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Cervical Cancer in Vietnamese Woman Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Cervical Cancer in Vietnamese Woman Abstract: Cervical cancer in Vietnamese women has been recognized as a significant health issue…
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Download file to see previous pages A secondary analysis of the study is conducted to find out the cervical cancer differences. The questionnaire is prepared to analyze the data regarding cervical cancer. The theoretical framework is the main part of this study; this part presents an analysis of the cervical cancer in Vietnamese women. The result of the study indicates that cervical cancer is due to low Pap testing rates rather than difference in human papillomavirus infection rates. The effects of barriers of prevention are assessed. The result finds that most of the women are not having Pap screening. The results of the study will help in implementation of interventions. The study concludes with analyzing the prevention methods and awareness of cervical cancer control programs for Vietnamese women and recommending significance of Pap testing. 1. Select the Problem:   The problem selected for the study is the spreading of the cervical cancer among Vietnamese women. According to the study conducted by QIAGEN Group (QIAGEN is the leading global contributor of sample and assay tools. Sample tools are used to separate and process RNA, DNA and proteins from biological models for example tissue or blood. Assay tools are used to create such separated bimolecular, for instance the DNA of a particular virus, noticeable for ensuing analysis.) (2010, p.2), it is mentioned that globally; cervical cancer is the second-most-common cancer among women. It is the leading cause of female cancer deaths in developing countries, where 80% of cervical cancer cases and deaths occur (“Creating a World Free From Cervical Cancer”, 2010, p.2). The study of cervical cancer is important, as it is the foremost cause of cancer deaths globally, particularly in the developing countries. Finding out its causes and awareness about prevention to Vietnamese women is really important. Cervical cancer persists to impact the quality of life of women and their families. “Shock, fear, self-blame, powerlessness, and anger are the most common emotions experienced by women who receive abnormal Pap test results” (“Social Impact of Cancer”, n.d., para. 12). Always, women misjudge their possibility in emerging cancer, as they may not fully understand human papillomaviruses and their symptoms, which may result to amplified anxiety regarding the future. So this may affect the development of the country and gain a lot of importance to study regarding the spreading of cervical cancer among Vietnamese women. “Cervical cancer among Vietnamese American women has been identified as an important health disparity” (Taylor et al., 2008, para.2). Years ago, this type of cancer was the foremost form of cancer amongst women in both North and South Vietnam. Presently, cervical cancer rates are significantly lesser in northern parts of the country. (“Association between War and Cervical Cancer among Vietnamese Women”, 2004, Para.1). “Many women, however, are not adequately informed about cervical cancer and are unable to navigate the healthcare system” (Schleicher, 2007, pg.2). According to Garner, the main factors of HPV infection include early sexual relationship, different sexual partners, difficulty in using methods of prevention, and other sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. (Garner, 2012, para.4). The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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.... Therefore, education materials should be available in addition to providing on-site Peer Educators who are knowledgeable about cervical cancer screenings, culturally sensitive, Vietnamese-language educational materials on the subject of Pap tests should be readily available in pediatric clinics (Smith et al 2004). Furthermore, Pap tests among Vietnamese-American women could be offered on a drop-in or pre-scheduled basis at the pediatric clinic. Because a physician does not need to administer a Pap test, ideally a female nurse, with a Peer Educator acting as “stand-by,” could perform the test. Once a Vietnamese-American woman actually...
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