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Strategic Human Resource Management - Essay Example

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Organizations as well as individuals require making the right choice when it comes to selecting candidates and jobs. Partnering with the appropriate professional firm would help an individual to develop and progress in his/her professional career. The benefits would be further discussed and also the criteria on which the selection needs to be made…
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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay
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"Strategic Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is gaining interest as it is said to improve the productivity as well as the efficiency of organizations. Practices of strategic human resources management improve the capability of organizations in attaining their mission. Productivity increases from the dispersion of technological improvements which are presently being included in the private as well as public sector organizations. Productivity in the future increases from the way of making use of such technologies by the people (Escola Nacional de Administracao Publica, 2010).
Human resources are being considered by organizations to be an exclusive asset which facilitates in offering constant competitive advantage. The continuous alterations in the environment of business witnessed by the organisations have augmented the significance of controlling human resources (Devanna & Et. Al., 1981; Wright, 1998). Strategic human resource management considers people as assets and not costs (Abuqayyas, 2007). Therefore, it can be said that SHRM of an organization plays a crucial role in achieving its success.
Human Resource Professional Organization
Nowadays, it is a common practice for organizations to appoint a professional organization or association of human resource through whom the recruiting is done in the particular organization. This makes the process of selection easy and saves time for the organization. People working in such professional organizations possess a lot of expertise in their field and thus are capable of making the appropriate selection. There are particular associations of management who even offer direction in locating the measures of selection for particular situations (Gatewood & Et. Al., 2010). The professional firms assist the organizations to find professionals who are experienced and executives at the top level. The professional firms are kept hold of in order to look for the best qualified executive accessible for particular positions. This is carried out only on the basis of assignment given by the company who is in search for a particular kind of individual. These professional firms do not work for individuals but for organizations. They also offer a higher degree of privacy for job seekers as well as for the employing companies. The quality of these firms are to a large extent reviewed based on the ethical ways of managing the information collected by them in the course of their working operations with the clients. However, these firms have progressed from a fundamental recruitment service firm to sounding boards that help organizations in ascertaining their requirements for human resource, set up compensation ranges and offer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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