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Community-based programs - Essay Example

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Community-based programs are extremely influential in addressing community issues. Community needs are unique and national programs and policies may not always respond to the needs of the community. This highlights the importance of having community-based programs that are customized to meet community needs. …
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Community-based programs
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David Bornstein, a social entrepreneur and activist, equated advocacy to a theatrical production. Just as a production requires an exceptional producer, a promoter, and stage crew no matter how magnificent the production, in the case of advocacy, an idea requires proficient marketing and an equipped team to shift a minute thought to a mainstream belief capable of altering the perceptions and behaviors of many. With a 14 per cent increase in the number of individuals utilizing clinical services and an average of 400 individuals, ranging from infants to the elderly, receiving services per year, more adequately trained volunteers are needed to meet the growing demand for services for the less fortunate. With a group of adequately-trained volunteers in psychological theory, the success of training an advocacy group will produce an independent body of individuals that are flexible, capable to adapt to the environment, creative and initiate change within Washington Village and the potential of surrounding areas.

Paul’s Place of Washington Village is a unique organization providing local support to poor and middle income residents within the area. Aimed at improving the overall quality of life, Paul’s Place provides individuals in need with a wide array of services, such as providing meals and beverages, literacy classes, and medical services among other services. The organization has been indicated to have started back in the year 1982. It was initiated by two volunteers Helen Martien and Reverend Philip Roulette, both members of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Glyndon, MD. Paul’s Place started with the aspiration to establish a soup kitchen for members of one of the poorest communities in the state of Maryland. Initially serving soup, peanut butter, and jelly sandwiches twice a week, the organization expanded to providing a daily Hot Lunch program within two years. Over time, the project was embraced by different members of the community and has expanded to a large and diverse organization. This diverse organization has stretched out into not only providing basic services such as pantry assistance, adult literacy, wellness classes and more, with the overall goal of providing stability and sustenance, but has sought to further education and job readiness through assistance programs that assist individuals in gaining independence and entering the workforce. In addition, it offers a total of six health and wellness programs to enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children and adults. The volunteers of Paul’s Place have played a crucial role in the development of the organization. Starting with only two volunteers, the group now has hundreds of volunteers and contributors. Paul’s Place relies on volunteers to offer a wide variety of high-quality programs. Volunteers assist with many of their programs including Hot Lunch, Clothing Bank, their Programs for Children, and Holiday Programs. Volunteers have also provided essential support, numerous fundraising initiatives, and can be accredit to the fundraising and renovating of the first Outreach Center on Ward Street nearly fifteen years ago. For twenty years, these individuals have assisted in the development of Paul’s Place, assisting and enhancing quality life of many Washington Village residents. Research Training community advocates is necessary; advocacy helps the organizations to be proactive on addressing issues within a community. Training of community advocates aids in the development of them becoming goal-oriented on issues of the community. Therefore, they are able to initiate changes in the community that meet the needs of the people. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community-Based Programs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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