more light and given a new perspective on work efficiency. Repeatedly, successful companies and organizations, like SDPW, strive to put up measures to reduce time wasting, while employees on their part try to evaluate how to manage their time at work. All these are the parameters for checking time management that would, in turn, bring about work efficiency. While it is known that time is a preciously limited resource, managing it is equally indispensable. As Chinese proverb goes, gold cannot get anyone time that has been lost. It is, therefore, clear-cut: time management is hazardous when improperly utilized. When properly managed, a company can reap many benefits of effectively managing time; work efficiency ultimately influences the outcome of services provided by the company. In everyday life, the amount of work needed to be done inevitably piles up more and more. In the work place, there are many deadlines to beat, assignments to hand in and schedules that need to be kept. In this regard, work efficiency will not be achieved if the time factor is thrown into the backburner. The time always seems to be limited, no matter what we do. (Groves et al., 2004). Time management in essence is the key to overcoming all the bottlenecks associated with work efficiency. It all comes down to how employees manage their time at the work place, which, in turn, determines the amount of work done and the levels of achievements reached. Time management is ultimately the key to doing everything within limited amounts of time given and still being efficiently productive in the end. The research study carried out at SDPW was an involving project. True to its effect, the activities of data collection undertaken between the months of February and March 2012 reflect and capture the views and experiences on employees of SDPW. Work efficiency as acknowledged is a critical area of study that its findings go a long way in shaping up working environments in many companies. There is a growing need for efficiency at the workplace as presented by the study carried out. The specifics and range of research methodologies was particularly put in place to ensure maximum results were achieved. The quantitative method of research, focus group and the absolute structured interview of parameters of time wasting ensured that the researchers put into consideration the different angles of work efficiency. This ensured that the managers, the engineers, officers and employees were specifically sampled. The sampling included those with considerable levels of experience at the company and those who were particularly less familiar with the company. Conclusion The research findings from SDPW revealed that efficiency at work comes down to how many employees maximize their use of the limited time resource. In particular, the essence of an employee working efficiently by adequately using time is a factor that shapes the growth of a company (Jill and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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