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Community based programs for vulnerable population of the homeless - Research Paper Example

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Community Based Programs for Vulnerable Population of the Homeless. Name: Institution: Abstract It is anticipated that about, 3.5 million homeless people or 1% of the population is homeless in America today. In any case, the recession has only worsened the situation with the rate of homelessness increasing by 3% between 2008 and 2009…
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Community based programs for vulnerable population of the homeless
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Extract of sample "Community based programs for vulnerable population of the homeless"

Download file to see previous pages The 2008 Out of Reach Research Survey quoted the Fair Market Rent for a 2-bedroom unit at $298 in Washington, implying that a household must earn around $20 to afford a 2-bedroom apartment against an average wage of $14 this leaves households grappling with the option of choosing between buying food and paying rent (Terry, 2008). Single parents’ often single mothers escaping from abusive spouses make up the homeless population since most of them struggle to provide for their households. People with mental illnesses also contribute to homelessness since people with debilitating mental illness can’t get or maintain employment. A certain percentage of the homeless are drug and substance abuse addicts drugs and substance abuse disrupts income generating ventures while some addicts cannot afford rehabilitation and short of income, these addicts end up vanguard. On being released from prison, ex convicts look forward with enthusiasm to life after prison but soon they have to deal with suspicious and uneasy employers who can’t trust them and end up jobless, this is a prelude to homelessness and some frustrated, revert to crime. Orphaned children who age out of the foster care system often end up homeless due to lack of an elaborate transition system and life skills to enable them acquire financial independence. According to the Washington State Point in Time Count of Homeless Persons census of 2006, there were 1058 sheltered homeless persons in Pierce town, 340 unsheltered homeless persons making up a total of 1398 homeless persons. Of the total homeless, population 267 people were found to be chronically homeless with 134 living in shelters while 133 were unsheltered. Chronic homelessness is defined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development as an individual who has no home and is disabled for a continuous period of one year or more an or a disabled person with about four episodes of homelessness in the past three years (Chesney, 2008). Providing general healthcare support and rehabilitation among the substance addicted segment of the homeless people Different researchers and welfare providers estimate that 25-35% of all homeless persons in Tacoma are substance and drug addicts. In this essay, I will seek to investigate the causes of homelessness in Tacoma-Pierce county and possible solutions. Drug and substance abuse is a precipitating and also a consequence of homelessness. It is estimated that the prevalence of substance abuse among the homeless is approximately 20-35% with less than 25% of the people in need of treatment for substance abuse unable to access those services due to structural and interpersonal barriers exacerbated by the constraints of homelessness. Even when they gain access to treatment the challenge of consistent effective treatment is overwhelming when the patient is homeless this has been the case with many rehabilitation facilities recording over 70% drop out rates among the homeless this results in relapse. Housing has been identified as a critical factor to the recovery or consistency in accessing rehabilitation among the homeless substance addicts with those rehabilitation facilities offering accommodation to the patients recording lower drop out rates. Research has indicated therapeutic communities modified for homeless patients to be cost effective and efficient for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community Based Programs for Vulnerable Population of the Homeless Research Paper.
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