How to Improve Employee Engagement in an Organisation+ HR startegies of being able to measure Employee Engagement - Term Paper Example

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Employees are contributing to the organization for producing product, service and other consumer offerings of an organization. Therefore, employee…
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How to Improve Employee Engagement in an Organisation+ HR startegies of being able to measure Employee Engagement
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Download file to see previous pages This study has also outlined various HR strategies implemented by Tesco management so that they can maintain their leading position in the UK based retail industry (Brajer-Marczak 259-261).
From the study, I have gained an idea of Employee Engagement policies that are used by Tesco. Tesco is using the strategies centrally from the UK based headquarters to different subsections of global distribution centers. I came to know about the term “helicopter view” that is mainly the HR and Employee Engagement policy of Tesco. It is primarily a modified version of the conflict management strategies. Broad issues are collected from different branch operations. HR policies of Tesco are aiming to offer more quality in products, and on store ambiance. Tesco is facing the challenge from ASDA, Sainsbury, Morrison’s, Walmart, LIDL and ALDI. Therefore, employee retention and development policies must be well designed. In addition, I have learned that Employee Engagement policies of Tesco are collecting demands and knowledge from the employees. This type of HR policy will reduce different type of recurring training and development cost. Collective bargaining is entertained to ensure proper features of the workplace and remuneration policies.
Employee engagement policies of the Tesco are discussed in details to ensure more quality. The term employee engagement is making the HR process more complex. Employees are engaged into the business policies and strategic directions in order to increase the commitment towards the organization. Organizations are increasing loyalty management process that will aid them to retain skilled and expert employees. On the other hand, productivity of the retail firms will gradually increase with the help of motivated set of employees. Emotional support provisions to the employees will make them feel more valued (Bridger 127-129).
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