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The balanced scorecard of Tesco, the Steering Wheel, is used as a simple performance measurement framework to a full management system and strategic planning. The Vision of…
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Evaluating an international human resource strategy
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Download file to see previous pages The balanced score card of Tesco indicates areas like customer perspective, motivation and community service which needs to be stressed even more to enhance customer shopping experience. Tesco should look at improving customer experience through proper innovation, reducing carbon emission and improved training and development. Each of the above factors presents an opportunity for Tesco at improving their customer service. The strategy map of Tesco indicates areas where it can improve the communication lines between the factors for effective implementation of strategy. For Tesco to continue to be the leader in UK retail and grocery segment, it needs to invest in the above areas and proper up gradation of all their objectives with change in time.
Tesco plc is a general merchandise and multinational grocery retailer based in England, United Kingdom. Presently it is the second largest retailer in the world in terms of profits after Walmart and third largest in the world with respect to revenues after Walmart and Carrefour. The core purpose of Tesco is that they make what matters better together. Tesco has a team of over 5, 30,000 people in 12 markets which are dedicated in bringing the best choice, value and service to their millions of customer each week. Despite being in a highly competitive market they have established strategies which reflect their priorities as the business grows and the needs of the customers change. Tesco uses their balanced scorecard, the Steering Wheel, to manage and measure their business performance. This report will discuss about the balanced scorecard and Strategy map of Tesco.
Tesco has clearly defined Vision which helps them to guide their business direction. Their business guides their direction and the decisions they take as an organisation. The company is centred on colleagues and customers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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