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Examining of SCM models and practices and implement on Iran Automotive Industry - Thesis Example

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Chapter 3 Mixed Research The general research methodology for this study is mixed research. Therefore, to clearly understand, mixed research is considered as the third research paradigm which allows the researchers to collect, analyze, and integrate/mix both the quantitative and qualitative data in a single study or in multiple/series of studies in a sustained program of inquiry (Creswell, 2003)…
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Examining of SCM models and practices and implement on Iran Automotive Industry
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Extract of sample "Examining of SCM models and practices and implement on Iran Automotive Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Types of mixed research There are two types of mixed research: the mixed model research and the mixed method research. The former is a mixed research in which quantitative and qualitative approaches are mixed within or across the stages of the research process (South Alabama University, 2011). In the within-stage mixed model research, the researcher mixed the quantitative and qualitative approaches within one or more of the stages of research. For example, the researcher both utilized the closed-ended and open-ended questionnaire in the collection of data. The close-ended is used to obtain quantitative data while the open-ended is used to obtain qualitative data. Likewise, in across-stage mixed model research, the researcher mixed the quantitative and qualitative across at least two of the stages of research. For example, the researcher utilized open-ended interviews in order to both obtain qualitative data and quantitative data. ...
For example, the researcher could perform quantitative experiment and qualitative study through conducting interview study to the respondents in order to find out if the experiment agreed with the results. Mixed method research is also categorized into two major dimensions: time order (i.e., concurrent versus sequential) and paradigm emphasis (i.e., equal status versus dominant status) (Leech & Onwuegbuzie, 2007). Stages of Mixed Research Process The mixed research process has 8 stages, although they are numbered, the researcher/s could still use the stages in different orders or move in multiple directions especially steps 4 through 7. The purpose of this is to address the particular needs and concerns that arise during the research study (SAU, 2011). The first step is to determine whether a mixed design is appropriate to the research study. Therefore it is important to consider the following questions: Can it best answer your research question(s)? and Will if offer the best design for the amount and kind of data you hope to obtain? Mixed research was applicable in this study because it both required quantitative and qualitative analysis. The quantitative research provided the detailed description of the implication of SCM to reduce Forrester effect in the automotive industry. It basically gives the generalization of the gathered data with tentative synthesized interpretations (SAU, 2011 & Traynor, 2011). The second step is to determine the rationale for using mixed design. It is important to consider because it ensures the validity and reliability of the research study. There are 5 most important rationales for mixed design: the triangulation, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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