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International Business Machines Corp - Case Study Example

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This report “International Business Machines Corp.” identifies the concept of telecommuting at IBM, Indiana and the various problems encountered in the successful implementation of this technology. The company has a feedback system which serves as the basis of the findings…
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Download file to see previous pages Prior to identifying the concerns in implementation, an understanding of the feedback from the employees and a quantitative analysis of the results would be useful for framing further initiatives for the success of telecommuting initiative for IBM, Indiana.
Telecommuting is a practice in the corporate world “where paid workers work away from their normal place of work, usually from home” (InnoVisions Canada, n.d.). The reasons for telecommuting are many and it includes reducing layoffs, costs of real estate, etc. It is beneficial for both the organization as well as the employees and offers advantages on both professional and personal fronts. While for the organization it offers the advantage of “increased productivity from the employees, reducing costs on real-estate, lesser absenteeism, etc. the benefits for the employees are in terms of flexibility in working hours, less commuting, more freedom of work, improved lifestyle, etc. (InnoVisions Canada. However, there are a few concerns that have been identified from the feedback given by the employees and addressing them is of importance to the organization. At the Indiana office where it is initially implemented, it is observed that about 10% of the telecommuters still complain of the lack of efficient support system and that the PCs, the phone lines and the scheduling are inefficient to sustain this initiative. They observed that the PCs provided to them are outdated IBM desktops with a low configuration which makes them inefficient in complying with the latest technologies needed to implement this technique. The inefficiency of the support system to ensure the home phone to ring instead of directing the call to the voice mail is a major concern for all. Also, the lack of peer interaction, difficulty in exchanging information, reduced teamwork environment, lack of networking and socialization are other concerns expressed by these telecommuters. Lack of interaction with peers is resulting in frustration and a feeling of isolation is creeping into many of these employees (, pp164-169). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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