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Integrated Strategic Human Resource Management - Coursework Example

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The author of the "Integrated Strategic Human Resource Management" paper aims at identifying how much this integration of human resource management is being successful by critically analyzing the three models namely Michigan, Harvard, and Choice model…
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Integrated Strategic Human Resource Management
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Extract of sample "Integrated Strategic Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages Organizations these days realize the importance of human capital in organizational success. This transition from personnel management to human resource management is categorized by significant changes in theory and practice. It involves integrating personnel management approaches into the strategic human resource management framework. This approach is deeply rooted in various models and approaches some of which will be discussed in this paper.

With growing pressure global competition along with the increasing number of educated employees who demanded more involvement in the organization, the need for the development of a human resource framework was felt. Scholars at Harvard business school responded by providing a broad casual mapping of the determinants and consequences of human resource management (HRM) policies. ( Beer et al., 1985: 15). The Harvard model of HRM provides an analytical model of HRM policy choices and outcomes as influenced by a variety of factors including stakeholder’s interests and situational factors. According to this model effective HRM revolves around the concept of balancing the interests of the various influence groups and the ever-changing situational factors. This model is considered dynamic because the situational factors and influence groups keep on changing.

The critical analysis of personnel management theories and the softer version of early HR theories revealed that both used the same terminology of integrating with an organizational goal and vesting control in the line with the difference in emphasis. Personnel management’s emphasis was on a non- managerial workforce whereas HRM theories emphasize the role of managers and the core of the workforce. HRM views line managers as business managers maximizing organizational profits and not just people’s managers. HRM also emphasizes the role of senior managers in building and maintaining organizational culture.

The stakeholders identified by the model include are shareholders, management, employee groups, government, community, and unions. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Integrated Strategic Human Resource Management Coursework - 1.
(Integrated Strategic Human Resource Management Coursework - 1)
Integrated Strategic Human Resource Management Coursework - 1.
“Integrated Strategic Human Resource Management Coursework - 1”.
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